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Featured In 1 Guide
Original Dumplings ($7) | Miso Mushroom Noodles ($5) | Braised Pork Noodle ($6) | Onsen Egg ($1.50 each) | Bottomless Hot Tea ($3) $22 for 2 pax. The two noodles dishes had very distinct flavors, mushroom sweet while braised pork savory! Noodles were cooked just fine, i liked it! Onsen eggs were not over cooked too! The dumplings were crispy even when we ate it only quite some time after it was served. Hot tea was just normal, wouldn’t get it again. Restaurant had a very warm vibe, would qualify that under Jap-style. Friendly and fast staff. We sat at the bar, and yet it was comfortable sitting there (usually not a big fan of bar seats). Getting here was very convenient, just exit Tanjong Pagar mrt towards Amoy Food market! ✅ Burpple Beyond available here ✅ Reservation possible
Lunch Set ($16++) My friend and I tried walk-in today and waited for about 20min. They only served the lunch set. I ordered the miso mushroom noodles, original dumplings and longan osmanthus pu er. All were so good! The noodles seems to have cai por inside and the dumplings were very juicy too. They also served an appetiser - the tau gays. Worth the wait!
Lunch Set ($16) I cannot emphasize how worth this deal is with burpple beyond - for $16 you get 2 types of dumplings, 2 bowls of noodles and 2 drinks!!!! WHAT!!!! We got the miso mushroom noodles and the noodles were firm yet springy, with the sauce covering the noodles very evenly :) tried the smoked duck dumpling which were SO GOOD - pan fried and crispy on one side yet so soft on the other side, it was bursting with flavor!! the Sichuan dumplings weren’t my favorite, but it wasn’t too spicy so no fear!!! Overall it was a really great meal and would 10/10 go again to try more dumplings!!!
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Celebrated FIL’s birthday with a dinner at Yan Ting. What we had: a) The ever delicious warm Roast Pork. b) The Veg Dish that is soup-liked that the grandkid like, we ordered by showing a photo of it from our phone coz we randomly ordered it last time and kid can remember and wanted it. If a kid wants veg, you order. Lol. c) Asparagus, Scallops and Morels stirfry that’s really good. Who doesn’t love morels. 😍 d) FIL loves his fish, so the wife picked a Soon Hock and had it steamed HK Style. Yummy yummy. e) Wife also ordered pork ribs that’s called Pik Fong Tong Ribs. It’s so tender inside, but has a crispy outer layer. We wondered if it’s slow braised, pressure cooked or sous vide, then deep fried. We are not on first name basis so don’t kepo and ask too much. f) Of course what’s a Chinese Birthday without Birthday Mee Suah! g) We also bought a cake from @hilton.singapore’s D9 Cakery because it was convenient option as we were staying over. We found coincidently that by charging to the room, we get 20% of the cake. Happy Birthday!
