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Single Scoop We ordered the hazelnut and valrhona chocolate. The hazelnut was very fragrant, one of the better ones I've had in Singapore! Just a pity I think the fridge wasn't cold enough, my ice cream was pretty melty. On top of that, the texture was not rich and smooth enough for my liking. Its also a bit too sweet for my liking. The chocolate was pretty good. Its thick, rich and dense and texture was on point. We used Beyond and paid $4.90 in total, having to add 70 cents for each scoop as both are premium flavours.
Yee Jun
Merely Ice Cream! I love this ice cream shop and am so pleased they're on @burpple beyond. On the left: seaweed (top), salted butterscotch (bottom). On the right: oreo milk (top), horlicks panda (bottom). The seaweed flavour is new. A little funky, but the vanilla base is familiar and creamy, while the seaweed retains its crisp. Oreo milk had large chunks of oreo, although I felt the chocolatey base could have been more flavourful. Horlicks panda and salted butterscotch were both good. My favourite ice cream place with very palatable flavours and affordable pricing. Price: $6 for double scoop (I got 1-for-1 double scoops with Burpple Beyond)! #halfeatenblog #merelyicecream #icecream #burpple
Waffle ice cream set $7 Got 1 for 1 on ice cream. Had 2 scoops instead of 1 cause of burrple beyond Rest waffle is huge and filling. ice cream is super heavy and tasty. I tried butterscotch and oreo. Server is extremely friendly and polite. 5 stars for everything. Tip: don't go inside sunshine plaza, the shop is accessible from outside.
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Premium Ice Cream With Coconut Water I walked past this stall specialising in coconut ice cream and natural coconut water countless times but for some reason haven鈥檛 had chance to try . But was craving for everything coconut today and what better than the premium coconut set with a single scoop of premium coconut ice cream with 2 toppings of your choice and half a cup of pure coconut water. The premium coconut ice cream is less sweet and slightly more creamy than the signature ice cream so I鈥檇 recommend you go for the premium scoop. I love the warm service from the server and her brilliant recommendation of the toasted coconut flakes for my toppings . Served in a coconut shell with the coconut meat already scrapped up for you , all you need to do is to dig in with your spoon . You get a mouthful of authentic coconut ice cream , coconut flesh ( scrapped from the shell) and toasted coconut shavings . Then wash it all down with the refreshing coconut juice . 6.90 is definitely not cheap but it鈥檚 worth every penny .
It鈥檚 A Yes From Me Suddenly had the cravings to try a coconut and I鈥檝e seen this page on burpple before so I gave it a try! 4.90$ for a scoop of ice cream, 2 toppings and fresh coconut juice (small amount :< )
Premium Set ($7.90) Your choice of 3 toppings along with 2 scoops of coconut ice cream sitting on top of some coconut shavings in half a husk. They have a non premium version of different flavours like Thai milk tea if you fancy!
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botanical flavours Bread & Butterfly is a new kid on the block! They offer a variety of innovative flavours, with unique elements - cucumber, pumpkin and tomato; just to name a few. We opted for a single scoop ($5, +$1 per premium flavour) on a cone (+$1)! We tried their salted chocolate & almond brittle - the milk base was smooth and creamy, with the bulk of the flavour coming from the sweet almond brittle. While enjoyable, this was a little of a letdown as it melted quickly, and I doubt that the brittle is made in-house! Our second flavour was strawberry tomato - the sorbet has a distinctive strawberry taste and the tomato is not immediately evident, but I enjoyed it. There were also some herbs mixed in, adding another dimension. Their cone is flavoured with lavender and made fresh in-stores - I really liked its taste!! However, it鈥檚 not the crispiest and gets soggy from the melted ice cream.
馃搷馃嚫馃嚞 Singapore Who is screaming for more ice cream? @breadandbutterflysg is offering 1-For-1 promotion till 29 Feb with 12 unique flavours to choose from. After trying a few interesting flavours, I must admit that the Apple Cucumber was oddly refreshing. I was more in the mood for sweet and creamy so my favourite flavour of the day was Pumpkin & Cinnamon! I just love the cinnamon! Featuring my choice of the day - Pumpkin & Cinnamon (top) Valrhona Chocolate (bottom) served with their Lavender cone. The floral note from the cone was mild and just right. With the 1-For-1 promotion, I had only paid $7 which means my second scoop was free. What a bargain ... maybe not the extra carbs LOL!
Blue Vanilla With Sea Salt And White Chocolate Miso $5 Per Scoop (+$1 For Cone) I know which ice cream parlour they got their inspiration from... Almost there B&B! Really decent ice cream despite their unusual flavours. And its "not too sweet", so I can see how they'll please the local crowd. The artisanal cone was nice but didn't have such a pronounced thyme flavour.
