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For 1-for-1 Main Dish (save ~$25) Wind down with the gang after work at this craft beer bar and kitchen tucked away in Alexandra Technopark. Fuel up on the Ribeye Al Fuego ($25) – think tender steak cooked medium rare served with a generous portion of fries and garden salad. A hit with the Burpple community is the perfectly cooked Grilled Salmon with Pineapple Salsa ($20). Seal the meal with a refreshing Suntory White (from $9) or a hoppy Indica IPA ($10). Photo by Burppler Norman Foo
Bello Mushroom (3.5/5⭐) Bello Mushroom ($16, Beyond 1-for-1) The mushroom is super juicy and the cheese perfectly complement it. But I just remember eating the veggies, it's that abundance. The fries is good tho. For me it's only a bit worth it if we use the 1+1. Others are eating the pizza happily, maybe we choose the wring menu. Hey, here's a tasty gift for you! Enjoy 20% off a Burpple Beyond membership and access 1-for-1 deals at over 460 curated restaurants. Simply use my invite link: Or use code WIND616 during register!
Rocky Balboa (3/5⭐) Rocky Balboa Steak ($16, Beyond 1-for-1) Bread is crispy and a bit to the hard side, steak is good but only a lil bit. It's just good and doesn't leave a big impression to me. For me it's only a bit worth it if we use the 1+1. Others are eating the pizza happily, maybe we choose the wrong menu. Hey, here's a tasty gift for you! Enjoy 20% off a Burpple Beyond membership and access 1-for-1 deals at over 460 curated restaurants. Simply use my invite link: Or use code WIND616 during register!
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@burgerlabo, last time known as Nekkid is one of the places that I will recommend people who’s craving for burger. Feature Black Onyx Black Angus beef Mbs 3+ chuck tender. Brown butter bun with layer of bone marrow, medium rare 150 gr beef patty, sunny side egg and homemade steak tartare sauce. 💰$16++ . for limited time only. 📍Burger Labo. Block 41 Malan Road.
Awesome Burger Basic Burger from BurgerLabo was as tasty as I anticipated. Added an fried egg to it. The patty was juicy and overall not oily. Had truffle fries with grated cheese to go along with it. Lobster roll however was so so only.
The Double Patty Basic Burger Is Amazing Meat Madness ($36++) This was what Derrick, the person with the biggest appetite in our group at last Thursday’s dinner, made a beeline for - the Basic Burger (B.B.) with double patties. A genuine jaw-dropper (and jaw-unhinger), it comprises of two 170gm patties that blends grass-fed Angus beef neck, Aomori Gyu ribeye, Toriyama Umami Wagyu A4 tenderloin and Sendai Wagyu A5 brisket together, as well as slices of American cheese, housemade bone marrow “butter”, locally farmed lettuce, organic tomatoes and a special sauce between perfectly-chosen soft buns spread with unsalted butter. Derrick also added caramelised onions and pickles because he loves his burgers with extra relish. I had the single patty version of the B.B. and was very satisfied with it. But come a time when I am feeling ravenous, I know what I’ll be ordering.
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Red Miso Salmon, $10.80 Red miso salmon, soba, broccoli and garlic, grilled pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, furikake, coriander leaves and plum sesame sauce (this was from their list of preset bowls). Chiak bowls are simple, unpretentious, light and healthy. Because of this, they tend to be on the bland side, and the flavours don’t come through easily. The mains are certainly interesting with chicken chestnut patty and prawn otak but the rest of the components are a bit lacklustre. However, I wouldn’t mind dropping by for that boost of healthy shot. Read more about Chiak on my site at:
Interesting Black Sesame Butter and Custard Toast by Cedele! Consists of two slices of oatbran bread came sliced in half, and was generously buttered with Black Sesame and Custard. Read more:
Dry Options Seem Good Here is my friend's DIY bowl. Nicked some pork belly from her & it was tasty. Everything was good except the roasted sweet potato which, for some reason, was served Not Hot? Even though it's roasted? (Or do they mean "once-roasted-but-has-been-sitting-there-for-a-while"?) Basic Bowl: $8.80 nett for 1 base + 1 protein + 2 sides + 3 toppings + 1 dressing. (Dressing is only applicable if you select the dry option i.e. no soup) Other possible options are identical as above but with 2 proteins ($11.30 nett), or 3 proteins ($13.50 nett). 💳 Accepts credit cards 🌬 Air-conditioned seats
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Chirashi Sushi (A) Okay just look at how thick those slices are. Like they're literally almost as thick as my finger. This deluxe chirashi set ($45) came with salmon, sea bream, normal and fatty tuna, yellowtail, uni and a generous amount of ikura atop sushi rice with a side of ginger and wasabi. The bowl came with miso soup too. The thickness of each glistening slice made each bite extremely hearty and satisfying. And the quality of the fish was really good too, with no overpowering fishy taste. My favorite was definitely the fatty tuna. I don't even like tuna that much but these melted in my mouth like butter with barely any chewing. It almost didn't even taste like tuna, it was so gloriously rich and decadent. And the ikura burst like bubbles in my mouth. This was definitely worth that price tag and Himawari is certainly worth a revisit for its buffet. 8.5/10
Lunch Set There are 3 choices for lunch set and I went straight for the $23.80++ to try the sashimi. Slices of mekajiki and hamachi were thick and fresh. The negitoro in the sushi was also generous. Rice was a bit too mushy in the california roll but overall a decent lunch.
