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Tendon Teishoku (Kaisen) From the Japanese Tempura stall (Ten Ku Tei) at Kopitiam Compass One; quite surorised to find a Tempura specialty store to be hidden within the food court here offering various forms of Tempura dishes coupled with the choice of carbs (i.e. Udon, Spaghetti, Rice etc.). While the main catch should most probably be the Golden Salted Egg Tendon here, the Tempura Teishoku (Kaisen) is essentially the most standard Tendon offering that other Tempura specialty stores usually offer. Coming loaded with Tempura pieces over a bed of Japanese Rice, it comes with elements such as sweet potato, baby corn, shrimp, pumpkin and others — much similarity to a usual Tendon. Priced at an affordable $7.50 inclusive of Chawanmushi and Miso Soup, the Tempura Teishoku (Kaisen) was pretty value-for-money considering how its actually of respectable quality. Sure, the Tempura pieces could be a little lighter in terms of its crispness, but the fried batter still provides a satisfying light crunch. Items like the pumpkin were soft to bite, though the sweet potato was a little too tough for our liking; coming off from the batter almost entirely while we sink our teeth in. That being said, the Shrimp was pretty stellar considering how it was rather fresh especially for this set-up. It's pretty impressive how the tempura pieces were not drenched in grease, though they do turn a little limp if left at the table for a while. Drizzled with a savoury Japanese sauce, the rice carries ample flavour to pair with the fried items as well. A pretty decent offering for its price at the food court; a convenient spot to have the Tendon fix that is of a respectable quality without breaking the bank.
Xing Wei
Putien Cabbage Fried Rice I thought I shouldn't have to overpay for the seafood fried rice, and I was right, as this has lots of ingredients too. The flavour profile was slightly different from local fried rice, while the portion was generous.
Thiam Peng
Xing Hua Lou Putien crusine (Kopitiam) Amazingly rich seafood broth with generous ingredients make this mee sua dish a heart warming comfort. Be sure to try their lychee pork too!
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