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Acai Berry Bowl $14 + Banana Peanut Butter Cacao $14 Personally, I wouldn't pay $14 for the bowls if it wasn't for the chope voucher I bought. Acai Berry Bowl - the acai wasn't as icy cold and thick as I wanted, I found it to be slightly watered down (as compared to the other acai bowls I tried before). Portion was pretty small and little given that it is priced at $14. Banana Peanut Butter - not acai bowl, not exactly sure it was but tasted like fruits with blended oats and peanut butter. My boyfriend didnt really enjoyed it as he felt that it tasted like baby food. I kinda like it as I could taste the cacao flavors and there were crunchy nuts in it. But then again, with the price tag in mind, I find it not really worth it.
Smashed Avocado On Sourdough + Smoked Salmon & Poached Eggs I admit I was drawn in by the name, plus they serve healthy food which would cater to my health-conscious girlfriend. This was one of the three mains that we ordered to share. I’m a fan of cafes that smash the avocado for you and have some sort of seasoning inside as it’s easier to spread all over the bread. The smoked salmon and eggs were added at an additional cost, but they really elevated this dish. The lava flow from the perfectly poached eggs coated the zesty spiced smashed avocado, resulting in a luxurious creamy spread. The sourdough wasn’t particularly memorable as it didn’t have much of a tang, but it served its purpose as a vessel for the smashed avocado and wasn’t too hard overall. The smoked salmon added a layer of savouriness to the dish to round off the luxuriant creamy fattiness of the avocado, and really completed the whole dish. I would recommend adding on at least the smoked salmon or some ham to the avocado toast unless you REALLY love avocado as it becomes quite one dimensional and boring after a while. Carrotsticks and Cravings is a really chill and cute location to spend with your girlfriends or bae along charming Robertson Quay. It is actually much pricier than a regular cafe in my opinion for the quality and innovation of food served, but I guess it’s the location that contributes to its priciness. Pro tip: ask for a table inside, or at least under the building instead of the umbrellas as it gets extremely windy sometimes and stuff starts falling over on the table, plus hearing the umbrellas grate against the wall is not a nice sound or feeling.
Manwich Checked out Carrotsticks & Cravings’ latest outpost at Rodyk Street; a more accessible location compared to their Loewen store. Opted for the Manwich, which came with elements such as large herb sourdough, house roasted leg ham, cheddar, truss tomato seeded mustard, and a choice of side salad or avocado (we opted for the latter). The bread was crisp and provided a good chew, carrying tension with every bite, while the cheddar was all melted, gooey and stretchy, binding all the elements such as the thick cuts of ham altogether. The avocado helped to add a smooth, buttery texture that helps to neutralize all of what that is gong on in the sandwich. A pretty substantial portion, as compared to the other brunch plates available here — that being said, still pretty satisfying.
Xing Wei
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Hit And Miss Clearly this place is a replicate of a certain Red Star international sandwich shop chain. But the quality of the food they serve is nowhere near that standard. I had a small salad and tomato soup and felt a bit sick after the meal. Some of the sandwiches I’ve had before were decent though.
Falafel 🥙 Hummus And Parsley Salad Incredibly fresh and seductive I cringe when I see pre- prepared salad bowls shelved in refrigerators because they usually look lifeless and stale. However I couldn't forget the look of this salad at the sandwich shop's refrigerated shelves when I popped by to look - see on Monday. It was love at first sight and I couldn't stop thinking about it until I finally lay my hands on it TODAY😛. Whoever designed this salad with all its Colours , taste and textures really know his food . There was the crisp of the green salad ,cucumber and pumpkin seeds set against the juicy tomatoes and moist humus ( with a good lemon punch) and the crumbly falafel combined with the tartness of the sundried tomatoes and the sweetness of the pomegranates. The mint yogurt and the zesty vinaigrette provided the moistness and brought the whole salad together. Every element played out so well . I know how it's like the have a salad for lunch and walk away feeling "meh" or half -full but this salad is so substantial that you may even struggle to finish it alone because of the 4 huge Falafels. Having said that, I caution that this salad may not be for everyone especially if you don't like chickpeas or you don't like the middle eastern spices or if you didn't like parsley ( because there was quite a bunch of it ). For those of you who like your falafels fried with the crusty outer layer , this may not be for you since the falafels are baked here. Really thrilled and happy to find such a beautiful salad and I must add that given the quality of the ingredients , 9.50 is really very very affordable.
