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Homemade Goodness Comfortable cafe with comfortable homemade dishes! Pesto pasta was good and masala chicken pasta was a little spicy but great! Muffins (triple choc and banana choc) were good as well and light to the palate. Homemade Lemonade was sparkling water with lemon, dirty chai was not sweet. Would come again, friendly waiter :-)
Mocha ($5.70) First time visiting this place because of its ample seating space on a very crowded Friday. There鈥檚 three storeys! It was okay but way too sweet at the bottom.
鈥溿儐銉偄銉ゃ仹瑕嬨仱銇戙仧銉炪儠銈c兂灞嬨仌銈撯 鏈杩戙仼銈撱仼銈撳姞閫熴仐銇︺亜銈嬨優銉曘偅銉崇啽銆 銇撱仭銈夈倐銇俱仩銇俱仩缍氥亜銇︺亜銈嬨儐銉偄銉ゆ湞娲汇伄甯般倞闅涖伀銆 浜嬪墠銇銇广仸銇勩仧銈ゃ儭銉笺偢銇ㄣ伅浣曟晠銇嬪叏鐒堕仌銇嗗簵妲嬨亪銇с佸湴鍥炽仹瑕嬨仸銈傘仢銇撱伀銇傘倠銇仛銇優銉曘偅銉冲眿銇曘倱銇屻仾銇忋佽銇c仧銈婃潵銇熴倞銇椼仸銇椼伨銇c仧銆 鍒ャ伀濂ャ伨銇c仧鍫存墍銇亗銈嬭ǔ銇с倐銇亸銆侀氥倞銇潰銇椼仸鏅氥伀銈兗銉椼兂銇椼仸銈嬨伄銇併仾銇嬨仾銇嬨倧銇嬨倞銇氥倝銇勩仹銇(绗) 澶溿伅銉愩兗銇仾銈嬨伄銇 銇с佹樇闁撱伅銉炪儠銈c兂澹层仯銇︺倠銇伃銆 銉炪儠銈c兂灞嬨仌銈撱仺銇勩亞姒傚康銈掓崹銇︺仸銆併儛銉笺倰銈ゃ儭銉笺偢銇椼仸鎺€仜銇般仚銇愯銇ゃ亱銈嬨亱銈傘 搴楀唴銇杽鏆椼亸銇︺併偡銉с兗銈便兗銈瑰唴銇優銉曘偅銉炽倐2鍒楃洰浠ラ檷銇俱仯銇熴亸鍐欍倝銇亜(绗) 銇婂簵銇汉銇槑銈嬨亸姘椼仌銇忋仹銉曘儸銉炽儔銉兗銆 銉炪儠銈c兂銇1銇$3.3銆$3.5銆 銇撱伄鏃ャ伅4绋缃亜銇︺亗銈娿伨銇椼仧銆 銉炪儠銈c兂6銇+銈儍銈兗銇偦銉冦儓銇$18銇с亰寰椼仹銇欍 銈汇儍銉堛仹璨枫亞銇ㄥ彲鎰涖亜銈枫儳銉冦儣銉愩儍銈般伀鍏ャ倢銇︺亸銈屻伨銇欍 銈儍銈兗銇柊浣溿仩銇ㄣ亜銇嗐偄銉冦儣銉&銉斻兗銉併倰銉併儳銈ゃ偣銆 銉炪儠銈c兂銇皬銇躲倞銇仐銇c仺銈娿倎銇у瓙渚涖伀濂借⿻銇с仐銇熴 瀛愪緵銇仐銇c仺銈娿優銉曘偅銉炽亴濂姐亶銇伄銇 #themuffinry @themuffinry #銉炪儠銈c兂鎸併仯銇﹁蛋銈嬩汉 #瑕嬨亱銇戙仧銈夈仢銈岀銇с仚 #銈枫兂銈儩銉笺儷銈般儷銉#銈枫兂銈儩銉笺儷鐢熸椿 #銈枫兂銈儩銉笺儷銉┿偆銉 #銈枫兂銈儩銉笺儷 #銈枫兂銈儩銉笺儷鍦ㄤ綇 #銈枫兂銈儩銉笺儷鏃呰 #lovesg #singapura #singaporelife #銈枫兂銈儩銉笺儷銇у瓙鑲层仸 #instasingapore #singaporeinsta #sgig #igsg #singaporecafe#sgcafe#sweettooth#sgcafehopping#hungrygowhere#eatoutsg#nomnom#eeeeats#foodpics#burpple#銇裤仼鏈濇椿闅
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Unique Cake Flavours Tried the yuzu raspberry & le鈥 goma (black sesame) cake slices. Both flavours were pleasantly delicious!! Even if you鈥檙e not a black sesame lover, chances are you鈥檒l still love the taste of their black sesame cake cause it鈥檚 really light and not too rich馃構
Konnichiwa Hojicha @dear.nesuto鈥檚 Yuzu Raspberry used to be my all-time favourite, until I had Konnichiwa Hojicha. With the distinct layers of mildly sweet hojicha ganache/ light hojicha chantilly/ soft hojicha souffl茅 chiffon sponge and the rich roasty fragrance; overall it wasn鈥檛 too sweet and the cream was so light, I didn鈥檛 feel bad at all about it. We finished this up preeetty fast. This roasty creamy goodness is hands down, my favourite cake in awhile. Do note that this seasonal cake is only available for online orders (with free delivery).
