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Sausage McGriddle With Egg This sausage McGriddle with egg ($6.80 with meal) was amazing!!! They replaced the usual bread with hot cakes and honey sauce which was very soft and the taste blended very well with the burger fillings. Would highly recommend trying before they stop selling it 😋
McDonald's Chocolate Pie😐: The crust was crispy and slightly salty as in their other pies. The saltiness did not match well with the chocolate which one would expect to be sweet. This rendition of the molten chocolate filled #chocolatepie might have tried to be a dark choc version but it wasn't rich and bitter enough. On the flip side, tt in fact makes it not jelat. One can easily finish the entire pie alone.
Sausage McGriddles with Egg After a long term disappearance, the popular McGriddles made an aggressive comeback with its availability through the whole day. Depending on how different restaurants prepare it, some would come with gooey cheese, while others were served lukewarm with the cheese shape pretty much intact. The main difference from the standard SME is that the English muffins were replaced with maple syrup “embedded” griddle cakes. As far as I am concerned, most restaurants should prepare ample stock of this to please the soccer fanatics during the FIFA World Cup period, but I would not be surprised if these 24-hour branches would run out of stock quickly. The bigger question is whether the McGriddles will remain in the menu after this promotion period.
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Rice Bucket Meal + 2 Pcs Chicken | $11.70 Gotta say kfc’s chicken is slightly improved. Could taste the chicken. Tenders were quite soft and flavourful. The rice bucket on the other hand could have given more of their mushroom sauce to go with it but their chicken rice was quite tasty. 6.0/10
@kfc_sg Chocolate Hazelnut Egg Tart 🥧 I know this photo showcase other good food but let's focus on the dessert shall we 😛 I love KFC egg tarts and this just increase my love for them! I love how the chocolate is not just on the top for show but it's inside the egg tart too. The chocolate just flows out naturally after taking one bite onto it. In addition, the hazelnut taste is strong - which I highly suspect it's nutella lol. The egg tart is soft on the inside and please eat it when it's hot/warm. #myheartapprove for sure! - 🤑: SGD 1.50 - 👅: 3.5/5
Cereal Chicken 2 Pieces Meal [$8.95] The best thing about this meal is not sadly not the chicken but the cereal 😂 The cereal really tasted like those cereal prawns/chicken that you order at zichar store. However it can be quite messy - given the fact that the cereal will drop all over the place (how I wished thay are stuck with the chicken skin or something). Unfortunately the chicken is on the drier side and not that juicy. Be careful when eating this cause your fingers might turn slightly yellowish while eating... which I'm not too sure why 😅 Anyway this will be out on 28 June, do try it and see if it's CEREALOUSLY good 😜
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