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BLUEBERRY LAVENDER SMOOTHIE BOWL ($4.90) this was so worth the trip there and the cost!!! for a bowl of smoothie consisting of blueberry, banana, coconut water and lavender, it sure tasted comparable to an açai bowl but with a creamier and smoother texture that was pleasing to the tastebuds! probably could have had you fooled with the close similarity and the wide variety of ingredients alongside the generous servings will surely have me coming back again! they sell overnight oats as well as chia puddings all under $5 which i will definitely be hoping to try! the owner of the stall is so friendly and welcoming which increases the pleasantness of this trip down to holland village food centre! even elderly are seen to be purchasing these modern, hipster bowls of goodness so head on down to try it now if you are hesitating because it’s worth it!
Smoothie Bowl Smoothie Bowl (S$4.90) Topup S$0.50 for takeaway Available at @PrettyGoodSmoothie Smoothie Flavour : Pitaya Rose Pitaya| Rose Tea| Banana . 3 + 1 Free toppings : Dragonfruit, blueberry, almond slice, granola. Was given pomegranate as complimentary topping by the staff. Smooth and not too sweet. Nutty and juicy although the blueberry was slightly sourish. . Pretty Good Smoothie Address 🏠 : Blk 44 Holland Drive, # 02-35 Holland Drive Market & Food Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 270 044 Open ⏰ : Mon, Tue : 10.30am - 8.30pm Thu - Sun : 8.30am - 8.30pm MRT 🚇 : Buona Vista (EW21/ CC22)
The Early Fatback: Blue Dragon (blue spirulina, dragonfruit, banana, coconut water) from Pretty Good Smoothie (@prettygoodsmoothie), a newly-open smoothie concept at Holland Drive Market & Food Centre offering a range of smoothie, toast and chia pudding options.
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Cassis Plum: A flavour bomb Tucked away in the corner of holland village is 2am dessert bar, by famed pastry chef Janice Wong. A contemporary setting to enjoy these fancy desserts and wine. I enjoyed this with its sour and sweet elderflower and plum hues, accompanied by choya jelly. ($24)
Chocolate Tart ($18) Is it just me or is this a pretty strange angle to take a photo from? Could’ve definitely done a better job here, but it’s more important to talk about what really matters here - the food! 😋 The plating is pretty interesting to me, actually. Don’t count on me to give a well-informed, credible opinion on this, but I’m digging how the elliptical drizzle of burnt salted caramel sauce visually links the chocolate tart and the blood orange sorbet quenelle. To me, it suggests a codependence between the two - and it became evident when I tasted it for myself. The faintly fruity notes of the dark chocolate was meekly reinforced by the acidity of the sorbet. It made for a very pleasant, balanced mesh of flavours. To say that it’s balanced may sound like a commonplace remark which lacks thought. However, that was genuinely the case. Many food items that are delicious owe it to its strong, salient flavour(s) that impact one’s taste buds, but the ones that are created by skilled cooks/chefs have it taken down a notch, which grants it a newfound minimalist-esque appeal in its restrained, yet prominent flavour(s). Still though, I feel like it was missing something; perhaps a bigger portion was it. Paying $18 singed my wallet quite badly, but all for the experience. (7.4/10) 😛
Chocolate H2O 2am dessert bar is located at a hidden corner on level 2 at holland village, keep your eyes peeled because you might miss it! The restaurant had a dark classy vibe and it was really relaxing. Ordered the chocolate H2O ($22) because the staff said it was really popular. It is a 65% dark chocolate and water mousse with caramel, kochi yuzu sorbet and chocolate crumbs. It was rich and chocolaty and the caramel was sweet and good. The yuzu was pretty sour and tart balancing out the taste and was refreshing at the same time. Overall really expensive for $22 but cool experience.
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Single Scoop Cone Ice-Cream ($4.20) After four days of a rather detrimental hiatus peppered with malignity, doubts in self-preservation and the textbook stubbornness to procrastinate, @thintbites is back. On a side note, the weather has been unbearably hot for the past few days and it is literally searing me to a medium-rare doneness as we speak. On a more appealing note, there is no shortage of bustling ice cream cafés and air-conditioned waffle joints to beat the heat in while enjoying a cool and creamy soft-serve. One of these places is one that never fails to satisfy this sweet tooth. The Daily Scoop is a fun and whimsically charming ice cream café that is certainly known for their wide pool of imaginative flavours that are always refreshed daily. From a refreshingly zesty spoonful of Lychee Martini ice cream to a more indulgent treat of a Salted Mr Brown (the perennial favourite flavour), one can expect to be spoilt for choice in selecting a favourite ice cream flavour from their ever-expanding roster of creamy goodness. I would always find myself going for a delightful Single Scoop ($3.80, +$0.40 for cronchy cone), whether be it a mid-day treat or a sweet ending after a meal at the village itself. A godsend water dispenser lies in the quaint decor of the restaurant, providing a crisp and clear beverage to cleanse your palate after having indulged in some of The Daily Scoop’s homemade creamy delights. Would definitely prescribe a scoop or two to anyone to escape the oppressing heat of the 35°C weather at the moment.
Waffle Day Sunny strawberry 🍓 with waffles To celebrate the approaching weekend - What better than a no frills waffle and ice cream . My favourite place for a reliable waffle and all natural ice cream .
Bailey’s Chocolate Chip After a series of Ching Chong Chinese food and course after course of Chinese dinners , what better than a waffle and ice cream ? Love this bailey’s chocolate chip ice cream with the light and crisp waffle. Daily scoop never fails .
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teh tarik ice cream first time at island creamery, my teenage years have been a lie. it was honestly quite enjoyable as the flavour was not too strong, but i prefer daily scoop!
Reverso + Teh Tarik The reverso chocolate flavour was awesome, dark enough and not too sweet with nice mix of brownie 😋 The teh tarik flavour was a nice companion to the reverso chocolate as it provided some "lightness" and cleaned the palate for another bite of chocolate. Great combination imo! Rating: 4.5/5
Mudpie Is Love - Go To Place For Mud Pies! Mud Pie Cost: $5.90 Description: The mud pie contains chocolate, cookies and cream, burnt caramel ice cream with Oreo cookie crumbs Service: efficient and helpful service staff who willingly helped to take photos for us Ambience: Some might find the shop’s interior rather small and a little narrow but I suppose this adds to the cosy vibes of the place. As it’s a small shop, you might not be able to get seats inside. My friends and I had to sit outside which was not too bad either as they had ceiling fans! Personal take: I personally love this mud pie so much! Brought my friends here to celebrate a friend’s birthday and they were amazed by how good it was too. Island creamery is definitely my go to place for mud pies. If ever you are craving a dessert that is cake-like and yet icecream-ish, then get the mud pie. It is a perfect blend of neutral old school flavors that many will love and the cookie crumbs and chocolate borders provide a good texture contrast to the inner ice cream core. 4 of us shared this mud pie, which was just enough for us. But I definitely can wallop one whole mud pie on my own :)
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