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Not exactly a garlic person, but @madforgarlicsg surprised me with their huge array of dishes that actually brings garlic to another level! I love this Spinach Alfredo Pizza! Especially good when I dip it into their special honey garlic sauce. Check out my igstories for the cheese rain! Thanks @madforgarlicsg @singaporefoodlisting @kenpgl for having me!
Are you crazy over garlic? If yes, you definitely need to visit Mad for Garlic, the world's largest garlic themed restaurant from Korea. Revolving around the concept of garlic, it focus its entire menu on serving classic Italian cuisine including desserts, with garlic as a key ingredient. Here are some of their new items on the menu; Wild Mushroom Steak ($38++) Pan-seared tenderloin steak topped with wild mushrooms and porcini cream on a bed of herb mashed potatoes. Spinach Alfredo Pizza ($23++) Thin crust pizza topped with Alfredo sauce, chicken breast, spinach, bacon and cherry tomatoes. Meringue Risotto ($25++) Spicy shredded beef jalapeño risotto topped with meringue cream and fresh egg yolk. Garlic Lasagna ($24++) Roll stuffed with Ragu and Ricotta cheese and baked to perfection. Served with homemade Aioli sauce. Prosciutto Risotto ($25++) Creamy risotto with Prosciutto (parma ham), herbs, spring onion and garlic. Garlic Apple Crumble a-la-mode ($14++) Warm apple crumble ensemble with garlic compote. Served with a scoop of Haagen-dazs ice cream. It was definitely an eye opener on what difference that garlic can do to dishes, especially for the Garlic Apple Crumble. With over 40 restaurants in Korea, I can say that the Koreans really love garlic! Thanks @singaporefoodlisting for the invitation and @madforgarlicsg for having us.
Great 1-1 Deal Ordered using beyond’s 1-1 deal. Snowing pizza and meateranian pizza was great!
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Red Seafood Tom Yum Soup For this dish, you will be given 2 choices, seafood or chicken. We chose seafood. The dish was delivered hot, it has a strong tom yum flavour, mild spiciness. Would recommend to eat it with white rice. 7/10 Food came late (i think we waited 20mins) good thing it was hot. Really nice thai tomyam flavour. Ok amount of seafood but too much other ingredients inside like onion, lemon grass and ginger - all which is not supposed to be eaten so that's quite unpleasant. 7.5/10
Geng Som Soup @ Time For Thai Ordered this to try something new. Soup had 3 prawns, mushrooms and other vegetables. It was really spicy! Gave me the hiccups! Hence if you cannot take spicy food. Don’t don’t don’t buy this 🌶 It was okay, not fantastic but it had an authentic Thai taste. If wish to eat with rice have to purchase rice separately. Taste: 3/5, nice but not fantastic, wouldn’t purchase this dish again Price: 3/5, S$9.90 there were not much ingredients in soup. 3 prawns and cheap vegetable for $9.90 is a bit costly compared to the Tom Yum noodles soup.
Seafood Tom Yam Noodle @ Time For Thai Authentic Tom Yam taste! The portion is big. I couldn’t finish the noodles. Really good to go on an empty stomach. However, if you can’t stand spicy food this is not for you. This Tom Yum is slightly spicy to me and I can handle my spicy food really well. Give it a try! Taste: 4/5, nice and authentic however didn’t like the mushrooms inside. Price: 5/5, $7.90 for the big portion hence it’s pretty worth it to me.
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Regular ($11.90) Regular comes with two proteins one base 5 standard toppings and guacamole! I am not a fan of anything that resembles a salad but I love the pulled pork and tangy tofu here, and recommend to get the pasta and lettuce base for a fulfilling meal
Red Rice Is ❤️ We chose the regular sized one ($11.90 nett) that consisted of one base, 2 proteins, and standard toppings with beetroot yogurt as dressing. Very filling ! Happy guilt-free meals make me so happy, and for a long time 👍🏻
For Mexican-Inspired Salads Hidden within the OUE Link walkway closer to the Fullerton exit, you'll find a buzzy salad stop turning out hearty bowls of Mexican-inspired salads. The hole-in-the-wall shop has a row of counter seats for dining in, but most prefer to takeaway (at no extra cost) instead. There are three sizes available — Petite ($8.90) comes with one protein, Standard ($11.90) with two and Wholesome ($17.90) with three proteins, guacamole, chia seeds and chips. Each bowl comes with a base (cilantro red rice, sesame pasta or lettuce), five fixed toppings (salsa, grilled peppers, black beans, fresh corn and grated cheese) and a choice of sauce. Zoom in on the flavourful Pulled Pork and the spicy Chilli Beef as your proteins and skip the sauces — the salads are tasty on their own. Unless you're getting the Wholesome which comes loaded with not one, but two scoops of guacamole, you must add on their super smooth and creamy Signature Guacamole ($2) to complete your salad. Pro tip: Swing by during off peak hours (10.30am-11.55am, 3.30pm-5.30pm) and enjoy $1 off all bowls and burritos! Avg Price: $10 per person Photo by Burppler Hilary See
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Blueberry Smoothies Pancake ($14) Located in the children's garden, entrance to the garden itself is near the lake and is located sorta near the parking lot so you probably wont get that botanic garden vibe. Blueberry smoothies pancame ($14)-not sure why it is called blueberry smoothesbut the color is sorta blueberry like though taste nothing like it. Despite that though, has a crusty and fluffy texture. Lemon butter was a good addition as well 4/5
Day out with the big baby to botanic garden and to Vivo city see her favorite Tsum Tsum.. FISH & CHIPS (kid's meal): 1 piece of deep-fry fish fillet with fries; big piece of fish fillet with thin layer of batter; adult meal version available; can try.. CREAMY MUSHROOM SOUP: Loads of mushroom; flavorful but not too creamy; can try.. BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIE PANCAKES: Different version of pancakes that I've tried; soft and fluffy; amazed with the yuzu in the butter that add refreshing taste to it; must-try.. NASI LEMAK: Order this as still a little hungry; taste and smell is on the dot; sambal chilli with lots of onions, not spicy; chicken wing is crispy but oily; with 3 fried fish ball; best for sharing calories; can try.. SMOKED SALMON & AVOCADO TOAST: Smoked salmon and avocado on 2 slices of open-face toast; very small portion though.. Overall a decent and filling meal in a small, open air café; portion is generally small though.. #ffthought #fishandchips #mushroomsoup #pancake #nasilemak #toast #brunch #burpple #caloriesoverload #jaslynfoodinstagram
#sgfoodunion 8⭐ / 10 ⭐ Yummy Caramelised Banana Pancakes with Nutella, Whipped Cream, Maple Drizzle and Almond Flakes @ S$14 from Food for Thought Cafe
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