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Salted egg sotong “blur”ger ($11.80), Fish skin salted egg pork burger ($14.80), Green apple curry burger ($14.80). If you are looking for food delivery with burgers and Chinese/local delicacies like me, I assure you that @kengengkee X @wokinburger is your best bet. KEK needs no introduction as it is well-known for its Zi Char gastronomy experience, with popular dishes like signature coffee pork ribs, wok-toss moonlight hor fun and my favourite Mingzhu roll! It’s my third time having fusion burgers from @wokinburger. Thanks to @chefzwayne_ , the burgers were as massive as ever that I can never once fit into my mouth in one bite. And for that matter of fact, it was so filling till the next morning. How worthwhile! 😂 Had the fish skin salted egg pork burger; Might look complex with so many ingredients within the charcoal buns, but when everything sinks into a bite, it was surprisingly harmonious. Although the fish skin was soggy (because of delivery), it adds a different dimension to the rich creamy salted egg saucy which was rather milky, and the gigantic piece of pork patty. Check out the chili padi and curry leaves! I always say, those 2 are essential elements of a legit salted egg sauce. There’s also purple cabbage and tomato slices. Each burger comes with fries and coleslaw. I was enticed by the green apple curry burger which I stole a bite off. A rather refreshing idea put into execution, the sourness of the green apple slices contrasted sharply with the watery curry sauce, reminded me off Macs. Choose between chicken or pork patty. The salted egg sotong “blur”ger is one that I have reviewed previously, but am delighted that the standard remained consistent! Islandwide delivery available at a flat fee of $5 with a minimum order of $50. Spend above $58 to redeem a free soup of the day. Check their delivery menu out and place order at https://kengengkee.oddle.me/en_SG. #savefnbsg #loveyourlocalsg
Miss Ha
Lunch Set: Chicken Chop rice @ $6! Their rice is fried rice instead of normal rice, and they were really nice to replace the rice for fries (thank you so much!). There were 3 sauce to choose from: salted egg, chilli crab sauce or black pepper. I was wondering how they gonna add salted egg/chilli crab sauce to grilled chicken but turn out the chicken chop is a chicken cutlet 😂 Would say it is very value for money since it comes with a drink too. Other lunch options are available too at affordable price. // My colleague tried their unique burger flavour (Coffee Pork Burger) and the coffee taste is distinct :) Price is well worth since it is pretty different from usual burgers! However, we feel that it will be better if there were simple burger options other than their Zi Char inspired burgers.
Coffee Pork Rib Burger ($10.80) This comes with a side of fries, coleslaw and a canned drink of choice so it is quite value-for-money if you are into all that extra stuff. For me, the burger alone was good enough. I savoured the slab of pork rib, coated with a sweet and crackling coffee marinade. The burger buns were also well-buttered, though I felt they could have been toasted a bit longer because the stickiness of the pork made the buns a little soggy after a while. Having tried this, I can't wait to try the other burgers on the menu!
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Rainbow Tortoises I swept as many flavours as I could already. In short, the appeal here isn't the taste, but the variety and shape. (Clockwise from top left) Peanut, kaya, black sesame, green bean, yam, salted bean, pineapple, red bean. The skin was kinda thick, but the kueh was quite spherical, which meant more filling. If ang ku kueh is named for its tortoise shell shape, here they are Galapagos tortoises. Kaya and yam were interesting in that they're creamier than paste, while pineapple used grated pineapple, which although tart didn't impress me.
Thiam Peng
Abacus Seeds 2.5 Quite average and doesnt quite have the usual chewy texture, this one was slightly mushy.
