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Hot 100 2019
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Matcha & Pistachio Double Scoop ($8) Among the many flavour choices that called out to us, we chose the matcha and pistachio - both classic and common flavours. Not too sweet, which I appreciated. Pistachio tasted exactly like pistachio which is great because there are other ice cream parlours that tend to get carried away and try to create a more complex pistachio flavour when no one asked for it. Matcha was sweeter than the pistachio, quite powdery and was unfortunately forgettable.
lychee yuzu sorbet and apiary flavor after trying this extremely popular dessert joint, it has easily become one of my favorite places for ice cream. the yuzu lychee was refreshing and tasted authentic while the apiary flavor with honey through it (amongst other stuff) was creamy and rich without being too much - a good mix of two flavors. hard to get a seat in this popular place though!
I鈥檝e made no secret of my love for Apiary and their Blue Milk, but oh friends I think I may have just found a new favourite flavour. For a special delivery this time, I reigned in my insane desire to have 2 pints of Blue Milk and decided to give The Bounty a go. That鈥檚 coconut ice cream, with toasted desiccated coconut and dark chocolate chips folded in 鈥 SO GOOD. The base is creamy yet light, boasting the fabulously buttery and fruity profile of coconut without being too in-your-face; people who aren鈥檛 the biggest fans of coconut (like L) would still like it. The desiccated coconut actually carries most of the coconut flavour, adding a lovely crunch and nuttiness. I鈥檇 say The Bounty comes this close to dethroning Blue Milk鈥檚 top spot in my heart 鈥 but just close. If you don鈥檛 have a good buddy armed with a car and willing to send you some ice cream goodness, Apiary鈥檚 also doing deliveries right now; deets on their ig.
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