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Healthy Warm Salad Bowls At Affordable Pricing I ordered 2 servings of honey soy, 1 serving of aglio olio fusilli, 2 servings of mushrooms, 1 serving of brussel sprouts, 1 serving of honey almonds and 1 pistachio delight as my sauce. This was all done using their online portal and I paid $4.90 after their 15% discount for online orders. I really liked the pistachio sauce as it had a nutty fragrance along with a strong garlicky punch to it. The amount was just nice too as I had a late breakfast and I couldn't eat too much for lunch. A standard warm salad bowl would've been too much for me to finish. Would definitely recommend!
Excellent Value For Money In CBD Away with standardised salad/grain bowls in CBD area. YOBO offers pay per portion concept, with bonus add on macros nutrition information. Excellent for girls as there won’t be food wastage due to those standard sized salad/grain bowls. You can have a bowl of 400 kcal (recommended kcal for me) for approximately $7! All items, including sauces are made in house! Would recommend: broccoli purée!
For Delicious Build-Your-Own-Bowls in the CBD Make note of this spot on Cecil Street for quick, customisable lunches. Their Small bowls ($8.90, or 1-for-1 with #BurppleBeyond) includes a base, protein, three sides, one topping and sauce of your choice. Keep it healthy with Japanese brown rice as your base, and tender chicken breast for protein. Burppler Zac Lee recommends adding on their creamy and smooth broccoli purée for an extra fifty cents, while Burppler Gan Zhang Xun suggests topping it off with their kale chips for an earthy bitterness. Photo by Burppler Gan Zhang Xun
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Acai Bowl ($6.90; Or $5.90 For SMU students) Typical acai bowl - loved the variety of fruits and how it’s extremely icy. There was a nice crunch due to the granola as well.
hummus in my tummus $5.90 ($1 off for smu students) // really appreciate having healthy lunch options in this area!! (since the options of cheap + healthy are quite rare) tried the vegetarian friendly bagel-wich, compromising of seasonal hummus, oven baked mushrooms and topped with grated cheese and fresh parsley. you can choose from a plain, sesame or onion bagel, and i opted for the onion one. the freshly toasted onion bagel was fluffy (without being overly dense) and the onion flavor really added depth to each bite, especially when paired with the whole flavor profile of the mushrooms and hummus spread. this was a quick, easy, value for money and really hearty lunch that i enjoyed thoroughly!! would definitely be back again
Assorted Bagels First off, I really love their onion bagels. Would highly recommend for people who love their onions. It’s really super fragrant and tasty. I appreciate that they toast the bagels upon order — ensuring that they remain crispy and hot when eating. The ingredients are super good too! There was a generous amount of the meat. The bagels slabbed with avocado/hummus/cream cheese that complements the ingredients. My only gripe will be that the chicken/mushrooms can be slightly oily and greasy. But overall a really quality bagel, and filling as well!
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Build Your Own Bo - 1 Base, 1 Protein, 3 Sides, 1 Garnish, 1 Dip, 1 Sauce [$10.90] Pretty fun experience building my BO😄 My choices 1) Base - Green Soba Jus to note that there isn’t your basic rice option, or even brown rice. Other options include tri colour quinoa, mixed grains, cauliflower rice & lentils (not a fan, the lentils doesn’t go well with cauliflower florets in my opinion) and mixed greens 2) Protein - Grilled Lemon Grass Chicken (thigh) Not the biggest protein portion, but fair enough given the sides portion were generous. The top up got grilled steak is $3.50, salmon for $2.50, beef cheek $3.50 and there is the option to go for impossible patties at $3.50 if you’re into the impossible movement. Other non top up protein options include baked chili dory, falafels and sous vide chicken breast. 3) Sides - Roasted pumpkin (charred to perfection) - Crispy tempeh - Thai basil tofu (the scrambled looking pile, very interesting, not what you’d expect of tofu) - Roasted Brussel sprouts (got greedy, added 1 additional side for $1, soooo good! totally nailed the cook on the Brussels with no trace of bitterness) 4) Garnish - Furikake (my standard order) oh I added chili flakes for $0.50. Other interesting garnish include garlic bread crumbs and murukku crackers 5) Dip - Sweet Potato Turmeric (the dollop looking thing) they have interesting selection like beetroot chipotle, avocado edamame, red pepper. Wish they offered hummus too! 6) Sauce - Pineapple Tamarind This was a super tough choice. In fact I didn’t think sauce was necessary given how every component was already flavorful and delish on its own! I used this as dipping sauce for the soba. They have other unique sauces unseen before like beetroot miso, Sichuan mala (OH YEA), balsamic butter, green chutney. Overall pretty good value for the portion. But if you are big on proteins, better to size up and go for add ons!
