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I think even Zac EFRON would approve of this SAFFRON cream pasta! 😉😉😉 . If you do not already know, saffron is a luxurious spice that makes rare appearances in dishes due to its high cost. 💰 To be honest, I still cannot pinpoint how saffron tastes like, but if the saffron is the main star in achieving the taste of this creamy pasta, I can safely say that I LOVE IT! ❤❤❤ . This plate of Stracci Ai Gamberi E Capesante ($27++) was really the star of the table! ⭐⭐⭐ My first time trying a saffron cream base! Features fresh handmade pasta with scallops, prawns, green peppercorn with saffron cream sauce. 😍 . I applaud the homemade pasta that is thin but with a good texture & chew so it doesn’t feel overly starchy. 😋😋😋 Smooth & luscious cream sauce coating every slice of this chewy pasta is simply heavenly. The green peppercorns are no longer spicy but add a pleasant popping sensation when you bite into them. 👍🏻 . There is room for improvement in the seafood though! Both the textures of the prawns & scallops were decent but I could not taste any natural sweetness from both of them at all. 😔 It was quite a disappointment compared to the pasta & sauce that really shone! . My advice is to SHARE this plate with someone as its 100% richness might burden your palate a bit. No matter how good a food item is, it’s always best to keep it at a small portion. Otherwise, this is a MUST-TRY at Pasta Brava in my opinion! 💕 What’s more - you can enjoy this at 1-for-1 for a 3-course meal using #BurppleBeyond - so worth it! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
Satisfying Meal Beef raviolis , Burrata cheese - highly recommended 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 worthy of a return visit soon!
So So Experience Service: 3/5 Food: 3/5 Ambience : 3/5 We were seated at their sister company because our reserved table wasn't ready After 15 past our reservation time Lagsane was good Carbonara is poorly done Vongole was under cooked Waffles are too sweet Apple cake & key lime was not bad Tiramisu worth the try Dessert was half its usual size due to burpple promo All in all: not worth using beyond promotion We had lobster bisque & minestrone, which both was below expectations Mushroom soup was much better
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Smoked Kurobuta Pork, Chicory, Persimmon and Juniper sauce Always loved how pork steaks are executed as well as beef steaks in places like this! I liked the smoky flavour of this dish, which came without the oily vibes of its Asia counterpart - the crackling roast pork (which btw, to clarify, is extremely good too). The persimmon purée at the bottom didn’t quite taste like persimmon - pretty light in taste and could pass off as a pumpkin purée? Good dish to have if you’re not having the awe-standing grass fed beef tenderloin!
Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin, Foie Gras, Kale & Truffle Jus Impressive executed beef at medium (minimum expectations for Michelin rated restaurant) and generous portions of foie gras atop each pinkish beef slice. Each ‘set’ comes with crispy kale which are so so so delicious even the non-veggie eating boyfriend finished them (& praised they were good too)! The dish was drizzled with truffle jus - I wished there were more, tho the portion was just nice and in fact, no jus was required since the beef, foie gras & kale were really flavoured on their own.
Great Deal With Burpple Beyond Found this place on Burpple for my dad's birthday, and the food and ambience certainly matched the occasion! The grass fed beef tenderloin and smoked kurobuta pork mains were so tender and flavourful, but we also liked that they had other options for the non-meat lovers. Service was also really attentive, and we really enjoyed the fresh bread and special appetisers they served us. So glad for Burpple Beyond which introduced us to the place and helping us save on the mains so we could afford to try more appetisers :)
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Starting your day right with chicken and waffles at @lavosingapore ! The crispy chicken breast wasn’t dry and I asked for a non-spicy version, the menu advertised it as spiced chicken breast. The staff were very friendly to accommodate my order. The waffles were abit more nua that expect but still the fluffy kind! It might not look like it, but it was very filling! Didn’t manage to finish it! Even planned to get the 20 layers devils chocolate cake but I had underestimated their chicken and waffles!!🤣 🍗 The view from Lavo is so refreshing! My parents usually hated the sun but they spent some time looking through the telescopes to spot buildings in the CBD area. 🍗 Will be back to try more food soon!