Salmon Ikura Chirashi Exceedingly fresh and generous with their portion, Himawari Japanese Restaurant is known for their sashimi buffet. However for a less extravagant option, their Salmon Ikura Chirashi ($28) was simply superb and more than sufficient to satisfy my sashimi craving. Soft and melty, the fish proved to be as good as it looked - being incredibly fatty, sweet and without a hint of fishiness. The shiny and supple ikura also provided addictive pops of briny sweetness to the bowl. And though prices are slightly steep, it was well-worth the quality and substantially thick cuts. So good!
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Fine dining Thailicious Cuisine Tamarind hill is beautiful.. the food is as exquisite. Featured is their dessert platter$28 comprising an array of thai sweets that ended a dinner date beautifully
World Gourmet Summit Gastro-Brunch ($128++). Pictured: Stir-fried Fish Paste Noodle with King Prawn in XO Chilli Sauce, by Chef Edward Chong @edwardchongkf of Peach Blossoms, double award finalist for WGS 2019. 🔸 This coming Sunday, the World Gourmet Summit brings in the best in the F&B industry - from Tamarind Hill, Morsels, Mitzo, and Peach Blossom - for one of the biggest gourmet parties of the year. Immerse in the natural greenery of Labrador Nature Reserve. For that one special Sunday of the year, the nostalgically archaic architecture will house some of WGS’s most passionate partners and individuals that will strive to sate appetites with delicious morsels and stress-inhibiting beverages. Rub shoulders with influential chefs and personalities in one of Singapore’s most infamous Sunday brunch. 📍 Date/Time: 28 April 2019, 11am - 3pm Venue: Tamarind Hill Booking: 🔸 Update: the event below (UNGA Gastro-Market) is cancelled. 🔸🔸🔸 [Cancelled] Besides that, there's also the United Nations Gastronomic Assembly (UNGA) Gastro-Market Place ($10 per entry). Dine on a Spread of Gastronomic Excellence in Singapore at the United Nations Gastronomic Assembly: Gastro-Marketplace. Enjoy a fun evening at the courtyard of Chijmes, where you will taste the culinary gourmet dishes of the world, as well as some of the best beverages to go along with the food, all at affordable prices ($10 for all food and beverages) 📍 [Cancelled] Date/Time: Tuesday, 23 April 2019, 6pm – 10pm Venue: Chijmes Lawn Booking: 🔸 📸: Cover photo mine. All others by @worldgourmetsummit 🔸🔸 #worldgourmetsummit #chijmes #foodphotography #exploresingapore #burpple #singaporeinsiders #cbdeats #foodiegram #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #foodcoma #f52grams #hungrygowhere #foodgasm #sgfoodblogger #vscofood #onthetable #sgig #yummy #cafehoppingsg #eeeeeats #singapore #liftingnoodles #finedining #noodlss #finediningsg
Pink Diamond (Red Ruby) With Coconut Ice Cream 14++ The ice cream itself was fantabulous and the dried coconut bits within provided a stunnint textural contrast. One of the best coconut ice creams i've ever had. The aroma and the taste of the juicy jackfruit was inpeccable as well, but it does overpower the other ingredients to the extent that i thought there was jackfruit in the coconut ice cream simply due to the fragrance of the jackfruit. Chilled coconut flesh. At first i tot it's gonne be completely tasteless next to such a rich coconut ice cream but how wrong i was. Never knew chilling the flesh could change the flavour profile and texture of the coconut flesh so much. A wonderful addition to the dessert. Pink diamonds. Was expecting red ruby but i turned out to be wrong. This was in fact water chesnut with a red ruby like exterior. Cant say i prefer this to the red ruby's chewy texture but at least it's interesting. A rather value for money dessert unexpectedly if u can get past the initial disappointment that pink diamonds arent red rubies and never will be :'( otherwise the quality of the ingredients do shine Overall for the price i expected much more but at least one dish(the lamb) delivered so it wasn't a complete letdown. Honestly some of the food u can find at other places at half the price or less, and the food here mostly isn't worth it. I mean freshness of ingredients is to be expected at a fine dining already so in the flavours component most of the dishes failed to impress or even surprise. Moreover the service staff needs some work. They actually forgot to give me the executive lunch menu with the excuse that no one else had it today. Well of course no one will order if they didnt even see the lunch menu right. And the service staff told me there would be sticky rice in the lunch set so i happily ordered but turns out there wasnt so maybe a miscommunication between the staff and the kitchen? Also what's with the insanely difficult to find menu online? Heard the chef doesnt want an online copy to be available and there isn't one online. I dont get it. The menu was so simplified there wasnt any trade secrets in there anyway. I never had more trouble searching for an established restaurant's menu. Online lunch menu can be found on quandoo. Rmb it might be a long walk from labrador park mrt into the heart of the park where the restaurant was situated and do bring insect repellants for it is a park
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