Went a little Ku Ku when I devoured the Kueh... was also slightly Ang-ry at myself for not having tried this sooner... . . Yesterday, I got to try some kuehs for the first time from @pohcheukitchen. It was an impromptu decision to go down for some kuehs with my friend and it was a decision that I did not regret. I managed to try the yam ang ku kueh which I really loved a lot as it was not too sweet and the filling was generous. Imagine having orh ni but enclosed in a thin and delectable layer of ku kueh skin. Splendid! I had the peanut one which was pretty normal but still delicious nonetheless. The one with the mung bean paste filling was slightly too dry for my liking and I have had better (read more about it below). The soon kueh, bamboo shoot kueh, koo chye kueh, and png kueh were also pretty good too. You could tell that they use plenty of dried shrimps when you bite down on the kueh and that is one of the reason for the fragrance it emits. Many places sell kuehs with skin that is too thick which diminishes the quality of the kuehs in my opinion. Not here though, as the skin for all the kuehs that I bought were appropriately thin. I will definitely be back to get all 12 flavours of ang ku kuehs! Too many flavours, too little room in the stomach! 😂 . . I once had a discussion with @traditionalfoodhero and @ariane.le about what I would choose to have as part of dessert for my last meal (if I had a choice). I said that my aunt's Ang Ku Kueh, which she used to make for friends and family on special occasions, would definitely top the list. I love Ang Ku Kueh ever since young mostly because of my aunt but I haven't had nice ones for a long time because my aunt is now too old to make her signature Ang Ku Kueh. I would say that I am quite particular about my ang ku kuehs and my favourite would be the mung bean paste ang ku kuehs made by my aunt. Mung bean paste ang ku kuehs were my aunt's signature and they are the best I have ever had. People often attempt to pay my aunt for her to make it in batches but she always rejects the offers. Making ang ku kueh is extremely tedious but I guess my aunt's love for the family is stronger, thus only making it for us. 😅
Don't Play With Food
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Steamed Mini Pandan Coconut Cakes Puteri ayu These are so hard to find in Singapore and I am Glad that I found them here . Topped with fresh grated coconut , the Pandan coconut cakes were moist and flavourful without being too sweet. Slightly more densed than chiffon cakes , these steamed cakes are still spongy and airy 😊 This makes a perfect tea time treat with a cup of coffee or tea 😊
Ang Ku Kueh While most would flock to Poh Cheu at Blk 127 Bukit Merah Lane 1 for their infamous Ang Ku kueh , I like to get my Ang Ku kueh these days from Lina confectionary ( which is just next to Keng Eng Kee seafood ) - an old school kueh kueh shop helmed by an Indonesian lady . Given the high quality authentic kuehs that are served up by Lina confectionary , I am quite surprised that not many have heard of this shop 😌. I love their yam Ang ( purple) ku kueh and their Mung bean Ang ku kueh especially. Because they only make very limited quantities daily - it is good to go early before they get snapped up. They also make very good lemper ayam ( steamed chicken rice with chicken floss ), sardine and potato curry puffs and authentic risoles ( a type of Indonesian fried spring roll with a crisp flour exterior and an interior of minced chicken meat ) . Particularly outstanding are also their kueh lapis sagu ( Qian Cheng Gao)- so QQ, moist and with a good coconut flavour. Can I also say that their kueh dada are also one of the best I have eaten ?🤣 Almost about any and everything that I have tried from this shop is good .
Review on Kueh Lapis Sagu ($1) Besides the steamed kaya cake, I also bought the 9-layers cake aka 九层糕. It is made of glutinous rice flour, coconut and sugar. The first thing that struck me was the small, narrow slice of kueh lapis Sagu. But then again, I reminded myself that they are only selling it for $1. Also, the number of layers is astounding. Instead of 9 layers, there are a whopping 18 layers in each slice! I read online that each layer takes 12 minutes to steam, and each tray of kueh lapis sagu takes almost 4 hours to make from start to finish! I love to peel the kueh layer by layer and slowly savour each layer! As I peeled each layer off, I realised how incredibly stretchy they are. Lina's beautiful kueh lapis sagu is delicious. It is sufficiently sweet without being cloying, unbelievably thin, soft, and stretchy. It is altogether amazing!
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Waffles with Coconut This is so super unique I've never seen waffles with coconut!! :O Its such a tragedy that my gym is located at the top floor and I have to smell all the delicious food in Queensway Shopping Center just before I work out. But my curiosity was piqued by a coconut + waffle combination. Freshly made to order, these pandan waffles were more of the thin and crispy type and was definitely less dense than I was used to. The shredded coconut flakes they used were the same as the one in their tutu kueh, infused with that sweet gula melaka which I am such a sucker for. They are super generous with it, perhaps justifying the $3 price point. It worked surprisingly well; the pancake batter wasn't too sweet and allowed the gula melaka to sweeten up the waffle. The light pandan fragrance of the waffle and coconutty flavor went really well together. And the crispiness of it, in hindsight made the snack really light yet satiating without making me feel too bloated.
Lost Art A shame. The standards of tutu kueh - at pasar malam - have dropped since my younger years and I was hoping a big brand could recreate that. Lau Tan did not. It's hard and the flour was overpowering, everything that bogs down pasar malam tutu kueh.