Le Goma ($9.90), Le Mmm ($9). This visit was made before the circuit breaker period. 1-for-1 came & drink set with #burpplebeyond! With a group of friends, we decided to have their 2 of their signature cakes. First, the Le Goma, which is akin to a cake version of black sesame paste. Black sesame lovers please don鈥檛 miss this! From the layers of moist black sesame sponge cake, nestled with handcooked roasted black sesame cream, finally topped with some crunchy sesame strusel. An extremely nutty cake. I personally like it with lesser cream on top. Le鈥 Mmm is a paradise for dark chocolate lovers like me. A decadent chocolate cake, made of buttermilk chocolate sponge with premium Valrhona Guanaja 70% whipped ganache layered between, while coated with rich Valrhona Gunaja 70% ganache. Literally made me go mmmmm in satisfaction. You can still preorder their cakes and collect them during this circuit breaker period. Check out https://nesuto.oddle.me/en_SG/ for more details.
Miss Ha
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No need for fancy names. The sea salt fudgy brownie is sooo fudgy and ticks everything the name suggests - big salty crystals and really chocolatey. It is worth every effort and price. The highly-raved croissant is too airy for me and just somewhat buttery, though there are other bakeries that make it really buttery (which I personally prefer, if the butter is good). However as it does not taste strongly by itself, this croissant might be suitable to be paired with jams and other condiments. Price-wise, the brownie is comparable to similar quality items outside while the croissant is steeper at $4. Nonetheless good buy and nice (albeit small) place if you dine-in too! . . P.S. I did ask and they said they accept BYO! Not sure if there is any incentives but, hey, isn't a clean and green environment a good enough incentive?
Savoury Scroll & Chocolate Croissant $4.50ea 2nd try at this bakery as I found the plain croissant disappointing - bready and not flaky - during my first time here. I heated the pastry this time. Chocolate croissant was flaky and they are generous with the filling. It does not taste like cheap chocolate and it is not nutella (yes! I hate low quality chocolate and nutella - especially in my pastries). It鈥檚 a good chocolate croissant. Savoury scroll has pesto and cheese baked in the pastry and sprinkled with parmesan on top. It was too heavy for me - the cheese made the buttery pastry stodgier and oiler. Mother dough is still my favourite for viennoiseries.
Small bakery with big flavors If you're here for the croissant, be prepared to come early as they sell out very quickly. I came here at around lunch time and was left with one fudge brownie (so fudgy, rich and solid - but I don't have its photo), milk toast, and a couple of other pastries and bakes. I got the iced latte as well - so smooth, not bitter, had more milk than coffee for my liking but still enjoyable nonetheless. The staff were attentive, patient and friendly. They gave great advice on the items too!
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For a Nutritious Aussie-inspired Brunch Complete with a trampoline and extensive food options for both adults and kids, this quaint spot is ideal for a lazy weekend brunch with the fam. Go straight for their flavourful Smashed Avo ($18) with dukkah, a crowd favourite. Otherwise, the Meredith Goat's Cheese with Thyme Roasted Mushrooms ($18) is a killer alternative with goat's cheese, roasted portobello chunks and sprouts on sourdough. Wash it down with a Flat White ($6) and you're golden. Photo by Burppler Victoria Cheung
Smashed Avo Super colourful, loved the addition of the dukkah which provides a unique taste to the smashed avo. Presentation skills 100/100 and the smashed avo was rly flavourful w the furikake too. Added pomegranates for extra colour, juiciness n a burst of sweet
After a long day at work, I want to takeaway my food so I can rush home to indulge in my Korean dramas or variety shows. With the newly added feature on @foodpandasg, I can easily switch from Delivery to Pick-Up, thereby skipping the queues to pick up my order directly from the restaurant. And guess what - This helps to save around 100 hours a year! Plus there鈥檚 no minimum order value & no delivery fees~ To celebrate the launch of the new feature, you get to stand a chance to win up to $1,000. Just simply submit your answer to the question: What would YOU do with 100 hours? and submit it via foodpanda's website (link) before 30 November! The lucky winner will be announced on their social media channels - May the most creative, wacky answer win! #foodpandasg
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Some Real Good Bfast Food If I could have the 饾樈饾櫑饾櫄饾櫀饾櫊饾櫅饾櫀饾櫒饾櫓 饾樉饾櫋饾櫔饾櫁 (~$14) for every breakfast, I will possibly wake up in time fr brekkie 馃槫 - If you think about it, these are really simple ingredients. But when you put the gyuere peppery sauce with the ham and cheddar, between a toasted sea salt bagel, the salt from the bagel brings out the creaminess of the ingredient mix. 馃構 Ig @goodfomood
Breakfast Club Bagel $14 Cooked ham, cheddar cheese, egg, gruyere peppercorn sauce, mesclun mix on sesame bagel. The ingredients are simple but the combination works. The gruyere sauce brings everything together and the peppercorn adds a hint of heat to counterbalance the creaminess. The bagel itself is chewy and fluffy - I actually prefer their bagel (the bread itself) to TMBH鈥檚. TMBH has more flavours but the quality is inconsistent and their bagel is stodgier. I have tried this and the smoked chicken bagel. I enjoyed both and I intend to work my way through the other bagel sandwiches.
Edens' ($12) Apple Specaloos Ice-cream with streusel etc. and a shot of espresso at the side. The coffee went straight down to the sponge cake at the bottom so I didn't taste the coffee till the very end...it was vvveerrryyy strong. The ice-cream is rather light-tasting though, so it does balance out the strong coffee-soaked sponge cake. The streusel bits and other ancillary crumbs added to the overall texture, making it very fun to eat.
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