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Featured In 1 Guide
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Featured In 1 Guide
Har Cheong Kai 鸡-ken Cutlet ($22++) When it comes to food that is a cumulation of various cultures and ideas that sprouted as a result of meandering from the norm (aka fusion food), there is somehow an inevitable formation of a grey area where the dishes become lacklustre and the fusion fails to even occur. Well thankfully, HĒ Bistro and Bar seems to lying comfortably, albeit just inches short of this uncertain area, serving up fusion dishes combining Western cuisine with Singaporean flavours. Their Har Cheong Kai 鸡-ken Cutlet ($22) arrives at the table looking like a simple chicken cutlet meal one can expect from a Western hawker stall, but a first bite of the crispy, golden-brown cutlet released that ever so familiar flavour of prawn paste chicken together with the thin but juicy deboned chicken drumstick meat. Served with a fresh salad, some fries (although written on the menu as criss-cut fries, I received straight-cut fries) and spicy chinchalok which gave a nice contrast of flavours. Their Chilli Crappy Pasta ($22) was however a fair bit of a let-down. The sauce was undesirably diluted and watery to say the least, and little of the actual chilli crab flavour was present. On the other hand, one of the sauces that managed to subdue my attention was the Kopi sauce used in their Kopi Ribeye Steak ($30), which seems to go surprisingly well with the beef given that coffee and meat is of course, a modern classic flavour combination. Suffice to say as a place serving fusion cuisine, there could definitely be more finesse in the execution of the dishes, despite its creative output.
Food Takes Too Long Bitter red (house) wine and food takes too long.. Beer was ok though
For 1-for-1 Main Dish (save ~$30) Impressive Asian fusion dishes and buzzy vibes are why you should jot this spot down for your next group gathering with friends. Photo by Burppler Mayne Lim
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Oyako Don From Kai Yakitori, which had moved into the premises of now-defunct Otowa at Orchard Plaza. Whilst serving up pretty stellar Yakitori sticks, the Oyako Don at Kai Yakitori is a true stunner of its own — a dish that is almost a game changer in its own right. Coming in a portion slightly smaller than usual at $10++, the Oyako Don is unlike another. Sitting above the pearly, short-grained rice is the egg and chicken simmered in dashi broth as well as a sous-vide egg; the former being all runny and flavourful with a distinct note of the dashi broth that's absolutely delicious with its savouriness — the chicken chunks being all tender and succulent while incredibly flavoursome. The sous-vide egg was also amazingly fresh and runny as well; the yolk carrying its own natural flavours pretty evidently. Really enjoyed the Yakitori sticks and the produce used in the food served here; the Oyako Don being really on point and to die for. A pretty divine bowl that changes the perceptkon of the Oyako Don of the usually simple, comforting dish into a gourmet variant, and one that I am most likely to develop specific cravings for pretty soon — a must try!👌
Xing Wei
Chicken Sashimi. Would you try this? I first had chicken sashimi in Japan, and I love it very much. I like that it's smooth, firm, yet it could be cut through with the teeth very easily. So imagine my excitement when I saw it at Kai Yakitori, which took over the space from the previous Otowa. 🔸 Compared to the ones I had in Japan, this should be much easier to stomach, as it's served in an acidic sauce. Still very good, and I ordered two bowls of this. 🔸 Don't try this at home: Only very few chicken meat can be eaten raw. Those from our markets and supermarkets must be cooked. 🔸🔸🔸 #torisashi #foodphotography #fujifilm #burpple #eatoutsg #sgfoodies #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #f52grams #hungrygowhere #cafesg #sgfoodblogger #sgig #yakitori #eeeeeats #burpplesg #晩ごはん #夕ご飯 #夜ごはん #おうちごはん #うち飲み #おうち晩酌 #和食 #デリスタグラマー #chickensashimi #orchardroad
Toriwasa Shoyu $14 - Sashimi Chicken with Shoyu Wasabi. . YES!! Sashimi Chicken. Now you can try it without travelling to Japan. . The chicken tasted like Tuna, with beef tataki sauce. You can see the external part of the meat is white, like it is cooked to equivalent of "rare steak". The mushroom and spring onions gave it earthy and spark to this dish. . It is a good dish with a lot of WOW factors, just like when you are eating Fugu (blowfish). Well, if I can post his IG after 2 days, this dish is harmless. . @kaiyakitorisg has taken over Otawa Yakitori. Love the traditional bench seating like yakitori shops in Japan. . Thank you @justinfoodprints for his previous IG post that entice me to come here and @sandrasim as well. . . #chubbybotakkoala #burpple #burpplesg #whati8today #whatiate #sgrestaurant #hungrygowhere #igsg #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgigfood #sgblogger #instafood_sg #instayum #sgfoodporn #sgeats #singaporeinsiders #nomnom #topcitybites #vscofood #foodoftheday #foodporn #yakitori #yakitorisg #japanesefoodsg #sashimi #chickensashimi #yolo #foodpornsg
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Norwegian Salmon [$15.90] The new joint that took over Basil leaf, serving an extensive list of pastas and meats. They have interesting pastas like sweet chili crayfish linguine, spinach cream pasta etc. This salmon set is priced at $19.40 inclusive of a soup and drink. The soup reminded me a lot of my childhood days- Campbell soup 😆 Salmon comes with choice of 2 sides. My choice was fluffy potato (baked potato with huge slab of butter which I omitted) and cream broccoli. (Ala carte sides at $3/each) Slightly overpriced average tasting food. Salmon was ok but one of my dining partner’s chicken was under cooked and the rest were served grilled chicken that was not warm. Service isn’t great as they tried to increase the turnover by disrupting our meals constantly. Definitely not ideal for a business luncheon, but ok if you don’t mind slurping for a rushed lunch.
NEW place to eat in the heart of city! What we tried: •Buttery Citrus Chilean Salmon ($17.9) [thick slab of grilled salmon 👍 with a touch of lemon slice on top, it comes with 2 sides] •Flame Grilled Chicken ($9.9) [my favourite menu in here, the savoury flavour is addicting 👍 it comes with 2 sides] •Classic Grain Fed Ribeye Steak ($18.9) [generous size of tender meat, nice to match with the savoury brown sauce. It comes with 2 sides] - p.s. the pan fried mushroom side dish is soo good! - 🚝Downtown MRT 📍The Sail, 2 Marina Boulevard #B1-02 Singapore 018985 ⏱8AM-10PM (Mon-Fri) ⏱8.30AM-2.30PM (Sat, closed on Sun) Rate(4/5)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️-Very Nice- #thecbd #marinabaylinkmall
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