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Hot 100 2019
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Must Try Cheecheongfun!!! Baked salted egg yolk bao (~$5) was done differently from the normal soft bun, crispy and slightly crumbly!! Salted egg yolk was kinda oily though :-( 🥚 . Fish porridge (~$6.10) and Hong Kong porridge (~$7.10) generally tasty and consistent, fish portion was generous! 🐟🐠 . And omg the Crispy Chee Cheong Fun (~$4.70), so guilty bc of the crispy bits but worth the calories 😭❤️ the crispy bits added so much texture to contrast the silky smooth Chee Cheong fun 😝 Ig @goodfomood
6 Baskets Of Dim Sum $35.20 For 2 Px A hidden gem eatery with signature dishes. Not sure why it doesn’t have the same super long Q like in another famous dim sum place. It serves some amazing dishes that surpass our expectation. 👉 ⭐️ Pan Fried Mushroom bun $5 (surprising bun skin with juicy mushroom filling) . ⭐️Baked Salted egg custard bun $5 (sweet tooth fixer) the salted egg yolk has never been this creamy, warm & sweet. . . ⭐️⭐️👍 Last dish you definitely gotta order is Charcoal Dumpling “Hak Kam Kai Siew Mai” $4.40 . Other dishes we ordered are * Shrimp Har Gao $4.60 * Steamed crystal skin prawn dumpling with spinach $3.90 * Baked Hong Kong egg tart $3.60 . PS. GST 7%, Service charge 10%, jasmine tea $1.5 each and Wet Tissue $0.2 each . . . . . . 📍 Dim Sum Haus 57 Jalan Basar, Singapore 208809
Go To Dim Sum Spot Char Siew Bao (~$3.90) was done suuuuper soft and moist, and the ratio of meat to bao was rly 👌🏻👌🏻 Meat was generally very lean!! . Har Gao (~$4.60) and XiaoLongBao (~$3.90): I’m generally v choosey with these and I like those here, not too much skin and enough meat 😛😛 Ig @goodfomood
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