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Hot 100 2019
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Mentaiko Salmon Don $23.90 | Back for their Aburi Mentaiko Salmon Don! Love that they are very generous with the portion of salmon cubes (very thick!) and mentaiko sauce. Although price might be considered slightly expensive, but it’s very worth it if you have Burpple Beyond or Entertainer App! Will definitely be back for more.
Value For Money Rakki Bowl is a popular place for those in the Duxton area to get their Japanese rice bowl fix. Located in the same space as Candour Coffee, the space is small so I bet it gets crowded during rush hour... Even on an off-peak timing (was there on a weekday night close to 9PM), it was still considerably filled up - testament to its popularity! All the rice bowls here come in 2 sizes - I ordered the smaller Truffle Wagyu Don ($13.90+) as my appetite surprisingly wasn't large. It came with a good amount of meat, good proportion of rice, & a perfect wobbly egg in the middle. The sauce is on the sweet side, so I wouldn't say this Don is very balanced on the palate. However, it wasn't too much to bear, & I liked how the meat was done, which is the most important thing in my book. The rice itself was okay, & didn't get too soggy with the sauce, even upon mixing the egg in. Being at such a good price point, & made even sweeter (pun not intended) by the fact that I could redeem a Burpple Beyond deal here to half my cost... This was a steal, & I will return! 💳 Accepts credit cards 🌬 Air-conditioned seats only 🍽 Burpple Beyond partner 📶 Free WiFi available 💦 Water is not chargeable 🙋🏻‍♀️ Service charge applicable 🚫 No GST
Delicious wagyu beef dons We got 2 regular truffle wagyu beef dons which we enjoyed very much! The portion of beef was generous, and when the sauce and poached egg were mixed together, it was rly delicious. Went there on a weekend late afternoon and it wasn't too crowded. Great place, will be back to try their salmon mentaiko don
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Hot 100 2019
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Tanuki Raw Went to Tanuki Raw for dinner today and ordered: - Instagram this Maki($14.90) - 6 slices of sashimi(4 salmon, 1 tuna, 1 yellowtail) 🍣($1/slice during happy hr, but must purchase a drink) - 2 fresh oysters($4) - Dry Strawberry non-alcoholic drink?($10)🍸 - Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku ($23)🍱 Firstly, the instagrammable maki was worth it omg😍 it tastes damn good and for that portion, im amazed! The sashimi is $1/slice which is pretty affordable, but happy hour is only between 5-8pm and a drink must be bought to order this side😄 Dry strawberry drink was a 😕 as it tastes more like sourplum than strawberry Lastly Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku was not bad, but portion wise was a little small and not filling for me😅 Overall would rate this an 8/10 for freshness, quality of the food and staff service☺️👍🏻
Saturday Night With Love (S$96.40) Fresh Oyster ($2.00/pcs) - It’s happy hour (5pm-8pm) & enjoy the fresh shucked oyster at a super worthy price. Sashimi ($1.00/pcs) - Happy hour is even happier with big sliced & real fresh sashimi. Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku ($23.00) - Generous portion of pan-seared foie gras, fresh truffle(+$7.00), tender Black Angus short rib & onsen egg on top of Tanuki Raw’s signature rice. Perfectly transformed luxurious & savoury on food into the form of donburi. Tanuki Kaisen Chirasi ($24.90) - Switched to hearty salad base (+$1.00). Crunchy & fresh veggies topped with refreshing ginger dressing covered by tamago yaki, assorted fresh sashimi & uni. Eating healthy can be atas too.
Happy Hour Got the honey sake ($10), which was sweet and delicious so that we could order the sashimi ($1 per piece, minimum 5 pieces) and oysters ($2 per oyster)! Definitely worth it. The sweet potato truffle fries were pretty good, and we enjoyed the maki as well.
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Chicken Katsu Curry Boru • Salmon Teriyaki Don • Chicken Katsu Curry Boru (S$6.50 - mini) The spice level of the curry is mild, you can switch it up a notch or two upon request. The deep fried breaded chicken katsu was pretty average. • Salmon Teriyaki Don (S$7.50 - mini) The grilled salmon was not bad but it’s slight dry and the portion is pretty small for mini size. (Top up S$3.90 for miso soup, chawanmushi & drink)
Yan Fang
Snow Beef Don ($11.90) Have been eyeing this place since it opened because it seemed quite affordable. Honestly wasn’t expecting much, but it was not bad! This is their snow beef don ($11.90), which consists of a very generous portion of flame-grilled thin beef slices, topped with a cream sauce and Parmesan. You also have the choice of stewed cabbages or seasoned beansprouts, of which I chose the latter. Didn’t think it was a lot initially, but they really pile up that beef! Although tender, it’s on the sweeter side, so those who prefer their savoury food to be less sweet may not enjoy it as much. You can also taste how charred and smoky the beef is too, which surprised me. I thought it was really value for money for the portion of beef though, even though the cheesy cream taste got a bit overwhelming for me at the end. The beansprouts are the Korean kind and I liked them quite a lot. Overall, not bad, and quite value for money! Sort of like Yoshinoya, but the quality seems a bit better to me. Quite a big portion too, felt like I could have gone for the mini bowl which costs $7.50 instead, but note that the bowl looks much sizeably smaller. P.s. They also have a promotion going on now where you can get up to 30% off if you’re having a late lunch
Salmon Chirashi Don Quite disappointed with the portion of salmon given in the medium portion bowl. Overall quite an average tasting Chirashi Don.
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