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Gnocchi To Another Level This blew my mind away! Looks does not do justice to this dish! Taste better than it looks! Crunchy gnocchi with tender chicken breast meat! Love how the flavours were in this dish.
Zhii yee
👉Potato 'Gnocchi' Dumpling, Confit Chicken Breast, Truffle Shiitake Emulsion, Parmesan Espuma👈 Co-founded by the team behind @thelanewaymarket, @brine.singapore is a casual-fine dining restaurant that's situated along North Bridge Road. Serving up daring and quirky dishes at reasonable prices, you can expect different flavour profile pairings that will excite your tastebuds. Featured are the big plates we ordered. 。 The “sauce” complemented the tender chicken chunks really well, bringing the dish up another level on the umami scale. 。 P.S. You can enjoy 1-for-1 deals here using Burpple Beyond! Just sign up for a 20% off All Day Membership using my invite link: Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mr Digester
👉Dry Aged Duck Breast, Strawberry Long Pepper, Beetroot, Eggplant👈 Co-founded by the team behind @thelanewaymarket, @brine.singapore is a casual-fine dining restaurant that's situated along North Bridge Road. Serving up daring and quirky dishes at reasonable prices, you can expect different flavour profile pairings that will excite your tastebuds. Featured are the big plates we ordered. 。 This was my first time having dry-aged duck meat and I liked it. Besides looking aesthetically pleasing, each ingredient on the plate came together in a beautiful marriage of flavours. 。 P.S. You can enjoy 1-for-1 deals here using Burpple Beyond! Just sign up for a 20% off All Day Membership using my invite link: Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mr Digester
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Sunday Champagne Brunch The Sunday Champagne Brunch (~$148 per adult for free flow champagne) is a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, with Taittinger Brut as the bubbly of choice here. Highlights were the self-service caviar bar, and a really fragrant yuzu cheesecake that got us going for a second slice even after stuffing ourselves with buffet mains.
Pei Ling
50% Off?? There's still time to take advantage of Chope's deal at Ash & Elm! For the month of August (2019), all items on their "From the Pan" menu are at 50% off of you book via Chope & use the code CE8AE. Valid for dinner only, & other Terms & Conditions apply - check the Chope app for more details. It was my first time here & I was impressed by the ambience. It's a nice place to go on a date... Then again, I expect no less, it being located inside the lovely Hotel Intercontinental. 💳 Accepts credit cards 🌬 Air-conditioned seats only 🖥 Accepts reservations - I used Chope 🏩 Located inside Hotel Intercontinental 💦 Water is not chargeable
Best European Buffet & Service (Dish above) Main Course: Salmon Fillet A La Plancha (Pumpkin Puree, Squash, Citrus Vinagrette) I have been to this restaurant 3 times in the past 2 months and each experience has only gotten better. Honestly, the best way to know how good this restaurant is, is by visiting it yourself. My instagram highlight @thankGodforf00d will be able to show a greater diversity of the dishes that Ash & Elm has but it only displays my 2nd and 3rd visit and the descriptions of the food cannot be properly seen for my 2nd visit.  Below is a summary of my 3 visits: 18th May - Saturday (Semi-Buffet + Main Course; $48++) 26th June - Wednesday (Semi-buffet + Main Course; $38++) 15th July - Monday (Full Buffet; $38++) Note: Full buffets occur at the discretion of the restaurant. It is priced similar to that of the Semi Buffet + Main Course (Hence, $38++ for Weekdays and $48++ for Saturdays) Overall, I have had lovely experiences at Ash & Elm and am really grateful to both the service staff and the chefs for giving me such a memorable experience. Just in case you may not have noticed, I am NOT paid for this review but I highly, highly recommend anybody that sees this to try out their semi-appetiser & dessert buffet during the weekdays. Anyways, hope to visit the restaurant again soon and perhaps I will try their Sunday Brunch ($98++) in future. :) Do check out 1) @thankGodforf00d for Highlights 2) for my Full Review
