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Peach Tie Guan Yin If you really like fruity teas, go for the Peach Tie Guan Yin, the peach fragrance was lovely and blended well with the Tie Guan Yin. The tea was pretty light, but I enjoyed this combination thoroughly. Personally would have enjoyed it more if it was slightly less sweet, but I still finished the drink in no time!
Fruit Infused Teas Was very impressed by this new brewed tea place on burpple beyond. The unique thing is that they actually brew the tea by using a coffee machine. They have a lot of interesting fruit-infused flavours and I will be back to try more of them! The lovely staff let us smell the fruit-infused tea leaves before deciding on what to order and they were so fragrant and sweet smelling. We got the red peach tie guan yin and the pear high mountain oolong. I enjoyed the peach tie guan yin a bit more because I was in a “sweet” kinda mood and the sweetness of the peach really came through. It’s quite unlike typical bubble tea places which use fruit syrup. The peach flavour is a lot more subtle, so it really enhances the flavour of the tea and marries the two aspects together. Really liked it. The pear high mountain oolong was less sweet, but I enjoyed it too. The pear flavour was more subtle, but as a result, the tea flavour is more pronounced. There were the small dots that you can taste when eating asian pear inside, which was a nice touch. Definitely will come back for more. The tea leaves of the grape oolong smelt so amazing and the staff there was really nice and helpful. A refreshing addition to the over-saturation of bubble tea stores in Singapore.
For a different tea-perience, head over to Steeped Tea Bar for an espresso-brewed tea with unique concoctions such as Grape Oolong and Strawberry Basil Oolong. The latter is a Valentine’s Day seasonal mocktail that is ending today while the former uses brewed oolong tea shaken with grape juice. The sweetness from the juice and the tartness from pressed grape skins complements perfectly with the floral tea base. What’s more, if you are a Burpple Beyond member, they are now having a 1-for-1 promotion for their tea mocktail selection. •••••••••••••••••••• 📍Steeped Tea Bar 2 Tan Quee Lan Street, Unit 01-01, Singapore 188091
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Dinner Date @ Fat Belly I had the Deckle, which was a medium-rare wagyu steak. The steak was juicy, tender and had a smoky flavour to it. The steak was seasoned well with salt and pepper. We also ordered a side of mushrooms and truffle fries. The mushrooms were really juicy. The truffle fries were crispy and fragrant. For desserts, I had the Sticky Date Pudding. It was moist and balanced in flavour. It wasn’t too sweet and paired well with the vanilla ice cream. Overall, the steak was excellent and went along well with the sides. The dessert was perfect for wrapping up the meal. Great experience overall.
Dat Night At Fat Belly A really cosy and quaint place! I visited Fat Belly the other day for dinner with my boyfriend, and we were really happy with the food! We had the Denver, which was really juicy. It was also really smoky and left a lingering taste on the palate. We got the medium rare as recommended by the staff and it was super good. We also ordered truffle fries and sautéed thyme mushroom medley, both of which were really flavourful. For dessert, we had the sticky date pudding which was something interesting. The sticky chocolate cake was moist and paired really well with the vanilla ice cream. All in all, we had a really intimate and fun time, and we also really loved that the location was peaceful yet convenient to get to. Can’t wait to go back!
A Lovely Night I had a lovely night at Fat Belly with a friend the other evening. The food was beautiful. From preparation to presentation, it was charming being able to see the chefs preparing the dishes itself. A whole new dining experience for me. We ordered their charcoal grill steak which just melts in your mouth and would recommend to any diners. The side dishes (Truffle fries and Sauteed Thyme Mushroom Medley) are just on par to complement the dish. The portions were adequate. Service staff was excellent as well. Courteous and swift, they do not hesitate with our queries and always smiling. The setting was intimate, evenly spaced and with some well-placed decorations to bring the place a mood and ambience for an enjoyable dinner in the evening with a group of friends or a date. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at Fat Belly.
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