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Mentaiyaki Kaisendon Set ($25.90) The Burpple Beyond Set was a crowd-pleaser with two tamago pieces and a bowl of chirashi don, both slathered in mentaiko mayo sauce. The freshness of the lightly seared raw fish coupled with the charred flavour of the mentaiko sauce was a match-made in heaven. A nice salty touch from the salmon roe and seaweed were added on as garnishes.
Burpple Beyond Set (Kei Kaisendon Signature) Ideal as a set dinner for a slightly little portion size but a full-course meal, their Burpple Beyond Set was pegged at S$25.90 for 2, yet complete with Donburi, salad, soup and four pieces of Mentaiyaki Tamago. This deal had justified that the meal was indeed value for money. While I would not say that the ingredients in the Kei Kaisendon Signature were exactly premium, given that I was not counting the number of pieces of each ingredient would probably mean that the portion was still considered decent. The other way to prove this was that the rice was completely buried under the seafood and such. #BurppleBeyond
#BurppleBeyond Set ($25.90) I love it when places with chirashi dons join Burpple Beyond and this is the hot newcomer in that category! Theirs features a set which includes a don, tamago mentaiyaki, salad and miso soup which definitely makes it a full meal. I won鈥檛 lie when I say I wish there was a little more fish and a little less cucumbers, but the mix of salmon, tuna, swordfish was still quite satisfying. Add on the yummy sides and this is a spot to revisit if I鈥檓 ever back in the area. #Burpple #BurppleSG #whyidonthaveabs #bodyplump #foodporn #foodiesg #sgfood
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Decent And Cheap Saba Don Saba Teriyaki Don ($12.9) comes with salad and miso. Taste wise not that bad at all and their Wasabi was really good.
Hotake Kaisendon I should start by saying Kaisendon is my favourite and I ate Kaisendons all over Singapore. At $20, it鈥檚 a fairly priced Kaisendon, taking into consideration that the fish is very fresh. It is not the best I eaten at this price point but it鈥檚 probably the best around the area (which explains why I am a frequent returning customer). I appreciate that they are constantly improving (first with the seaweed and now with the mock abalone). However, I do suggest that they roast their seaweed so that there is a nice crunch to the handroll that I make with it. The variety of the fishes in the bowl is fair and of fair portion.
Quality Dons!!!! 1) Tamago with Unagi Don $15.90 2) Tamago with Salmon Don $12.90 3) Tamago with Teriyaki Chicken Don 4) Kei Signature Kaisen Don (Small, 90g) $12.90 This tiny place only has 2 staff and seems unassuming at first but they actually serve very good dons 馃槏 Very skillfully prepared. Unagi was soft, salmon sweet, chicken large and tender, sashimi fresh!!!! Tamago (egg roll) came with aburi mentaiko. There are 3 options of meal top-up: we payed $3 for salad and refillable (!!) soup and tea. They also served complimentary free-flow (!!!!) green tea eggs but I feel like they were like normal braised eggs, not much taste. Service was gr8 as well 馃槉馃槉 Had an enjoyable meal.
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BB 1-FOR-1 // Yakiniku Don PRICE: $14.90++ for two of this Yakiniku Don WAITING TIME: About 5 mins of queue on a weekend evening, followed by another 5 mins of wait for food REMARKS: - The meat is good. Tender. - Needed more seasoning though. I spammed a lot of soya sauce and red pepper. - Portion is big. Very filling. - Service is good. - Iced water is provided FOC
Not Worth The Money Ordered the katsu curry rice (lunch special $11.90++) with salmon ($4++ with ocha as a lunch set add-on) and swordfish ($7.90++) sashimi and the aburi salmon roll ($16.90++). The curry is heavy on spice and light on flavor. I ran out of curry before I finished the rice. There's a side salad on the edge of the plate that drinks thousand island dressing into the rice - rice and thousand island dressing do not match in any known universe. The chicken katsu is a chicken breast - nothing wrong if you like chicken breasts but it's neither traditional nor my preference. What was wrong was that it was slightly on the burnt side - as if the chef didn't know that fried goods continue to colour and cook after removal from oil. It's led to a slight bitter edge that could've been balanced by a sweet Japanese curry... oh wait - short on flavor. The aburi salmon roll... it took me three pieces to figure out that the chewiness was a bit of skin that had been left attached to the raw salmon in the roll. It was that or the slightly unripe avocado. The sashimi was fresh and okay for the price. The rest of it? Not worth it at all.
Japanese Food Meal at @thesushibar_sg in @tampines1 . . Pitan tofu (S$5.90++) Century egg tofu with crab stick and flying fish roe . Scallop Mentaiyaki (S$14.90++) Thinly sliced Japanese scallop with mentaiko sauce . Wafu Spaghetti (S$10.90++) Angel hair pasta with mentaiko sauce . Not sure if it was due to weekend, the table turnover was quite fast. Quite stressful eating here. . The Sushi Bar Address 馃彙 : 10 Tampines Central 1, # 04-09 Tampines 1, Singapore 馃嚫馃嚞 529 536 Tel 鈽庯笍 : 8877 3535 Open 鈴 : Mon - Fri : 12pm - 3.45pm, 5.30pm - 9.45pm Sat - Sun : 11.30am - 9.45pm Website 馃寪 : MRT 馃殗 : Tampines (EW2/ DT32)
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