Thiam Peng
Tutu Kueh Come in set of three, $2 (sweet grated) coconut filling & $2.50 plain. Make fresh of course. Also known as putu piring or kue putu ayu or kue putu mangkok. The stall here also offered peanut filling, chocolate and red bean fillings.
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Teochew Snack Chance upon this Teochew snack place near to Alexandra Food Centre and they actually famous for their snacks. Decided to get some of them and they was surprisingly good and chewy. You shouldn’t miss out buying some if you are here.
Review on Soon Kueh (Turnip Filling aka Mang Guang; $1.20 ea) & (Mini) Ang Ku Kueh Date visited: 12/5/2018 (Sat, 12.45pm) I managed to buy the last box of soon kueh (only 3 left in box). Soon kueh was very delicious. Skin was really soft, not too thick, and slightly chewy - not the translucent/ slightly transparent Hakka-type of skin that I don't like. Turnip filling (aka mang guang filling) was fantastic; fragrant and flavourful. Really love their soon kueh! It is something I will buy again. Wish there's more filling though. But at $1.20 per handmade soon kueh, I'm not complaining. The box of mini ang ku kueh was ok. Skin was soft with a good QQ consistency. Out of the assortment of flavours I got, I actually prefer the coconut filling one; more flavourful than the rest. Sweet mung bean was normal, but then again, sweet mung bean filling was never my favourite. I usually love anything yam-related though(anything with Orh Nee). But the yam one was like the sweet mung bean one; it was actually difficult to tell the filling apart from the skin. Maybe I should have gotten the normal-sized ones. The kuehs are good to keep for 2 days. If you can't finish them on the day you bought them, in the evening, keep them in the fridge and you can still enjoy them the following day (the last day you should eat them).
Rare Find Soon Kueh (S$1.20) which stuffed with bamboo shoots Ku Chai Kueh (Steamed Chive Dumplings) 蒸韭菜果 which stuffed with chives Available at @Kuehs_And_Snacks Preferred the Soon Kueh more as it was rare to find it these days and tasted less raw than the other one. . Kuehs and Snacks 老婶阿嬤潮州果 Address 🏠 : Blk 125 Bukit Merah Lane 1, # 01-164, Singapore 🇸🇬 150 125 Open 💈 : Tue - Sun : 8am - 7pm Tel ☎️ : 6273 5875 Website 🌐 : http://www.kuehsandsnacks.com MRT 🚇 : Redhill (EW18) Note 📝 : Take bus 🚌 service 33, 120 across the MRT
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Set Menu B Considering that Old Street Bak Kut Teh is a restaurant chain located at malls, I think that the quality of the BKT is not shabby at all. With Set Menu B (S$17.10), it’s literally an upgrade of the ribs to the Premium Pork Loin Ribs, and they come with a basket of dough fritters, a bowl of rice and a bowl of Tau Huay. The meat was not too tough for easy tearing with the teeth, and soup is definitely refillable. They also have a condiments bar where chopped chilli, garlic and other sauces are readily available on demand. One thing that I perceive as a double-edged sword is the ordering system, which is by a tablet that is affixed at each table. While it is surely convenient as a food ordering device, it’s a little bothersome to realise that it can only be accessed from one side of the table. So if you come in to look for a “table for one”, just be mindful of where to sit, and then go to the opposite side of the table to retrieve the chopsticks and spoons.
Bak Kut Teh Set ($11.10) Each set comes with rice, you tiau and beancurd. The soup is peppery which helps cut the slight heavy taste of the soup. I could ask for soup refill for many times! Most of the time, I can't finish the beancurd as I get too full at the end of the meal 😅 Definitely value for money!
~ LUNCH ~ Price: ~ $10 per pax Today is gonna be a cold wet day, time for some ba ku teh💕✨can I say, don’t be deterred by the fact that it’s a restaurant/popular franchise. It is legitly good:) The soup is slightly too peppery and oily but the taste is on point. The preserved vegetable is $4.20 but at a closer look, it is huge and contain a generous amount of pork fat and meat! The large portion ba ku teh contains like 6-8 pieces of meat - worth!🤤 They have a condiments bar and also free flow of soup!🌝✨ sometimes I really think it’s more worth the value and a higher quality of food to give these random restaurants a chance and abandon the food courts. ( Hawker centre is a eternal food santuary, no debate there😌✨) #burrple #burrplesg #foodiesg #sgfood #foodgramsg #bakutehsg #wheretoeatsg #whattoeatsg #straitstimesfood #foodinsing #singaporeeats #eatsg #sgeats #foodsg #singaporefood #foodblogsg
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