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🍡 Kane Mochi - 3 for $6.20 🍡 In clockwise order starting from the top left: Korean Banana Milk, Blueberry, Thai Iced Tea, Matcha, Mango, Taro. Think soft, doughy mochi molded around small orbs of ice cream, before dusting it off with flour. The mochi shell tends to peel off the ice cream rather quickly as it thaws, but it makes for a nice chewy complement once the ice cream has melted in your mouth 😌 I would say that the flavor of the mochi itself is rather mild, while the ice cream tasted really creamy and velvety 👌🏼 My favourite out of all has got to be the thai iced tea flavour, followed by the taro and the korean banana milk ones! 🤗 The most disappointing of this lot would be the matcha mochi, which only had a subtle hint of green tea taste, despite it being one of the premium flavours (and hence I was expecting more). The blueberry and mango ones were decent, but they were definitely not as rich-tasting as the aforementioned 3 flavours. While I’m not the biggest fan of mochi, I really enjoyed these ice cream encapsulated ones, making them a perfect midday sweet treat in our hot and sultry weather 👅 Really wish they could open more outlets across the island! p/s. Kane Mochi is stationed at this year’s Artbox event in Singapore as well, so do keep a lookout for their stall and give these little frozen balls of goodness a try! 😇
Cute Ice-cream Mochi Not only are these babies cute, instagramable(the list goes on...), you'll be surprised when u unwillingly put them in your mouth (cuz they r too cute to eat!) Firstly, the soft skin melts away in your mouth followed by the delicious ice cream that's hidden inside 😋 Definitely perfect for the hot Singapore afternoon! Tip: Request for the mochi to be cut, so you'll feel there's more to go round 😂 (best consumed immediately if done so) ^Check out my IG: lil.sugarprincess for a more detailed taste report!
3 For 5.9nett And Durian 3nett Had the Korean banana milk(not bad) Cookies and cream (doesn't taste that strong) Milo vanilla(just vanilla coated with Milo powder lol) And durian(this is legit the durian ice cream is quite strong even before it melts no wonder they sell it at a higher price than even the premium flavours) Wait a while before eating so that the mochi skin thaws and becomes chewy
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Chilli Crab Pasta A halal cafe near the sultan mosque in Bugis area. The food here are reasonably priced and I don't even recall if they have anything above $20! No GST, only service charge. Do note that they only accept cash/grabpay. My chilli crab pasta wasn't too spicy and had alot of crabmeat! At $17.9+, i would think that this is one of the more affordable crab pastas out there. Tastewise was not bad, but not fantastic either. My colleague tried their carbonara and loved it! Portion is decent and definitely won't leave you hungry. A place to consider if you're looking at halal options! Beats those that charge pretty exorbitantly (ard $30).
A hipster bistro café LePak At Rayz has opened at Bussorah Street, a short walk away from Sultan Mosque (Masjid Sultan). It looks set to be the next popular dining spot among Muslim friends. The Halal dining place seems to be able to capture the sweet spot with the provision of Western favourites and Asian comfort food, in an almost-hipster environment. Several of the dishes did remind me of Spize though. I previously thought that the menu at Rayz Bistro would deter price-sensitive diners. It appeared there was some adjustment on the pricing to be more mass-market friendly.
Cholek Buah ($5.90) Or essentially, what we called a deconstructed rojak. This was surprisingly satisfying for me! The rojak sauce was perfect; enough funkiness from the prawn paste and just the right amount of heat. The generous serving of fruits – green apples, jumbu, turnip, guava, pineapple and mangoes – meant we kept munching on these from the beginning of the meal, all the way till the end.
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