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$13.80 (Lava Cookie + Ice Cream + Tea) Been here numerous times and my preference would be the matcha cookie over chocolate one. Favourite combination is matcha cookie with lemon curd ice cream for a less sweet cookie alternative + a tinge of sweet and sourness which to me is yumzzzzz! But those with a sweet tooth can consider the lava cookie with milk cereal ice cream. Wasn鈥檛 very impressed by the tea - one of the flavours tasted like cough syrup (but otherwise, the other 2 flavours that I鈥檝e tried are alright) Place is small so it鈥檒l be an issue if you come in large groups (max would be a group of 6 because anything more than that you鈥檒l have to sit separately due to the space constraints) They also do not have alcoholic flavours.. Servers are friendly and will ask you if you wanna photo/boomerang the process of the lava oozing out of the cookie during non-peak period. However, waiting time for seat can be long & serving time too so come here only if you鈥檙e not in a rush and not looking for somewhere to chat for hours.
Ice Cream+ Cookie + Tea Set ($12.80) The cookie was warm and soft and moped up and lava and ice cream so well. Each component was pretty good. My chocolate ice cream was a pretty decent one, milky and dense enough. The matcha lava is thick enough and not overly bitter. I felt like the chocolate flavour overpowered the matcha lava, I guess it's all about making the right pairing. My friend ordered the Earl Grey with chocolate lava cookie. My goodness, this is absolute heaven! The thick flavour of tea paired with the slightly bitter chocolate lava. Their Earl Grey is by far, one of the best I've had, and I'm one to always always try all the tea flavours at any ice cream parlour I go to. Initially thought having the tea would make this set less worth it, but the tea is really good! Both of us got jasmine green tea and it was really fragrant. I even asked for a refill of hot water. Their tea is from Kittea which is a local brand and I would actually consider buying the tea from Kittea. Came on a weekday at 4pm and there were a few other people around, not crowded and it had a good ambience. Overall, really enjoyed my experience. Can't wait to be back and try other flavours and combinations! :)
Yee Jun
Cookie Set I really enjoyed both the chocolate and matcha cookies here. I had the blue chai ice cream which was lightly flavoured and just fragrant enough, and my partner had the cereal milk flavour which was pretty impressive too! My only gripe is that with burpple beyond, you have to order the set which includes tea, and it makes it a little less worth it. Still pretty good desserts here though!
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Surprisingly good flavours, and a fabulous pepper cone! I鈥檒l be brutally honest: I was a little turned off by the whole copycat act, but I have to admit being curious about a couple of their spice-infused flavours so alright give it a shot I did. Gotta say I really really liked their pepper-specked cones, shockingly even more than I did BOP鈥檚 thyme-scented ones 馃 you can really taste the pepper here, but in a very nuanced, mellow, aromatic way. It was very fragrant! We tasted a couple of their flavours and settled with the Coconut Pandan and Sea Salt Gula Jawa. The former鈥檚 a light tasting sorbet that鈥檚 really refreshing, though I鈥檇 have liked a stronger hit of pandan. The latter was my fave of all the flavours I tasted. It鈥檚 a less aggressive take on the classic salted caramel. The salt hits you first, pretty strongly I have to say but not overwhelming at all, with a very nutty kind of sweetness kicking in at the end. It鈥檚 very well-balanced and they definitely exercise enough restraint with the sugar, so it was really easy to finish a scoop on my own. In fact I鈥檇 do 2 馃槈
Ispahan and Mango Coconut Fitting of their more botany-themed flavours, the Ispahan and Mango Coconut ($8/ double) I chose were a refreshing change from the conventional selection. Presented with a stronger hint of lychee as compared to the floral-y rose aroma, the Ispahan was smooth and not cloying at all. You can also see pieces of raspberries churned into the gelato. Similarly, the Mango Coconut was a lovely marriage of the two key ingredients, yet holding a slightly more dominant sweetness from the mango which I didn鈥檛 mind one bit. The ending notes of the tropical number were subtle but you can definitely taste the distinct nutty-earthiness of coconut.
Burnt White Chocolate Loving the rustic vibes from the brick wall details and wood furnitures featured in the white spacious boutique, Monarchs & Milkweed Gelato may be my new favourite spot for ice cream in Bugis; taking note that the seating are pretty limited. Having the Burnt White Chocolate ($4.90/ single) with their cone ($1), the sweetness was simply perfect with its caramel-esque quality in the initial spoonfuls. Almost nutty-tasting, the scoop then ends off with a creamy as well as milky finish, a milder version of the White Chocolate flavour we are familiar with. And another element worth mentioning was their house-made cone. With a medley of spices and herbs infused in the batter, the waffle cone鈥檚 taste was kept light intentionally so that one cannot simply pinpoint the exact mix used; told to me by one of the owners when I asked a staff what was in it.
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