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House Cured Salmon (Starter) House-cured salmon, topped with fresh chopped dill, Apple salad and walnut. One of the house specials, and only available when they have fresh salmon. The crunch, the refreshing flavours of both the sea and the land, certainly put anyone into a smile. And we need to talk about the darn vibrantly coloured house-cured salmon. Doesn't smell age old, or look like one, and using the fattiest part of the salmon, that fat-meat combo is quite delightful. This is definitely the one place, to be for French food. The owners are Husband and Wife combo, and the setting is very casual, intimate and small. Don't expect fancy French food, but rather very wholesome and authentic cuisine.
Catch Of The Day Catch of the day (2-course; $30) Very well done pan-seared barramundi, on top of roasted baby potatoes and ratatouille, and pesto sauce. The skin, is fried to perfection, til the end the skin is nice crisp. You can hear the crisp sound when putting the knife through. The fish, fresh and firm. It's flaky and very moist. That ratatouille is heavenly with good seasoning, and sweetness comes through. Looked like a heavy dish, but well paired with good texture, light but distinct sauces. The pesto sauce isn't heavy at all, light and compliments the overall meal. French done right!
Duck Confit In Cream Spaghetti (Part Of The $30 Two-course Meal) Part of their lunch set menu ($30 for two course meal); this duck confit with cream spaghetti 🍝 is nicely done. Al dente spaghetti and tossed in heavy cream and duck confit. It was yummy at the 1st bite, only to be sick after fifth bite, cause it's a little too heavy for my tastebud. The cream is actually quite light in taste, the salt/savoury is actually coming from the shredded duck confit. Quiet and small setting, and it try to be as French as possible with its hues of velvet red and wood furniture, but still lacking. But definitely good natural light streaming in!
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Was hoping for a good burger from burger joint new york. That withering look with the chilling phrase of “do I look like I want to eat a burger?” killed all hopes. Not too bad for a random restaurant choice - the beef for the main dish was way better than the signature binchotan.
If you still have not heard of @lebinchotan @jemm_cooks special supper series, don’t miss out! Jeremmy has teamed up with 3 special friends to bring us some special supper dishes. Coming up on 9-11 May, you’ll get to taste Jeremmy’s famous Hokkien Mee and his 16h braised beef cheek in dumpling form, alongside @sameernoog ex-Fat Lulu #noburnnotaste platter and vegetable chips. The platter comprises previous Fat Lulu’s favourite, the Iberico Pork Sataytay; chicken wings, grilled slow and low; and Sam’s Phu Quoc Pork Ribs, inspired by the surprise obsession he developed after tasting the ribs at a street food stall in Vietnam. And chicken wings! Boy do I love a balanced diet of meats, seafood and some veggies! Hurry grab your seat at https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/le-binchotan-supper-special-2019-tickets-59939161646! #jeremmyandfriends
I’ll work out harder for the 3 month long supper series at @lebinchotan! From 25 Apr, @jemm_cooks will team up with 3 special friends to bring us some special supper dishes. First with @archan_n of @level33_sg of LeVeL33; then with @sameernoog ex-Fat Lulu; and father of heritage food @the_rebel_chef of @folkloresg. For each special weekend, one of these friends would be cooking alongside Jeremmy to present 1 small plate and 1 big plate per chef. You get 4 special supper dishes for only $35++! To kick things off, on 25-27 Apr, ArChan will be doing her Stir-fried Clams with homemade XO Sauce for her special main. Train your tastebuds to see if you can pick out the beer in this sauce! I’d save some of the clams for Jeremmy’s Prawn Noodle Soup to further flavor the 4 hour pork bone and prawns broth. Will share the other highlights in the next few posts!
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For Rustic Fare on Laidback Date Nights Tucked away in quiet Sunset Way, this quaint French bistro serves home-style comfort fare. The menu may be small, but the quality of the dishes make up for it. Order the wonderfully moist Roast Chicken ($32, half portion), marinated with a fragrant herb butter and roasted to golden brown perfection, and end your meal with the velvety Dark Chocolate Tart with Cream ($8). Trust us, it's worth saving tummy space for. Photo by Burppler Muriel AvdH
Summer Lovin’ Hidden away sunset way is one our our favourite bistros in Singapore, Summer Hill. Opened by Chefs Anthony Yeoh and Christopher Soh, formally of the now defunct Cocotte Restaurant at Wandurlust Hotel, Summer Hill continues to focus on what they were always known for, Home-style and comforting dishes. Don’t expect a large menu as Summer Hill focuses on a few few specialities that are focused on the ingredients and done exceptionally well! One of my favorites is the Fried Veal Chop. It’s tender, juicy and if you’re a veal lover than this is an absolutely must have. However, our favourite thing to come for is their Fried Chicken Day! Every few months, Summer Hill will have fried chicken day and they serve one of THE BEST fried chicken around! The skin is crispy, with a slightly sweet twang that comes from the brown butter herbs, honey and lemon. The herbs adds wonderful earthy balance to the dish and the buttermilk definitely helps make the chicken extra tender and juicy. And no worries, Summer Hill also offers some fantastic salads like the Creamy Ricotta and Marinated Tomato Salad that helps add a bit of acidity to the meal. So if you’re looking for somewhere casual with cozy alfresco dining and some really good food, head down to Summer Hill!
Chicken And The Brown Sauce Back here again and a great place to chill with friends on Friday Night, not too noisy and great for conversations. I polished this dish. Chicken was not so dry this time around and I really enjoyed the brown sauce that went well with everything from the chicken to the mash. Skip the fries which were a little blend. I’ll return for the desserts and fried chicken day!
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