[LAVO Singapore] . Charred Octopus ($32.00++) Celery, Endive, Red Wine Vinaigrette, Fennel, Oregano . 📸 by @oo_foodielicious . Tasting Hosted by @lavosingapore and @marinabaysands . Location: @lavosingapore 10 Bayfront Avenue, Level 57, Sands Skypark Hotel Tower 1 @marinabaysands Singapore . #lavosingapore #burpple #burpplesg #marinabaysands #mbs
[LAVO Singapore] . @lavosingapore an Italian-American Restaurant with Rooftop Bar located at Level 57, Marina Bay Sands. . Featuring their Truffle Gnocchi ($46.00++) Crema, Mushroom Ragu, Shaved Truffle . 📸 by @oo_foodielicious . Tasting Hosted by @lavosingapore and @marinabaysands . Location: @lavosingapore 10 Bayfront Avenue, Level 57, Sands Skypark Hotel Tower 1 @marinabaysands Singapore . #lavosingapore #burpple #burpplesg #marinabaysands #mbs
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[One Ninety] - The Lobster and Prawn Toast with Spicy Tobiko ($8) surprisingly won our hearts with its rich flavour from the lobster and prawn filling, sandwiched in a crispy pillowy toast. . Find out more at https://www.sgfoodonfoot.com/2019/04/one-ninety-four-seasons-hotel-singapore.html . One-Ninety Restaurant Four Seasons Hotel Singapore Ground Floor 190 Orchard Boulevard Singapore 248646 Tel: +65 68317250 Nearest MRT: Orchard MRT (NS Line) Opening Hours: Daily: 630am - 10pm
We are looking at Iberico Pork Presa with marbling of fats mingling in the red meat of that pork. And yes, they’re pork, not beef. The Iberican Pork is known as the “Wagyu of Pork” with a high concentration of healthy oleic acids. I have to admit that the texture of Iberico Pork tasted similar to having wagyu beef. Extremely tender and juicy with the oily feel in every bite. It is accompanied with sweet and sour pineapple chutney spiced with star anise and celeriac purée. 😋 . Iberico Pork Presa at S$42. . One-Ninety is sharing the celebration of the opening by offering a trilogy of specials for April to June: 25% off Dinner, daily, Mondays to Sundays . Read on foodgem.sg/food/hotels/one-ninety-restaurant . Where to dine? One-Ninety Restaurant 190 Orchard Blvd, Singapore 248646
Snapper Bouillabaisse from the revamped menu at One Ninety restaurant in @FSSingapore. This Provencal fish is packed with red snapper, mussels, tiger prawns and clams. The orange broth is slightly spicy, packed with herbs and spices along with spicy daikon and lemongrass. We like the fresh flavour of the fish here, along with the hearty seafood broth, which reminds us of what we had in Marseille few years ago. It is overall not too heavy, highly recommended if you are looking for something lighter for your mains as opposed to red meat.
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Margherita Pizza ($20.80) The Margherita Pizza from Bruno’s Bistrot is honestly a personal favourite that delivers every single time. There are days when I’m feeling like I could use a pizza that isn’t doughy in its pie crust, something that is much more authentic and true to its culinary origin…I turn to this one! 😍 The pizza is thin, but packs a satisfying bite and a megaton of flavour to it – cheesy, salty, tangy, a hint of astringency among others. The pie itself had that signature crust-cracking sound that Colette from Ratatouille was referring to while identifying and discerning good bread. 🥖🍞 This marked quality is something you’d typically not expect on a pizza flavour that prides itself on a couple of ingredients or more. But alas, you don’t need all the good ingredients in the world to create a good dish – just a few powerhouses to unleash a force of flavour. 🌪 In short, all I’m saying is that this is the real deal! (8.6/10)
Bruno's bistrot French/Italian fare Absolutely ❤ pasta's, my idea of comfort food! 😁 Enjoyed myself at this cozy little French/Italian restaurant arnd Siglap area! Does not have WOW-factor but it's simple, good & authentic, flavours has depth without being too salty. Do ask for their tablet picture menu as some dishes are not in the menu book. 🍝 Rating: 7.8/10 🍝 Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes 🍝 Pros: Really gd service here 👍💗 Serving well-paced. Relaxing unpretentious place, homely feel. Humongous generous portions. Tastes very authentic - if it helps, over 50% of diners were Italians too. Crab meat pasta has an awesome "smokey burnt" flavour & a good splashing of white wine ❤ Seafood in risotto was huge 😊 Glad they served burratina 125gm - just nice for 2 🍝 Cons: Food a tad bit pricier compared to similar "neighbourhood" mid-tier places & not the best in that range. Understaffed. 🍝 Price: S$84.21 (2pax, too much food! Packed half the risotto; didn't finish bread)
Caramelized Onion Pie w/ Goat Cheese $17 Flaky puff pastry holding sweet and soft caramelized onion, which they could have been more generous with for the price I'm paying really. The crumbled goat's cheese was wonderfully mild and just so slightly tangy, pairing beautifully with the rich onion jam. Taste: 3/5
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