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[Alley on 25] - Alley on 25 at Andaz Singapore launches a locally inspired, picnic themed afternoon tea set perfect for a leisurely weekday afternoon. Available from Monday to Friday, 3pm to 5pm, and priced at just $38++ per pax for the Andaz Afternoon Tea Picnic, diners can experience the joys of picnicking with a selection of sweet and savoury treats packed in a whimsical picnic basket, all while taking in the gorgeous Singapore skyline views on the 25th floor. . Find out more at . Alley on 25 Andaz Singapore Level 25 5 Fraser Street Singapore 189354 Tel: +65 64081288 Nearest MRT: Bugis (DT Line, EW Line)
Just Launched - Popsicles In New Flavours! The moment I saw Chef Fiona Ting post about the new popsicles she had created for Andaz Singapore, I was dying to have them. As luck would have it, I had received an invitation to try the new Mala dishes at “Auntie’s Wok & Steam” which is part of the same hotel too. So yes, dessert was pretty much sorted and it couldn’t be more perfect as they helped me to cool down after all the spiciness. I thought both popsicles were really good in their own way. The Pulut Hitam flavour, inspired by our local dessert of black glutinous rice, is the slightly heavier one. What I think is particularly clever is the touch of salt in the coconut ice-cream within. Its savouriness pairs deliciously with the layer of sweetish, slightly chewy pulut hitam and gula melaka. Chef Fiona shared that the chocolate used to create the crisp shell coating was chosen because it tastes a little like coconut. Wow - talk about paying attention to the details. Served with honeycomb from Iran, the Honey Passionfruit flavoured popsicle has osmanthus as well as a layer of compressed pineapple within the passionfruit ice-cream. If you find yourself yearning for something sweet, tart and fruity, this would be the ideal choice.
Pandan Mousse Cake - A Level Up From The Usual Fiona Ting who is a fellow Burppler, works as a Pastry Chef at Andaz Singapore and being the very generous soul that she is, insisted on treating Gail and I to some desserts after we had finished our dinner at “Auntie’s Wok & Steam” (we were there for an invited tasting of their new Mala menu). This Pandan Mousse Cake was one of those. It had been recommended to Gail by a friend of hers who said it’s the best pandan cake she has eaten, so naturally, we had to give it a try. We shared the medium size version and enjoyed it very much. Coated in a thin gelatin layer, the core of chiffon cake was surrounded by an airy-light mousse, so every bite was multi-textural and infused through and through with the perfume of pandan. There are a total of four flavour options for the Pandan Mousse Cake. We had the Original but you can choose to have it in Chocolate, Coconut or Bandung (a traditional concoction of rose syrup and evaporated milk).
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For Best Elevated Korean Bar Food Note this one down for dinner and drinks with your mates. To go with your jug of Makgeolli ($28), order their tender Grilled Pork Belly ($26) that comes with kimchi and a side salad drenched in a creamy anchovy-filled dressing. Another crowd favourite is the Seafood Rapokki ($22) that sees a rich and slightly spicy stew of ramyeon, topokki, shrimp mussels, squid and Korean fishcake blanketed in melted mozzarella. Photo by Burppler Dex Neo
Grilled Pork Belly ($26++) Snag my last chance to enjoy 1 for 1 at Joo Bar and no other person to enjoy it with than my mum 😬 It is not difficult to understand why this place is so popular, the slightly pricey Korean small and big bites somehow works with the generous (for light drinkers) low alcoholic content Makgeolli. The above dish feels good till you stop at the salad concoction that surprises you with bites of small anchovies, an excellent well thought side.
Flaming Chick Jumeokbap ($24). Warning: this is really not for the faint-hearted nor diners with low heat tolerance. Served in a hot plate and lit with a flame torch right in front of your eyes, this flaming chick jumeokbap‘s spiciness is not one to be underestimated. Spicy chicken thighs in chunks, pickled radish, shiitake mushroom, king oyster mushrooms and a ball of seaweed rice. Just as the dish was lit with fire, my tongue was too, with the dish. Thought the combination of the side ingredients especially the rice ball was a little out of place in the dish, but overall still decent taste. Perhaps they might want to consider lowering the spiciness.
