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Charcoal Waffle With Triple Scopes Of Gelato 🍦 After brunch, my family and I walked down to twenty frames for dessert and were surprised to find that it was pretty empty (@1pm). So we decided on the Charcoal Waffle with Three Scopes of Gelato [$18.90]. We got the hazelnut, dark chocolate and caramel gelatos and I absolutely loved the hazelnut one. The dark chocolate was REALLY sweet and overall the dish was kind of and overkill of sugar. The waffle was you average waffle, I’ve had batter (haha get it?!). Overall, 2.5 waffles out of 5!!
smores waffle 🤤 $14.90 [can’t rly rmb but arnd that price] rly delicious & the portion is p big too, enough for sharing btwn 2/more people ambience is nice, shop was a little small but it was p aesthetic and cooling ! the shop owners were rly kind too and me and my friends tried almost every ice cream flavour but they still catered to us with patience. the ice cream was smooth & matched the whole dessert rly well, and the smores were so good && soft they literally melt in ur mouth 🤤🤤 > this place is rly recommended if u want to grab some waffles++ice cream 👍🏻👍🏻😌 overall : value-for-money - 4/5 ambience - 4.5/5 taste - 5/5 ⭐️
Sassy Fellow with Vanilla Gelato ($12.90) - 'Banana infused into Belgian waffle, banana slices, walnuts, maple syrup, sea salt caramel sauce, accompanied with either vanilla or honey-scotch gelato' - They ran out of the honey-scotch gelato :/ Sea salt caramel sauce was warm, thick, buttery, flavourful and sinfully delicious. Waffle was really thick - crisp on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. However, I could not make out any banana supposedly infused into the waffle. The vanilla bean gelato had a very strong vanilla fragrance. I don't think it was as creamy as the one I had at Seasonal Tastes but the flavour was definitely stronger. The sea salt caramel sauce helped to tie everything together by providing a distinct saltish contrast to all the other sweet elements of the dish - subtly sweet waffle batter, natural sweetness of the banana and the subtly sweet vanilla bean gelato. It also helped to prevent the waffle from becoming too dry after awhile. The walnuts were definitely not an afterthought as well, helping to add that earthy nutty notes and perhaps making you think that what you are eating may actually be good for you. Taste: 9.5/10 (Really comforting dessert) More pictures at 1) https://www.instagram.com/p/B1TG8HPA3oH/?igshid=1atg0yjo11xj3 2) thankgodjournals.blogspot.com
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Premium Ice Cream With Coconut Water I walked past this stall specialising in coconut ice cream and natural coconut water countless times but for some reason haven’t had chance to try . But was craving for everything coconut today and what better than the premium coconut set with a single scoop of premium coconut ice cream with 2 toppings of your choice and half a cup of pure coconut water. The premium coconut ice cream is less sweet and slightly more creamy than the signature ice cream so I’d recommend you go for the premium scoop. I love the warm service from the server and her brilliant recommendation of the toasted coconut flakes for my toppings . Served in a coconut shell with the coconut meat already scrapped up for you , all you need to do is to dig in with your spoon . You get a mouthful of authentic coconut ice cream , coconut flesh ( scrapped from the shell) and toasted coconut shavings . Then wash it all down with the refreshing coconut juice . 6.90 is definitely not cheap but it’s worth every penny .
It’s A Yes From Me Suddenly had the cravings to try a coconut and I’ve seen this page on burpple before so I gave it a try! 4.90$ for a scoop of ice cream, 2 toppings and fresh coconut juice (small amount :< )
Premium Set ($7.90) Your choice of 3 toppings along with 2 scoops of coconut ice cream sitting on top of some coconut shavings in half a husk. They have a non premium version of different flavours like Thai milk tea if you fancy!
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