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Refreshing Taste -One for one deal- Bought honey lemon green tea and honey orange black tea. Preferred orange black tea which taste less sweet then the lemon green tea. And the black tea with orange fragrant are very well tasted. Yum. Honey lemon green tea is just such a very common taste. Added pearl but the pearl I personally feel too chewy for my taste.
Dirty Brown Sugar Milk Tea Dirty Brown Sugar Milk Tea ($4.90) . Yet another #burpplebeyond deal thats beyond amazing. Frankly didn’t hold high hopes for this milk tea store especially when the nearby Liho sprouted a long queue while there was hardly one @hollin_sg . How do you beat a bubble tea having a 1 for 1 deal and the dirty brown sugar actually tasting quite good with their staple white pearls? I love that the drink was not too sweet as with many boba style drinks and the pearls had a less starchy bite to it and felt less heavy. Also tried the caramel tea rock salt drink and was again pleased to find that while the caramel aroma was present, the drink didn’t disappoint by overwhelming me with sweetness. Just a nice touch of caramel at 25% sugar level.
Black Tea Rock Salt Macchiato ($1.60 with Burpple Beyond) It was raining so I wanted something hot. I didn’t expect to drink it with a straw, as I thought I can drink directly from the cup like the usual hot drinks. Anyway, since I can’t drink directly from the cup, I can’t really taste the foam separately. I can’t really taste the rock salt also. It’s not bad but I don’t think I will order this again. Will try other drinks next time.
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Award-Winning, Artisanal Sipping Gin @ Procera Gin. . Sophisticated and elegant, with a layered complexity of flavours, Procera Gin is made with 10 key botanicals from East Africa and West Africa. . The bottle for Procera Gin (SGD $110 per 50cl bottle) itself is special, hand-made entirely in Nairobi, Kenya. . The artisan craftsmen of Kitengela Hot Glass Team from Anselm Croze Studios hand-blow each glass bottle, using 100% recycled glass. . This gin has a clear transparent colour, with a smooth balanced body. It tastes bright and refreshing, with good herbal earthy sweet flavour, and a lingering spice finish. . The essence is derived from high-altitude African juniper / juniperus procera, grown around 1,500m above sea level or more in Kenya, whose berries are harvested every August by the Kijabe Forest Trust, then flash frozen. These are blended with a tiny batch of dried European juniper / common juniper. . Other key African botanicals include pixie tangerine zest and dried Swahili lime from Kenya, acacia honey from Somalia, cardamom and mace from Zanzibar, pink peppercorn / baie rose (a type of berry, not pepper) from Madagascar, and coriander and orris root from Morocco. . The final of the 10 botanicals is selim pepper / grains of selim from Sierra Leone, a spice often used as a pepper substitute, with an unusual musky, woody, and peppery spice flavour, giving this beverage its distinctive finish. . . . Procera Gin More details in profile & blog
Cocktail Bespoke Rum-Based (SGD $21) @ Kafe Utu. . There isn't a name for this cocktail, because I simply requested the bartender to make me anything that was rum based. . I understand this features a premium sipping rum, the Mount Gay 1703 Master Select, infused with a hint of chili, served with a handcrafted Kafe Utu ice cube, garnished with a juicy sour sweet black cherry, and a sliced whole red chili. . It has a rich amber copper colour, with aromas of vanilla, cloves, oak, and mango. . The body is full, rounded, and balanced, with tastes of golden raisins, red chili, toast bread, and banana. . Bold fruity sweet spice smoky flavour, with a delicate lingering finish. . . . Kafe Utu More details in profile & blog
Moroccan Lemon Chicken Tagine (SGD $29) @ Kafe Utu. . Despite its name, this isn't cooked in a tagine pot, but is still a tasty dish. . It features tender marinated chicken thigh fillets, grainy quinoa, bouncy black olives and green olives, soft charred white onions, and tender pickled lemon zest strips, completed with wispy micro-greens and saffron. . The complementing flavours of smoky savoury sweet to fresh vegetal sweet to briny salty zesty tangy sour, is complex yet balanced. I enjoyed this. . . . Kafe Utu More details in profile & blog
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