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[📍Vegepot, Singapore] 2nd time at Vege pot!! Previously reviewed on the red yeast wine mee sua and green curry rice #jylovesvegepot On my quest to find the best thunder tea rice in Singapore and so i decided to head down to Vege pot to give their thunder rice tea a try😊 Featuring: 1) Thunder tea rice TTR ($6.50) - 8/10 -Consists of brown rice (quite well flavoured with mushroom seasoning), topped with long beans, braised tofu, cabbage, carrots, chickpea, sayur manis and preserved raddish (chye poh); served the the thunder tea soup~ -Their thunder tea soup was browner than usual. Personally i felt that the brasil and mint that was prominent but not strong in terms of depth. It was on the savoury side and I felt that its too salty to drink it on its own. However, if you mixed it with the rice and the vegetables, the harmonisation between all the elements was insanely perfect and very hearty! It felt like an homecooked meal filled with warmth and really reminded me of my childhood meal where i mixed everything when my mum cooked 三菜一汤 together. Special shoutout to the braised tofu that is really aromatic -Their thunder tea rice is really different from the usual!! It tastes really more healthy and clean; feeling more like mixed vegetables and rice with soup. If you are looking for something more healthy and willing to try a different type of TTR, i really recommend this. Its not the best that i have ever tried because the ingredients used is quite different from the usual "traditional" version but its definitely the best unique TTR I've tried and topped the spot in terms of homey and hearty feels. THANKS FOR BRINGING BACK MY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES❤ 2) Claypot Sambal fish rice ($6.90) - 6/10 -Their sambal was really flavourful and tasted similar to assam minus the sourness. The spices was really distinct and fragrant. Taste: 3.5/5 Worth it: 3/5 (quite pricey but its homey) Overall: 6.5/10 No go Can go😁 Must go (must go for me in terms of the thunder tea rice YUMSS) #burpple #jyfortunecentreadventure #fortunecentre #jyvegefoodfind #jylovesvegepot #jyeatsout
Jie Yin
[📍Vegepot, Singapore] Finally trying out Fortune's centre vegetarian food~ my aim is to try out most of the different restaurants there 😊 hoping to find my comfort food! First stop: Vegepot We tried: 1) Thai green curry ($6-8) 7.5/10 - With brinjal, tomatoes, tofu, mock fish, long bean and okra; served with brown rice and soup. - It was surprising that even without meat, the curry was flavourful and had so much depth. Glad that it wasnt overly salty :) while the curry wasnt mindblowingly amazing, it was certainly not greasy and tasted like a very hearty homecooked meal. -The soup that served along with the rice was too blend and lacked of flavour. 2) Red yeast wine mee sua ($6-8) 6.5/10 - The red yeast wine soup was abit too sweet for my liking. I was pretty shocked when i first tasted it because it almost felt like i was tasting water with sugar??? And the wine taste was very mild and absent. However, after drinking a few more times, I grew to be okay with the sweetness level and the wine flavour, although very weak, subtly became more prominent. The soup flavour really grows on you. But still am not a big fan of their red yeast wine version because i prefer savoury to sweet soups. Glad that the mee sua didnt became overly soggy even till the end although it was soaked in the soup for quite sometime. Their menu is really extensive~ hoping to try their other specialties like thunder tea rice, sambal petai, bibimbap, ginger mee sua, dumpling ramen and also tofu "oyster" omelette etc in my future visits~ probably can find something i will love hehe Taste: 3.5/5 Worth it: 3/5 (quite pricey considering its all vegetables; but its certainly felt very homecooked and hearty) Overall: 6.5/10 No go Can go😁 Must go #burpple #jyfortunecentreadventure #fortunecentre
Jie Yin
Delicious Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh & Handmade Unagi Handmade Dumpling With Dry Ramen - The soft and springy noodles are drenched in a savoury dark sauce. Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/vege-pot/
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@sanobargilagula halal restaurant that served Lebanese Cuisine and Local Delights dishes. . Location: @sanobargilagula 48 Kandahar Street Singapore 198899 . #sanobargilagula #burpple #burpplesg
Sanobar-Gila Gula 🍵🥄 [HighTea] ⬇️ Authentic Lebanese Cuisine ⬇️ . Featuring the following: ▪️Kunafa ($12.90) ▪️Arayes ($19.90) ▪️Gorpis Ondeh ($10.90) . Sitauted along 48 Kandahar Street, 10mins walk from Bugis/Jalan Besar MRT, @sanobargilagula is offering their high tea from 2.30pm till 5.30pm daily (closed on Monday) with a garden theme atmosphere! . My favourite of all is their Gorpis Ondeh, the best seller that you should order with goreng pisang (banana fritters) with shredded cheese, coconut, pandan and gula melaka. Their Arayes was good too, it is a lebanese pita sandwich stuffed with minced lamb, fresh tomatos and spices. . To end off the meal, I will recommend Kunafa, it's a Middle East version of cheese Danish, topped with pastry and soaked in sweet syrup. Yummy! 😋 . Thank you @nikolai_wee for the invite and @sanobargilagula for having us! 🙆🏻‍♂️ . #sgfood #sanobargilagula #lebanese #dessert #halalsg #halal #halalfood #foodie #instafood #tslmakan #8dayseat #local #burpple #foodies #singapore #singaporeinsiders #burpplesg #eatsnapsg #ashleynoms #foodreviewsmr #hungrygowhere #vsco #vscofood #vscomcam #throwback
@sanobargilagula , collaboration between Sanobar (Lebanese Restaurant) with Gila Gula (Local delights), located at Kandahar street. Feature one of their signature dish : Lamb Mandi. Tender lamb served with rice and a special blend of spices called Hawaij.. 💰$28.9 📍Sanobar Gila Gula. 48 Kandahar St.
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New Rong Liang Ge Cantonese Roast Duck Double Boiled Soup. Located at 269B Queen St, 3838 Eating Place, Singapore 182269. . . . Char Siew & Roast Pork Rice, $3. Messy plate of white rice covered with dark gravy over a bed of charred grilled Char Siew & crispy roast pork! Crispy pork belly is roasted to crispiness with nicely ratio fats and meat that’s not too oily for our liking. Charred grilled char siew has some burnt smoky edges that’s so tender! Best combination when paired with their tasty chilli sauce! . . . #hungryunicornsg #newrongliangge #newronglianggecantoneseroastedduckdoubleboiledsoup #charsiewroastporkrice #charsiew #roastpork
Char Siew And Roasted Pork Rice Hands down my most favourite char siew and roasted pork rice place! At just $3, you get what you see in the picture. The meat were tender and savory while the sauce and chilli perfected it. It's a must try if you're in the area.
roast meat rice ($2.50) for its competitive price tag, this is a really good plate of roast meat rice. not only are the portions generous, it’s delicious as well. the roast meat boasts a good ratio of lean meat to fats, providing a tender chewiness throughout, as well as a crisp, crackling layer of caramelised skin. the smoky yet sweet dark sauce mixes well with the chili that carries a mild spice; making for an overall comforting meal. despite the crowded and humid coffee shop environment, this affordable plate of rice will make the wait worth it. rating: 4/5
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