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Awesome 1 Meter Board! Fantastic spread of charcuterie and cheese! Plus point is that they allow you to select your cheese. Double plus point that you get a free bottle of wine when you order this every Monday.
Wai Sek Mao
[Invited Tasting] Starting from 1 April 2019, Ginett has raised the “steaks” to deliver you their very own Dry Aged steaks. The meats are imported from passionate suppliers, such as Rangers Valley, O’Connor Beef and Stockyard, who offer premium quality beef, renowned for consistency, flavour, tenderness and succulence. 🥩 The different types of beef offers are : 1. Pure Black Angus Beef, MB3+ Premium quality beef that delivers an exceptional experience 2. Australian Wagyu Beef, M5 Boasting a robust flavour with the snowflake-like marbling, the beef teases with a hint of texture amidst tenderness 3. Australian Angus Beef Natural free range and GMO free – at no point are growth hormones or antibiotics used 🥩 Here are some of the beef that we tried, from left to right. Australian Black Angus MB3+ Rib Eye, aged for 6 weeks $48++ (270 days grain fed)(250g) Australian Black Angus MB3+ Rib Eye, aged for 3 weeks $48++ (270 days grain fed)(250g) Australian 30-36 months Pasture Fed Angus Beef Rib Eye (Natural free range, antibiotic & hormone free) (250g) 🥩 Swipe right to see the Scottish Salmon $32++ 🥩 Thank you @ginettechittick and @rain498 for the hospitality! 🥩 Check my profile for the link to my full review!
Always a big love of dry aged beef but is very hard to find in Singapore. Be amazed at how the same piece of Black Angus beef can taste differently at different stages of aging (3/6 weeks). The steak tasted better dry aged as the meat starts to break down over time resulting in more tender and flavourful with a more robust and beefy taste. I would like to have the steak on its own. Alternatively, you may also dip into the recommended sauces such as blue cheese, red wine and bearnaise sauce to bring out the flavours. . Ginett’s dry-aged specials starting from S$46++ and are available in prime cuts of Black Angus beef. . Where to dine? Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar 200 Middle Rd, Singapore 188980
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