[Yan Ting] - The Braised Ee-Fu Noodles with Lobster in XO Sauce. Slurping goodness in unami XO sauce, accompanied by firm and bouncy lobster meat. . Find out more at https://www.sgfoodonfoot.com/2019/02/exquisite-lunar-new-year-celebrations.html . Yan Ting St Regis Singapore Hotel Level 1U 29 Tanglin Road Singapore 247911 Tel: +65 65066887 Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS Line) Opening Hours: Daily: 12pm - 3pm, 630pm - 10pm
[Yan Ting] - Fragrant Homemade Almond Tea with Peach Gum, served with Pan Fried Glutinous Rice Cake. I have grown to a liking for peach gum for its crunchy texture, even thought its quite tasteless. . Find out more at https://www.sgfoodonfoot.com/2019/02/exquisite-lunar-new-year-celebrations.html . Yan Ting St Regis Singapore Hotel Level 1U 29 Tanglin Road Singapore 247911 Tel: +65 65066887 Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS Line) Opening Hours: Daily: 12pm - 3pm, 630pm - 10pm
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We had an enjoyable evening at Mitzo, where the food was great with impeccable service and it's all at a reasonable price. Black Truffle Crispy Roast Duck ($38); Half whole duck infused with a dose of black truffle, the meat was tender and juicy. Good to share between 3 to 4 pax. XO Fried Crystal Vermicelli with Lobster Meat ($24); Extremely flavourful dish with huge chunks of lobster meat. The Wok Hei game here is definitely strong. Mitzo Special Barbecued Pork ($18); Signature dish at this restaurant, where most people purpose is to try the BBQ pork here. The exterior was perfectly caramelised with the inner meat having the right ratio of meat to fats. Extremely addictive! Thanks to my lovely wife @meilingsml for bringing me here! 😃
Throwback to March which I had a very memorable buffet lunch at Mitzo for my birthday. Known for its Modern Chinese cuisine style which is basically innovating traditional dim sum and Cantonese cuisine version 2.0.. Mitzo serves a bottomless weekend brunch, where the only limit is my stomach space. Otherwise I could order endless rounds of dim sum (the salted egg yolk buns, escargot cheese puffs), the Hokkaido milk cheese tarts . . If you don’t know what to order, just order endless rounds of their melt-in-the-mouth rock sugar-caramelised roasted barbeque pork (char siew). Which was what I did. I also particularly love the nourishing hearty double-boiled soup which was a godsend for my tired overworked soul. . . Each diner also gets a serving of lobster, abalone and bamboo clam available in different cooking styles. I opted for the baked cheese lobster with lemon sauce, stir-fried XO abalone in asparagus and steamed bamboo clams in stir fried garlic and soya sauce. $68++ for weekend buffet brunch. So worth it. Thanks to my treater 😘 . . . And thanks to Mitzo for making me feel like 100 years old with the longevity buns... Nice joke!
Weekend Brunch Buffet ($68++) The format of this a la carte style buffet is good, but unfortunately the food doesn't impress. The star dishes lobster, abalone and bamboo clam were either too salty (xo sauce) or too bland (carrot soup?). I like my dimsum dumplings with thin, delicate skin to show the chef's skill, but here they all have starchy, thick skins, such as the escargot dumplings in the photo. Stir fry dishes were passable- many are westernised Chinese food such as sweet sour pork and truffle everything. Mostly westerners and tourists here so I guess they cater to the crowd. I also tried the Summer Botanic cocktail ($21++) which was sadly devoid of alcohol. Fail 👎 - Next! . Ps complimentary parking coupon is thoughtful
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Pork Galore Char is a cantonese restaurant known for using western and asian culinary techniques for its cooking.Pictured is the roasted pork and their signature char siew served in a platter. While the roasted pork was so-so, I highly recommend their special char siew. The char siew have the perfect layers of fat and meat that creates a softness that melts together in the mouth. Great blends of sweetness and smokiness from the char grilling.
Char Siew, Roasted Pork, Duck, Stir Fried Kailan, Sambal Fried Rice And Yang Chow Fried Rice My favourite of the lot was definitely their signature Char Siew!! The meat was so tender and sweet yet savoury at the same time! Another favourite was also the jasmine roast duck that had very crispy skin and the meat was also so tender!! The roasted pork wasn’t amazing for me though... the two fried rice (used Burpple Beyond 1 for 1) tasted similar but I liked the sambal one more! All the portions were pretty generous!! Shared the meal with three people and ended up really really full! Cost us $92 total :)
Great Char Siew We ordered 700g of this to share among a family of 8, and the char siew was really good. We first tried this at the Michelin guide festival in February this year, and it really impressed us with the well-caramelised exterior and the tenderness of the meat underneath. The chilli that comes by the side is wonderful too and really packs a punch! Do note that the char siew, along with their signature meats, is not valid for Burpple Beyond 1 for 1, so be careful to check which dishes are valid before ordering, as they have many exclusions.
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