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Turkey Bacon & Scrambled Egg Pancakes It took about a 15- to 20-minute wait for this to be served after ordering. Their Turkey Bacon & Scrambled Egg Pancakes (S$18.90) was one of the three savoury pancake options that one would consider for an all-day breakfast. To be brutally honest, the wait was just a prelude to the bigger disappointment that came next. Without the souffl茅 puffiness, their classic pancakes was really ordinary in flavours (I quote the diners from my adjacent table commenting that this was comparable to fast food standard), and it did not help that the turkey bacon lacking crispiness and were served cold, and the scrambled egg was somehow tasteless. I probably would not be the only one who would think that this item did not match its price point. Somewhere out there, there were diners who seemed pretty satisfied with their Tiramisu Pancakes. That might be something I would try if I were to come back for them.
Premium Pancakes Souffl茅 pancakes were not new to the local culinary scene, but these from Gram were quite special. Originated from Osaka, these S$17.90 pancakes were airy, fluffy and every piece were said to be 4cm thick. Slightly leaning when stacked, the wobbly pancakes also came with maple syrup, freshly-whipped cream and a dome of special butter. On its own, the pancakes could melt in the mouth with little floury taste; with the toppings, the pancakes became further enriched with sweet, buttery and silky notes. While Gram was clever to use the limited portions to create the hype (one month on and the queue would still form for the Premium Pancakes), I was not impressed by the tightly-packed tables and the slow service, as this item was served 15 minutes later than the initially-promised time of 8.00pm (not forgetting a one-hour wait before that). The likelihood of coming back for this was questionable, as there were other restaurants out there that offered cheaper options, and much possibly a shorter wait.
French Toast w/ Chocolate & Bananas This was okay only I guess... some cafes in SG can do better. But I kind of preferred the toppings that came along with this to the premium pancakes, though I didn鈥檛 enjoy the taste of the french toast.
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| 馃崷 Atas Ice Cream Bread 锛... ~ 路 Chimney Pistachio Sweet Cone - $7.50 路 Many have tried eating ice cream served on bread by an Uncle on pushcart. This is the upgraded version! Homemade chocolate ice cream topped with pistachio swirled into a bread roll. The bread roll is coated with pistachio crumbs on the exterior as well! The taste and overall texture is so different yet familiar, you should go experience it yourself 路 Good Food Coffee & Bakery @goodfoodsgp
Chimney Queen ($6.90) We had the Chimney Queen, which came with chocolate soft serve that was rich and not too sweet, topped with their homemade raffaello and orange sauce. The baked chimney cones had a rather bread-like texture, which we liked it with the crunchy coatings for that crisp mouthfeel but the cone itself was a little too dense, though it didn鈥檛 become soggy. Portion is probably too huge for one to finish (even sharing with my friends was a little of a stretch but to be fair we had breakfast right before) - so I think it would be great if they sold relatively smaller sized ones.
Chimney Pistachio burpple review 馃挼: $7.50 馃搱: 8/10 馃: Preferred this to the chimney king as it is less sweet and also because the cone tasted better when paired with the chocolate icecream. The cone was similar to the chimney king鈥檚 just that it had a different topping on it. Can鈥檛 really taste the pistachio component in the dessert but it was still a really good dessert overall, so no complaints! Full review on my Instagram @euniceeatseverything https://www.instagram.com/euniceeatseverything/
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Mr Bean Porridge Healthy mr bean soy porridge which you can grab and go as your breakfast.
Set ( Happy) Meal For days when you need life鈥檚 simple joys ... There are days that you neither feel like eating noodles Nor rice Nor Salad Nor anything but just a hot hot soy milk and a freshly made peanut pancake ....My default choice used to be the red bean pancakes but I prefer the grainy and slightly sweet and savoury profile of the crunchy peanut butter which contrasts better with the Soft pancakes . Very proud of this homegrown brand and where they have come to after years of expansion .... I see them all over the island ( pretty much like Toast Box ) but for some reason, I am never tired of seeing them - it鈥檚 perhaps the wide variety of products mr bean carries - you could go for the soy ice cream , or the soy millet porridge or even the sesame or peanut dumplings with oatmeal or a simple beancurd ( with a savoury option too ) and now even soy rice bowls ..... Everything looks and feels so healthy .... even the pancakes are so varied in flavours . The pancakes remain soft and moist even when they are cold ... something that I salute mr bean for - I am sure their R and D department has put lots of research in this aspect because the pancakes which are now soft and moist used to be a little hard and dry when cooled . I went for the black soy milk this time and actually prefer it to the regular soy milk because it just feels a little smoother. .. For 3.30 you get a nutrient packed lunch ... warm for your belly and easy on your pocket .
Spicy dried shrimp [$2.40] Oreo cheese [$2.40] . Featuring 2 out of the 4 Singafour pancakes that鈥檚 only available for a limited time, these exclusive specials are made with wholegrain pancakes, which perhaps accounted for the denser texture. That aside, the substantial fillings within these soft, fluffy albeit dense pancakes surprisingly surpassed my expectations! 鉁 The spicy dried shrimp carried off a fragrant aromatic tinge of spice, which is rather intense and great for those who adores spice! 馃敟 The minced dried shrimps (haebi hiam) also came with a pleasant umami flavour amidst the lingering spice. On the other hand, the oreo cheese was surprisingly another good combination of cream cheese and oreo which resembled a chocolate hazelnut paste instead. The luscious chocolatey spread is thick and creamy, embedded with oreos and coupled with a layer of smooth cream cheese that added a tangy, piquant note, which also serves as a counterbalance to the sweetness. Not a fan of the dense and starchy pancake texture here but the fillings were pretty unique and impressive! 馃挅 . . Hoping that these flavours would be here to stay, but unfortunately it won鈥檛 be available anymore after 30 August!馃槩 . . . . #burpple #mrbeansg #sgfoodie
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Hans im Gl眉ck $17 parmesan cheese, parma ham, rocket leaves & balsamic glaze, served with steak fries, apple-passionfruit thirst quencher and cappuccino
Zehnt Multigrain Burger ($15). German burger grill HANS IM GLU虉CK proves itself well of serving delicious, hearty burgers that are nutritious and healthy. With an extensive menu of beef, chicken, vegetarian or even vegan burgers and salads, there鈥檚 definitely something for everyone. Each burger is served with fresh lettuce, red onions, sun-ripened tomatoes and the in-house HANS IM GLU虉CK sauce, that鈥檚 comprised of vegan mayonnaise, wasabi and fresh tomato paste. You can also choose from sourdough, multigrain bun or even naked meaning without any bun for those who are carbs conscious. I had the Zehnt burger with multigrain bun. The grilled chicken breast was massive, even longer than the bun could contain, and it was nowhere near a dry piece of grilled meat. In fact, the chicken meat retained its juiciness and tenderness, which was easily savoured. Complementing the chicken breast was mushrooms cooked in a slightly creamy 3-pepper sauce and herby garden salad. Pretty much enjoyed the burger especially with its firm buns, overall tasting healthy like a balanced diet of protein and a mountainous heap of vegetables, only exception was the red onion slices were too picky and pungent.
Miss Ha
Snack Platter Part 2 6 pieces of fried chicken with 3 drumbstick and 3 midwings. Batter was the one that i love, crunchy with slightly spicy. Comes with pairing sour cream to soften the spiciness of the chicken.
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