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Great Burgers! Burgers here never fail to impress! I would highly recommend the burger with mentaiko sauce! Fries are very crispy and perfectly salted as well :) Very value for money with the burpple beyond deals!
Craft Burgers > Pasta Be spoilt for choice by their extensive burger menu which has over 12 different craft burgers to choose from! 。 The notable ones that we ordered were their Avocado Beef Burger and Mentaiko Kaiju Armoury Burger. Served along with French fries, you may change them to onion rings, sweet potato fries, truffle fries or even salad for an extra charge of $2. Slightly disappointed with their truffles fries, I’d recommend getting their onion rings instead👍. As for their burgers, although they might not be the best I have tasted, these can surely still satisfy your burger cravings. 。 I won’t recommend their pasta, esp their Chilli Crab Spaghetti 😂
Mr Digester
Mentaiko Kaiju Armoury Burger ($24 + $2 for Sweet Potato Fries) (Part 2 of 2) "Wagyu Patty, Melted Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Juicy Bursting Ikura, Mentaiko Sauce, Onions (Optional)" Perhaps the most unique out of the 4, I was incredibly satisfied and pleasantly surprised at the generous serving of ikura served within the burger and strong mentaiko flavour provided with every bite. I may not have tried the centre of it which held the bulk of the ikura but my dining companion was incredibly pleased with it despite not being a huge fan of burgers. I would likely come back here again just to give this another shot. Taste: 9/10 Full review at: https://thankgodjournals.wordpress.com/2020/02/08/restaurant-review-the-armoury-craft-beer-bar-south-beach-tower-esplanade/ More pictures at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B8TvvWJnXmq/?igshid=1c76zhgyw566m
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Leberkäse German meatloaf that...tasted very much like American SPAM/ Asian luncheon meat. Slightly underwhelming as I’d expected pure minced meat blend and more solid “bite” to the meat loaf. That aside, it was rather flavourful (tho a tad salty and oily). I love how the restaurant allows flexibility for diners to swap their sides. Instead of potato salad, I got my favourite spatzle! As a result, this meal was kinda like Hong Kong - style brekky of noodles, luncheon and egg if you ask me!
Nürnberg sausages The boy missed the charcoal-grilled sausages we had in Germany. By comparison, it’s no where near from the best we’ve had, in our opinion. But objectively, these lil’ rolls were flavourful on their own! For sides, we went for sauerkraut and knödel, the german potato dumpling. The knödel here actually tasted way better than the ones we had in Germany (served plain). This, however, came mixed with some veggies kneaded into a dough ball and flavoured with other secret German-y seasoning. Be sure to order some 🍻 to go hand-in-hand!
Cordon Bleu (with Burpple Beyond!) Ordering was a breeze here, with highly attentive staff. My friend and I both got cordon bleu, an apple-gin concoction and a lychee martini. Drinks were pretty mild, but a great, sweet way to start the night. Food came hot and fresh; it tasted great with mustard. Unfortunately the pork was too dry, and the food felt very repetitive overtime with the constant chewing (cause too tough) and small amount of greens. Plus point would be the oozey cheese. I wouldn’t order this again though. Total bill with Burpple Beyond for 2 drinks and 2 meals came up to $77.
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