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Sambal Crispy Pork ($6.90) Featuring the NEWEST creation from Fu Xiang which did not really leave my taste buds on fire but my tummy very satisfied! 🤤 With a generous heap of fried sambal tossed atop pieces of fried pork, the pork actually doesn’t have any trace of the spiciness of sambal to it. If you put a dose of sambal with each piece of fried pork slice, you’ll be able to taste the slight spiciness of the sambal! Also great for those who love your fats content!!
Fish Head Curry ($28) There’s nothing more satisfying than getting a pot full of ingredients and sharing it with your friends or family! Fu Xiang has been around the f and b scene for many years now and their fish head curry has always been so consistently spicy and satisfying! The best part of it is that there’s a generous amount of brinjal, tomatoes and lady’s finger in it as well! Best with a bowl of rice! 😉
It really was all about the curry at @fuxiangsignatures and especially their Signature outlet at Vivo, where they offer some of their special dishes not available at other outlets. Besides their curry fish head that looked amazing, we had this claypot Assam curry tiger prawns. Not the usual Assam but this was more lemak curry type, and it absolutely packed the heat in the claypot. So this would definitely be the dish if you like it hot, spicy, lemak with a subtle Assam touch. It was also good value with generous portions of big tiger prawns and those eggplants and lady’s fingers. Their Emperor’s curry was a good complement with a creamy curry sauce that carried a slight sweetness, served on fried fish or chicken. The crispy chicken biscuit was also a good option to enjoy their signature curry but with a more sinful breaded fried chicken instead. Nevertheless, we would advise to balance out the choices when having a meal here, since they were mostly curry dishes. For one. The claypot curry would suffice as the central curry dish, being the hottest and spiciest one. No point picking more spicy curry items since they will be overpowered, so consider others to soften the heat instead. Otherwise, visit Fu Xiang Signatures for an ultimate curry experience.
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