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Good Come Again (好再来) is a Barbecue brand that originated from Chuangchun China. They specialise in Northern Chinese BBQ, with the best of their menu being the skewers. Northeastern Chinese cuisine has many dishes originating from Manchu cuisine while also being heavily influenced by the foods of Russia, Beijing, Mongolia and Shandong. ⁣ ⁣ Generally, the skewers here are rubbed with their house spice mix before being barbecued then served to your table. I do not know what they use but the spices definitely elevate the flavours to a whole new level. I tried many and no.3002 Garlic Moss [$1] as well as no.1057 Pigs Heart [$0.90] particularly stood out. The Garlic Moss displayed a good harmony of the natural sweetness of the vegetables with the spice mix. The Pigs Heart on the other hand was crunchy on the outside but tender on the inside, showing little gameyness unlike what I had expected. ⁣ ⁣ As you might have suspected, the menu here is in chinese with an English Google Translation below it. (Look last Pic) It is not at all accurate but at least there are pictures above it. When they served the skewers, they came in large batches together so nobody really knew what we were eating except it was something that we ordered. Nevertheless, I really like the taste of the skewers with their special house mix of spices and I will return. It is definitely something special among the food scene in Singapore and very budget too with majority of the skewers being $0.90 to $3. -Foodier✌🏻
; Fried Intestines Always loved inerts? Then you have to try this one. Large intestines, cleaned, then deep fried with dried chillies, Szechuan peppers, sesame seeds and sliced celery. The batter they’ve achieved for this dish is HIGHLY SATIS-FRYING! They’ve really thought through this crispy+chewy combination and it just keeps you reaching for more. Side note: the whacky direct translated names of dishes in their menu will definitely be your dinner time entertainment. #FTrecommends
Skewers [Price Varies] Back again for their China-Chinese food! Skewers were as good but unfortunately, kinda felt that there were more misses than hits this time round. Had similar dishes as the first visit but the mala we had wasn’t as fragrant and well fried, while the fried intestines could be better cleaned and seasoned. Would say that the skewers would be a much safer bet!
Wei Zhi
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