Mountain of food. Very value for money #lunchbowl #lunch for healthy food in the CBD where every component of the dish was delicious. However, my dining companion and I were surprisingly overwhelmed by thirst immediately after finishing the bowl, perhaps due to MSG (?, which is odd). Mixed grains, braised #beef cheek, charred cauliflower, grilled mushrooms, haricot #salad, spiced peanuts with avocado edamame dip and sichuan #mala. There was a lot of beef too, but all hidden underneath the veggies. #ricebowl #8dayseat #burpple #eatoutsg #foodiesg #foodphotography #foodporn #foodpornsg #foodsg #foodstagram #hungrygowhere #igfoodies #instafoodsg #instafood_sg #sgeats #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #sgfoodie #sgfoodies #sgfoodporn #sgfoodunion #singaporefood #tslmakan #whati8today #yahoofood
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Sous Vide Bbq Pork Belly with Sweet Purple Potatoes, Pineapple and Edamame Fireless Kitchen is Singapore’s first restaurant without an open flame kitchen and primarily using Sous Vide cooking technique where ingredients are vacuum sealed and cooked in a water bath at a precise temperature and time delivering consistently flavourful, succulent and nutritious dishes. Sous vide cooking has been around for many years in high-end restaurants and this culinary technique is now used to make food readily available @firelesskitchen to cater to the masses offering high quality, palatable, naturally flavoured healthy meals. At Fireless Kitchen you get to customize your meal by building your own bowl BUILD YOUR OWN BOWL 1️⃣ Choose your a Protein Protein selections like Bbq Pork Belly, Chicken Pesto, Herb Salmon, Marinated Beef and Chili Garlic Tofu. 2️⃣ Choose your a Staple Options like Sweet Purple Potatoes Mash, Brown Rice Pulao, Whole Wheat Pasta, Butter Lettuce, Kale and Quinoa. 3️⃣ Choose 3 Companions You can choose from Miso-Glazed Carrots, Crispy Garlic Broccoli, Herb Crust Garlic Potato, Honey Roasted Pumpkin, Mixed Peppers and many more. Fireless Kitchen also offers Fuss-Free Salads. These are specially curated healthy salad selections. Was delighted and satisfied with all the dishes served to us. Everything was well flavoured and cooked to perfection. The proteins were super juicy, tender and tasteful. A special shout out to the 12 hours Sous Vide Barbecue Pork Belly, the Herb Salmon, the Sweet Purple Potato Mash and the Mixed Peppers. Eating healthy food is now more fun and exciting without compromising and sacrificing the taste and flavours. 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ FIRELESS KITCHEN Funan #02-04 107 North Bridge Road Singapore 179105 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️
FIRELESS KITCHEN Fireless kitchen as the name suggests uses fireless cooking methods. Their main method of cooking is using sous vide. It is the process of vacuum-sealing food in a bag, then cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath. This means that vitamins and minerals are not lost during the cooking process unlike boiling or steaming. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Fireless Kitchen will be celebrating Singapore’s 54th birthday with a modern & unique take on our local Singaporean dishes – sous vide style! Here are @firelesskitchen sous vide version of some of Local's most fav dishes! 🔥 Sous Vide Beef Rendang 🔥 Sous Vide Hainanese Chicken 🔥 Ginger-Garlic Brown Rice 🔥 Sambal Long Beans and Sweet & Sour Peppers ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Thanks to @stellarfooddiary for the invite and Chef Sid and Vanessa from @firelesskitchen for hosting us and feeding us with the yummilicious food!
