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Culture-forward, Little India-inspired - That’s The Spirit Of The Elephant Room. T R E A T When a business owner has a clear vision of his or her brand, and how to bring every aspect of it to life, that’s bold and refreshing. I got a taste, quite literally, of that when Yugi (@cocktailmahout) got in touch with me and sent over cocktails and light bites from the @elephantroomsg, a culture-forward new spot inspired by Singapore’s Little India. Typical of me, I got more caught up with the food which was audaciously delicious from the liberal use of Indian spices. With such intoxicating aromas on the palate, I found myself enjoying the Lamb Tacos ($18) even though I tend to avoid this meat as I find it too gamey. The finely-shredded lamb shoulder which came in a Puri taco, was fall-apart tender, juicy and extremely tasty from having been marinated in “sup kambing” spices for 12 hours. It came with a sauce that elevated tastiness further with its different dimension. To my surprise, the Grilled Tiger Prawns Glazed in a Tamarind Curry ($24) were even better. It had me sucking on the shells to get at every bit of that incredible curry. The accompanying flatbread was wonderful as well - soft, chewy and ever so slightly sweet. As for the cocktails, each had a fascinating backstory and were unique. While “Sippin’87” was a sweetish, coffee-forward little number (the team’s take on the Espresso Martini with savoury notes from caramelised onions and zest from kombucha), the “Tekka” cocktail paid tribute to the iconic Tekka Market in Little India by swirling together Old Monk Rum, fermented banana, Spiced Palm Jaggery and a hint of turmeric. If you want to explore the flavours of this Little India-inspired joint, please tap on the link in the @elephantroomsg’s bio on Instagram for details.
Inspired by Singapore’s vibrant and colourful Little India, The Elephant Room has a selection of cocktails that will not only surprise you, it tingles your senses a little too. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to taste two of these cocktails (thanks Yugi) and each of them brings a distinct flavour and identity. One of the iconic landmarks of Little India is the Tekka Market, and this signature cocktail, Tekka pays homage to the location. Each of the ingredient that goes into the concoction represents a part of the Tekka Market such as the coconut oil that’s infused with the Old Monk Run, mixed with bananas that has been fermented with Himalayan salt for over 7 days and last but not least, spiced palm jaggery. A sip of this and your senses will be tingled by the richness from the rum, savouriness from the salted bananas and sweetness from the jaggery. The next cocktail takes inspirations from the Bru coffee drinking culture in Little India, and the story turned into reality in the form of the Sipping at 78, a rendition of the espresso martini with a local twist. The coffee powder is being “kombucha-ed” with caramelized onion before being bottled. The number from the drink is named after a unit number of a restaurant in Little India, can you guess which restaurant it is? Overall, you will get hints of sweetness and savoury notes from the caramelized onions while balanced by the bitterness from the coffee. And what’s a drinking session without some food? By pairing with the right kind of food, it resulted in an even better cocktail, and one of them is the spiced lamb tacos which is constructed with pulled lamb shoulder that has been marinated for over 12 hours in a sup kambing broth over a puri taco. Another one of those finger lickin’ good moment is the grilled tamarind curry prawn which comes with a homemade flatbread. Just the name of the dish is enough to make me salivate. •••••••••••••••••••• 📍The Elephant Room 20A Teck Lim Road, Singapore 088391
Creamy Buttery Liquid Gold I ended off my night by sipping some of their Ghee liqueur neat. Honestly, it smells ordinary, but tastes AMAZING. It's like liquid butterscotch on steroids!!! I don't like ghee in my food, but I'd happily drink this all day. Totally blew my mind. The Elephant Room has sold me on these crazy funky infusions. I am sure it's not easy to get the perfect balance, but I do hope they continue to reinvent their infusions & cocktails in fresh ways to keep things exciting. 💳 Accepts credit cards 🌬 Air-conditioned seats only 📱 Accepts reservations via Chope
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Besides nice drinks, @barbarblacksheepofficial also have award-winning dish that won ‘Singapore River Signatures’. This pretty ‘Tandoori Platter’ comes with Large prawn, fish, chicken tikka, and kebab. Perfect meal to accompany our chilling time! 📍50 Kent Ridge Crescent, Ground Floor, Alice Lee Plaza, Singapore 119279 ⏱Midday-Midnight Rate(3/5)⭐️⭐️⭐️-NICE- #barbarblacksheep
Special western menu from @barbarblacksheepofficial only available at Kent Ridge outlet! •Norwegian Salmon [Pan-seared salmon with lemony sauce served with roasted potatoes and grilled asparagus.] •SweetWater Seasonal Ale [we tried the Blueberry Ale, it’s nicely light with refreshing touch of blueberry taste. The beer variety also varies from time to time] •Sheep Shape Wines [Exclusive collection perfect pair with North Indian cuisine: “Sheep Shape Sauvignon Blanc” & “Sheep Shape Cabernet Merlot”] 💌Thankyou @singaporefoodlisting for inviting & @barbarblacksheepofficial for the hospitality 💕 📍50 Kent Ridge Crescent, Ground Floor, Alice Lee Plaza, Singapore 119279 ⏱Midday-Midnight Rate(4/5)⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️-NICE- #barbarblacksheep
Lavazaa Cold Brew Craving for coffee in a hot weather like Singapore? Why not try the Lavazaa cold brew? It’s really good, strong and definitely perk u up for the day and also maybe good for burning midnight oil too😌 🔹 🔹 🔹 Thanks to @kenpgl for the invite and @barbarblacksheepofficial for hosting us 🔹 🔹 🔹 #barbarblacksheep#barbarblacksheepsg#beer#coffee#kentridge#coldbrew#caffine#foodie#eatsg#delicious#singapore#blackcoffee#sgfoodporn#sgfoodie#sgfood#foodsg#foodporn#lavazaa#instasg#foodpics#foodgasm#instasg#sgfoodies#lavazaacoffee#hungrygowhere#burpple#burpplesg#makanwarrior#coldbrewcoffee#nus
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Good pasta, poor service, sweaty lunch We got their seafood squid ink pasta and their bacon carbonara. The pasta had good texture and was cooked to a perfect al-dente. The squid ink pasta came with fresh mussels, prawns and squid and was pretty good. The carbonara was quite perfect with the creamy pasta base and savoury bacon bits. Food wise, not a bad pasta fix, however, be prepared to... SWEAT! The restaurant is barely air-conditioned. For $15++ a pasta and $20++ a main, this is pretty unbearable. Come only if you have Burpple Beyond, if not, it is not worth it. The service was also disappointing, with the waitress serving us seeming aloof and disinterested in life in general. Overall, its a one and done for us.
Chicken Masala And Saag Chicken ($12 Each) Bar bar black sheep is more of a drinking place that’s tucked in Cluny Court next to Botanic Gardens mrt, but I came here for lunch and it was not bad. It’s nothing super outstanding, but it’s quite a value for money meal when you use #burpplebeyond. I preferred the saag chicken, which is a spinach-based gravy, because it tasted somewhat “cleaner” and less meaty. The masala was a lot more full-bodied and had more spices. It’s great to pair with some naans to mop all that gravy up!
Really Hard Ribeye... How can this be even medium rare.. even if using app for 1 for 1 promo, it still doesn't justify the poor quality, the beef is fully well done to the max, even the western food stall below my HDB block cooks a better medium rare ribeye.
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