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Udon With Cabbage & Egg $6 (top Up $1 For Broccoli) (Opt In Or Opt Out For Onion)🥦 First time we wanted to try this but browsed through their menu and saw no vegetarian option so we went away. This second time we checked the screen & found only fried rice for vegetarian. 🧐 We decide to ask their staff if they can do us vegetarian udon. The staff says we can go for Classics (with cabbage, onion & egg) and top up $1 for broccoli. The packaging looks good but the taste is what matters to us! 😼 . The wokhei aroma is strong even after 10 mins commuting time. We try the flavour and it is far from bland (as some might suggest). It’s actually a plus point as we think we can spice it up ourselves using ground chilli 🌶. Two things we wish from @wokheysg is a clearer menu for vegetarians & please give us some condiments so we don’t need to use our own. 😜 We can only tell for udon but will be back for fried rice when we fancy.👌
Shanghai Fried Rice With Shrimp ($7.30 + Add Ons) I’ve not eaten at Wok Hey for a while but it still seems to be a crowd favourite. Although the queues have mellowed down since their opening, we still had five people before us waiting for their orders. I got my usual Shanghai Fried Rice with Shrimp with nai bai, broccoli and tobikko. Each add-on is $1, and I highly recommend getting the tobikko because they’re very generous with it for a dollar! Plus, who doesn’t love tobikko?! I opted for brown rice instead of Japanese white rice at no extra charge, which was awesome. I love the extra bite in brown rice, but some places charge more for it. You get an option for spicy or non-spicy, where a dollop of chilli oil will be spooned into your box later. I recommend this if you like spicy stuff! Once your order is placed into the queue, you can wait by the frying station and watch the chefs work their magic. This is a purely takeaway stall, so everyone’s orders are packed into iconic American “Chinese takeout” containers (psst, Wok Hey has even taken it up a notch and made a Singaporean design on their container box). While it would be awesome to have this hot and fresh off the wok, it was still very good even after it had cooled down once we reached home. I really liked the generous amounts of tobikko provided, and there’s quite a good amount of crystal prawns for $7.30. The Nai bai adds a nice crunch to the savoury Shanghai fried rice, whereas the broccoli was soft and easy to chew. Not the crunchy broccoli I’m used to, but I don’t hate it. Overall very yummy meal that’s convenient to get for lunch or on the way back home!
Wok... Hey There Note: I had it at bugis junction basement not hougang mall as stated... Hey, I’m new here Suitable for: If you are rushing for an appt around in bugis and you are craving for some comfort food. Damage done: 7 to 10, depending of what additional vegetables you add. USP: The flavouring done right and they really wo(r)ked in front of you. I favoured the udon over fried rice which should be paired with the dark sauce.
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Not Impressed Heard so much about their food and has been wanting to come for a while now. Finally headed down for lunch around 3+ with an empty stomach so I ordered quite a bit: beef rendang, vegetables lodeh, sambal goreng, sotong, ayam bakar and bergedil for two pax. Was so hungry that i forgot to snap a pic. Overall, their food was quite salty, especially the rendang. Not sure if it was just that day but couldn’t bring myself to finish it as other dishes was salty as well.. even the bergedil. Weird. Other dishes were really mediocre and even the chili was pretty mild and do not have the kick to it. Despite being pricier, I will choose Hajjah Maimunah anyday for the variety and taste. Honestly, very disappointed :(
My version of comfort food. . | While their stall front was serving small dishes to walk in like myself, they loading containers and containers of takeaways to cars. . | Everything was good but just the ayam Masak was rather cold. The spices used in the dishes gave a good kick to the palate. Right before my mouth was on fire, the milk tea came to the rescue.
Ikan Panggang The popular "Ikan Panggang" at this famous eatery comes doused in inky "kicap manis" and smothered in chunkily-chopped raw onions and chillies. A splotch of "sambal belado" completes the essential condiments. I did, however, detect a lack of smokiness and that essential blackened char to the fish skin in today's order. Which left me a little disappointed I have to say. Hopefully, it's just a one-off.
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