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Cured Trout (Price: $24++) I only managed to visit @cheek.sg three days ago, a few months after it subtly shapeshifted into a bistro. To me, the intangible but undeniably present qualities that have remained of #cheekbyjowlsg is Chef-owner Rishi Naleendra’s unique take and elegant execution of choice produce and ingredients as evidenced by the new dishes on the menu, and his wife Manuela’s disarming smile and relaxed hospitality which makes everyone immediately feel at home (she has quite the knack of changing your mind about a midday glass of wine too). I may have missed Chef Rishi that day (he’s busy getting his new restaurant on Amoy Street ready for the scheduled opening in mid July), but I saw Chef Alan more than capably holding the fort with the team during the lunch hour rush. Although my friend and I had already ordered a few dishes including the barramundi for ourselves, we were surprised by chef with the house-cured trout shown above. You can bet we were only too happy to give it a try and yes, it revealed itself to be most delicious. The layer of very fine black olives was a delightful savoury foil to the clean-tasting fish. Even more so when whooshed through the light almond cream, and interspersed with bites of the crisp, cool shaved fennel. Needless to say, the plate was as clean as a whistle by the time we were done.
This Burrata Is A Must Try ($26++) My hands-down favourite from my spontaneous lunch at Cheek Bistro. I literally went “Wow!” when I took my first bite. Though surprising, the micro herbs and crispy fried shallots went amazingly well with the creamy cheese and fresh, juicy heirloom tomatoes. What however, elevated the dish to become nothing short of spectacular was the addition of fermented green chilli. It brought an eye-opening tropical sultriness of heat, tang and intoxicating aroma that was completely unexpected but made total sense because when I had a mix of everything in my mouth, it tasted unspeakably perfect.
Waffle with Chicken Liver Parfait ($9) What is possibly the most instagrammed of all the items on Cheek Bistro’s menu so far, the Waffle with Chicken Liver Parfait also tastes as good as everyone says. I loved it most when I bit into the parts of the light, crunchy waffle that hid more of the sweet date jam (it‘s under the supremely light and creamy clouds of chicken liver). The pickled mustard seeds is an ingenious touch as it brought a little extra texture and burst of flavour to each bite.
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It's Friday! Woo~ Time to relax & chill with your friends over some drinks 🍻 Check out some of the interesting cocktails available @rumourssg 🍹 From left to right: - Passionate Kiss 💋 - Blowing Smoke 🌬 - Two Boyfriends 👬 - Inside Me I'll leave it to you to figure out why they are named this way. Also, any suggestion on the emoji for 'Inside me'? 😏 📍Rumours Bar & Grill is located at @jewelchangiairport 78 Airport Boulevard  # 05-207 Singapore 819666 Daily 10am - 3am Holland Village 24A Lor Mambong  Singapore 277683 (MRT Exit B) Thank you @alexiusboy for extending the invite & @rumourssg @brandcellar for having me! 🙆‍♂️ . #RumoursHasIt #JewelChangiAirport #FoodMakesCalHappy
I heard a rumour... 👂 that the food at @rumourssg is really good. Guess what? It's true 😎 Here are some of the amazing meat offerings available ❤ 1. A5 Grade Kumamoto Wagyu Beef 🐄 One of the few places in SG tt serves this beef cut, this dish is rly to die for. It's so so so so so tender & rly doesn't requires much effort to bite. 2. Australian Baby Lamp Chop with Garlic Confit 🐑 Similar to the beef, the lamp chop is tender af. Pan-seared to perfection with no stinky lamp smell. 3. Deep Fried Chicken Wings 🐓 The wings look normal, but don't be deceive it. It's super juicy & deep fried till golden crispiness. Shiok! . 📍#RumoursBar is located at @jewelchangiairport 78 Airport Boulevard  # 05-207 Singapore 819666 Holland Village 24A Lor Mambong  Singapore 277683 (MRT Exit B) Stay tuned as I share more of the yummy dishes available at Rumours Bar & Grill 😉 Thank you @alexiusboy for extending the invite & @rumourssg @brandcellar for having me! 🙆‍♂️ . #RumoursHasIt #FoodMakesCalHappy
Rumour has it that @rumourssg at @jewelchangiairport has been lauded as an awesome hangout spot for families and friends. Went there the other day and I can attest to that! The A5 Grade Kumamoto Wagyu Tenderloin was so awesome that I'll be bringing my parents there for steak sometime soon. Chilling with friends? I tried the "Passionate Kiss" and loved the citrusy taste to this gin based cocktail. Others that I liked are the Australian Baby Lamb Chops with Garlic Confit, and the unassuming Calamari. Yep everything was top notch, thanks @rumourssg @brandcellar @_boyz86 for having me!
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Har Cheong Kai 鸡-ken Cutlet ($22++) When it comes to food that is a cumulation of various cultures and ideas that sprouted as a result of meandering from the norm (aka fusion food), there is somehow an inevitable formation of a grey area where the dishes become lacklustre and the fusion fails to even occur. Well thankfully, HĒ Bistro and Bar seems to lying comfortably, albeit just inches short of this uncertain area, serving up fusion dishes combining Western cuisine with Singaporean flavours. Their Har Cheong Kai 鸡-ken Cutlet ($22) arrives at the table looking like a simple chicken cutlet meal one can expect from a Western hawker stall, but a first bite of the crispy, golden-brown cutlet released that ever so familiar flavour of prawn paste chicken together with the thin but juicy deboned chicken drumstick meat. Served with a fresh salad, some fries (although written on the menu as criss-cut fries, I received straight-cut fries) and spicy chinchalok which gave a nice contrast of flavours. Their Chilli Crappy Pasta ($22) was however a fair bit of a let-down. The sauce was undesirably diluted and watery to say the least, and little of the actual chilli crab flavour was present. On the other hand, one of the sauces that managed to subdue my attention was the Kopi sauce used in their Kopi Ribeye Steak ($30), which seems to go surprisingly well with the beef given that coffee and meat is of course, a modern classic flavour combination. Suffice to say as a place serving fusion cuisine, there could definitely be more finesse in the execution of the dishes, despite its creative output.
Food Takes Too Long Bitter red (house) wine and food takes too long.. Beer was ok though
For 1-for-1 Main Dish (save ~$30) Impressive Asian fusion dishes and buzzy vibes are why you should jot this spot down for your next group gathering with friends. Photo by Burppler Mayne Lim
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