Miss Ha
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Dinner in the Dark ($88++ for 12 tasting dishes). I thoroughly enjoyed my first dinner experience at NOX, even though they've been around since 2013. It was an emotive dinner experience, as I went through excitement and anxiety, followed by plenty of mystery and fun as I got used to the darkness. 🔸 The loss of vision is said to heighten your sense of taste, though I'm not exactly sure of that, as it could be attributed to the use of stronger flavours and more premium ingredients. However, what is certain is that I heard every word my dining companions said over dinner (yes, no distractions due to mobile phones or checking out of cute people across the table!). Good place for bonding. 🔸 Even if you've been here before, you could consider checking it out again as they have a new Head Chef Shahrom, as well as locally inspired cocktails and mystery drink tasting experiences by Head Bartender Hussien. 🔸 Dinner menu changes monthly, but should always consist of 3 courses with 4 tasting dishes per course (4 appetizer, 4 mains, and 4 desserts). For an additional $50++ per person, you can opt for their newly launched mystery cocktail tasting experience featuring three libations; or $40++ for three wines to pair with the dinner. 🔸 Pictured is my pre-dinner cocktail - Raspberry Dance ($20++) with Vodka, Peach Liqueur, Egg White, Lemon and Raspberries. A sweet and refreshing drink to get you in the mood first :) 🔸 🔸 [Hosted]
Unique Experience Have u ever tried dining in complete darkness? Now I can say I have. As one of your senses is made redundant, your taste buds senses become more sensitive. The food we had was very flavourful, we had a fun time trying to identify the food we had at the end of dinner. Very very expensive though Great experience, but I may not return again due to the price of this place. Total damage for two(with cocktail package):$340(after gst)
For a Dining Adventure in the Dark Apart from the fact that eating in complete darkness is a unique dining experience we recommend trying at least once in your life, NOX also supports and provides employment to visually impaired individuals, all of whom have been trained to guide and serve — which they do with utmost professionalism! Like NOX aptly writes on its website, "it is a truly human experience when the roles are reversed and the blind become your eyes". The meal begins with a cocktail in the warmly lit romantic lounge (this place is perfect for a cheeky date night!), after which the prix fixe dinner ($88 per person) is a mystery menu consisting of 12 dishes set over three courses. Trust us — it is perfectly okay to dig in with your hands. You can choose to add on wine pairing (from $30 for two glasses) and request for a vegetarian or vegan menu. Bring your sense of fun and adventure. Reservations highly recommended. Price: $88 per person Photo by Burppler Rachael Wong
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For Special Occasions and a Splendid View Got a special date coming up? Impress your loved one with an exquisite view of Singapore's skyline whilst dining on stunning dishes on the 38th floor of Andaz hotel. Start with the Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes ($32) for perfectly seasoned crab meat. Treat yourselves to their super fresh Boston Lobster Thermidor ($88) soaked in a creamy rich sauce or opt for the more affordable but also good Mac & Cheese ($15). No matter which excellent dish you order, be sure to have their decadent Truffle Fries ($18) on the side. These thick-cut beauties come with an aioli sauce infused with real truffle shavings. Photo by Burppler Rachel Chua *Halal-certified meat and seafood suppliers only (serves alcohol)
Save Space For This! Even though Pastry Chef Fiona Ting was away on holiday when I visited “665 Degrees Fahrenheit” with family, Head Chef Josephine made sure we got to indulge in Fiona’s latest creations when the time came for desserts. There were three in total for the four of us to share, each thoughtfully executed to satisfy whatever mood we may have been in to end our meal on. My niece and I were especially besotted with the marvellous Mille Feuille. Stacked tall with elegant dollops of the intoxicatingly fragrant Valrhona Strawberry Inspiration cremeux and pastry creme, it also had organic gooseberry jam and pop rocks smuggled away in there for more taste and textural dimension. This is a must-order even if you are stuffed from all the food that preceded.
Boston Lobster Thermidor ($88++) The large, very fresh lobster was smothered in a lip-smacking rich sauce that was both creamy and bright. If you feel like splurging on a piece of crustacean that won’t disappoint, this would be a good bet.
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