Discovery of the week: This buttery crayfish roll that really has chunks of crayfish. 💫 Deliciously coated in a creamy mix that has that tinge of refreshing lemon. $4, which depending on how you see it, is value for money. #thesandwichshop #herpenandfork #sgblogger #sgfoodie #8dayseat #burpple #vscofood #openricesg #cafehoppingsg #instafood #instafood_sg #onthetable #stfoodtrending #crayfishroll
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Tokyo Chicken Stew Last week of Round 1 of Bhutan Unfiltered Souperchef Specials and they were sold out of the Spicy Chicken Stew! No!!!! I ended up ordering my default Tokyo Chicken Stew as a safe choice, and enjoyed it as usual. Nothing much to comment about the Tokyo Chicken Stew as it’s always pretty consistent. The bread roll this time was more of an olive and herb bread roll, which carries a sharper smell of herbs than usual. I found the top of the roll extremely fluffy and soft, but the bottom tended to be dense and seemed to be where all the dough collected. Not my favourite choice of bread as I much enjoyed the previous roll with nutty pumpkin seeds, but still a yummy roll which serves its primary purpose of soaking up all that soupy deliciousness!
Soba Salad With Teriyaki Chicken One of the choices of salads, sandwiches, flatbreads or cakes as part of the Soupervalue meal is the soba salad with teriyaki chicken weighing in at slightly less than 200 calories. The side takes some time to prep so the buzzer might ring while you’re enjoying your soup and bread roll. Anyway although it’s prepared to order, the soba noodles tend to be soggy and clump together. I personally wasn’t so put off by that, and I found the mix of sesame seeds, alfalfa sprouts, egg, cherry tomatoes and teriyaki chicken quite delightful. The veggies were fresh and crunchy, while the chicken was tender and nicely seasoned. I wish there was more meat though, as it seemed to be more fat and skin. Wouldn’t mind ordering this again for a change from my regular flatbreads!
Bhutanese Spicy Chicken Stew & Chilli Cheese Vegetarian Stew I’m not sure why people are so taken with Bhutanese foods all of a sudden, but I’m not complaining whenever I get a chance to be taken back to Bhutan - physically or gastronomically. This season’s Souperholic specials feature six Bhutan-inspired soups. The two soups we tried today are from Part 1 of this series - a Bhutanese Spicy chicken Stew (front) and the Chilli Cheese Stew (back, which the cashier actually cautioned against due to the spiciness!). If you’ve been to Bhutan, you’ll be familiar with chilli cheese, which is akin to their national dish. This stew is nowhere near as thick as authentic ema datshi, but it’s still yummy and pretty spicy for a stew! It features a lot of dried chillies, as well as three different cheeses. It doesn’t quite hit the same spot as ema datshi does, but it’s still a delightful tribute to the National dish of Bhutan. This soup is totally vegetarian, it’s also dairy-free if you request for no ezay condiment (which is an additional chilli ‘salad’ mixed with coriander). The spicy chicken stew didn’t strike me as much of a Bhutanese dish, as I didn’t have any of this in Bhutan. I never had a good impression of meat dishes in Bhutan as I found that they tended to chop the meats into awkward chunks with really sharp bones, plus the meat tended to be quite hard. Thankfully, The Soup Spoon’s Spicy Chicken Stew has masterfully cut and tenderised the boneless chicken chunks, and cooked it in a hearty chicken broth with lots of vegetables, AND Bhutanese red rice! What a treat! I love the texture of Bhutanese red rice, plus the infusion of nuttiness it provides to the dish! I loved this soup so much I used the bread roll to sop up every last drop! It’s also worth noting that the bread roll seems to be bigger than before, plus it’s got more sesame seeds and even some pumpkin seeds embedded inside! I love this change in rolls! Definitely going to be eating more of these Bhutanese soups before they switch to the second half of the series on the first week of October.
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