Sous Vide Brought To The Masses Gone are the days that sous vide cooking was limited to hotels and expensive restaurants. Fireless Kitchen, located in the revamped Funan Mall, is a first of its kind with absolutely no open flames in the kitchen and they’re definitely proud of it. You get to see the tanks and sous vide cooker setups right in plain view when you’re ordering your food. We got two bowls, where you get a pick of one protein, one base and three toppings. In bowl 1 (left, $15.90): sous vide salmon, tofu (add on $2), romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, edamame, pineapple In bowl 2 (right, $13.90): Signature 24 hours cooked sous vide pork belly, whole wheat pasta, sous vide egg, caramelised onions, balsamic carrots All the proteins were stellar, they weren’t overcooked in the slightest (the magic of sous vide cooking), and they absorbed the flavours of the marinades so well. While the pork belly is supposed to be the star of the show, with its tender melt-in-your-mouth texture, I found myself more drawn to the firm tofu, but that’s just me since I really like tofu. The marinades for both seem to be a barbecue style sauce, which double up as a great dressing for whatever base you choose. The salmon flesh was so soft and sweet, and I liked that the skin was slightly crisped - still don’t know how they’d achieve that without oil and flames though. The bases aren’t particularly unique, but at least the salad vegetables were fresh and crisp. Note that the portion of vegetables is quite little though. I liked all the toppings, especially the caramelised onions and carrots. However, the whole bowl was served at room temperature so it wasn’t particularly appetising. Unfortunately, it seems like sous vide cooking isn’t sexy enough for our local market yet. Despite a very hardworking staff working the cashier and constantly reaching out to passers by and potential customers, nobody bought a bowl for the duration of the time that we were there. Perhaps they could work on the presentation of the cooked foods on display, or revise the pricing. For >$10 a bowl for a base, a protein and three toppings, there are much cheaper and more filling choices out there. *Fireless Kitchen is FavePay-friendly! Start racking up those cash backs!
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👣 Singapore - 🥤 Apple Citron Tea | Red Date Tea ⭐️ 6/10 🍬 50% 💭 Their toppings are very healthy; chia seed and etc. When we got it, there’s not much pearls left! They were nice to just give us whatever is remaining ☺️ not a fan of mini pearls though as I prefer my pearls to be bigger! Overall it’s a place with healthier drinks when you feel bbt is too sinful~
Overhyped? Had the one of the signatures: Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry yoghurt drink (~$6.80), fruits were fresh and it was a good mix of sweet and sour, though I feel that it was quite thick bc of the yoghurt, so it would get super filling 😶 . Tbh I feel like this is pretty hyped up but wayy too overpriced? It’s nice but not great and imo probably wouldn’t get it again (maybe a smoothie or smth), though it’s Super insta-worthy🍓🍇🍉🍒 MORE ON IG @goodfomood
[NEW] Go Cha Bar @gochabarsg New Juice Bar located @funansg . Soft Launch serving only NINE of their Signature Drinks! Official Launch Date is on 5th July 2019 (Thursday) . Featuring: Kawaii Blue Dragon Yoggy ~ $6.50 | Kiwi | Blue Berry | Dragonfruit | Yogurt | . With much more 👨🏻‍🔬👩🏼‍🔬Healthier Option and most importantly they are good for your digestive system 😂💩😂 (Dm me for the drink Menu) 🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋🍌🍍🥭🍎🍏🍐 #funanitmall #funansg #gochabarsg #fruitjuice #healthy #cliffton_jt #jktfoodbang #tastemade #thisisinsider #buzzfeedtasty #f52grams #sgeats #foodphotography #igfoodies #feedyoursoul #tastethisnext #burpple #instagood #clifftonphotography #potd #foodtrending #foreverhungry #foodie
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