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Had a craving for this ever-popular prawn mee and ordered their prawn and pork ribs noodles ($5.90). Their highlight is of course their intensenly concentrated prawn broth, with that mouth-watering murkiness. But I wanted to try the dried noodles. - The dried noodles were actually really good too. The noodles achieved the right amount of firmness and chewiness, whilst the chili was absolutely flavourful and robust, also delivering a strong potent kick of heat. Topped with some fragrant shallots and pork lard, the crunchiness of these components brought out a delightful mix of textures. - The pork ribs were also immaculately cooked to a crazily satisfying tenderness. The prawns though, were decent but nothing special. It is really a great bowl of prawn mee, and you can understand the crowd it draws.
Jumbo Prawn & Pork Ribs Noodle (Dry, $10.90 + $1 Pig Skin) When at Blanco Court, find a table and take note of the table number before placing your order at the cashier! Ordered the Jumbo Prawn & Pork Ribs noodle dry with kuay tiao and added on pig skin at $1. Service is quite fast, and we were quickly served with our bowls of mouth-wateringly good prawn noodles. The jumbo prawns are really HUGE. In this combo, you get three halves of the prawns and four pieces of pork ribs. It helps that they’re sliced longitudinally so it’s easy to pry the meat out of the shell. Hidden under all that meat is a layer of damn good sambal chilli laying atop a bed of noodles and beansprouts. Upon mixing the chilli into the noodles, I saw only red - that was how generous they were with the chilli, and that’s great because it’s spicy, yet slightly sweet at the same time. It tasted like a fiery sambal chilli that gives you a real flavour kick in the mouth, with a mellower ketchup aftertaste to soothe the flames. So addictively good. Almost everything in this bowl was perfection. I loved the fresh jumbo prawns, the sambal-slick noodles, crunchy beansprouts, aromatic shallots, and the add-on pig skin. The only thing I felt could be improved was the pork ribs, which weren’t as tender or fall-off-the-bone as I would’ve liked, but weren’t dry or hard by any means. Now, the prawn broth makes or breaks a prawn noodle dish, and Blanco Court serves up the thickest prawn broth I’ve ever seen or tasted. Seriously, the bowl of soup is so thick that it’s completely opaque. It’s packed full of prawn sweetness, and is hands down the best prawn noodle soup I’ve ever had. I used to eat Adam Road Prawn Noodles religiously but their standards have been quite inconsistent for a while, and their prawn broth has never remotely reached this level of thickness. Blanco Court Prawn Noodle has taken over the helm for where I’d go for my prawn noodle fix! Sadly, the ngoh hiang stall was closed when we visited (probably due to the Vesak Day long weekend). I’m itching to revisit to eat these prawn noodles again with some ngoh hiang on the side!
Blanco Court Prawn Mee This has to be the best prawn mee in Singapore. Robust flavours and sweet, firm prawns will surely give you an explosion of flavours in your mouth. The soup was packed full of prawn-y goodness and has a depth of flavour.
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Nasi Lemak Set Qiji still meets the cut .... Although the rice was dry and quite lifeless .... The condiments more than made up for it . The chicken wing was served fresh - juicy , crisp and not greasy . The otah was really outstanding - lots of flavour and texture . The cucumber was freshly sliced . The chilli was good, good, good ..... Just look out for which qiji you go to ... the one at Star Vista is to be avoided because food standards are bad . Just stick to the Bugis village one - you will be quite safe .
Tauhu Goreng I simply love homegrown brand qiji for a fuss free meal. I found that besides the Longtong, the tahu goreng served here is also pretty good. The star of the dish is really the tahu goreng sauce which has a good balance of a tinge of sourish ( from Assam or lime juice ) and sweetness. The Tauhu cubes are fried to perfection with a good content of moisture still retained within. The generous amount of shredded cucumber and carrots and bean sprouts makes this a complete meal on its own .
Local fare Everyone knows QiJi for serving good local cuisines at reasonable prices! Now you are able to satisfy your late night cravings easily at their new outlet on the corner of Syed Alwi road (beside Swee Choon dim sum) Rating: 7.2/10 Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes Pros: Nice new local cafe to have teabreaks and casual catch-up sessions. Opens till 3am & 4am (wkends). Have both indoor/outdoor seating with ceiling fans. Very comfortable. Food-wise pretty standard local fare. Mee siam i had was flavoursome & isn't the spicy sort which i prefer. Cons: High MSG content. I'm not familiar with mee siam but there's not much ingredients inside, just an egg, a few sprinkles of tau pok & beansprouts. Some of you, especially guys, may not find it filling enough. Price: S$5.90 - mee siam, lime juice
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Roast Delights New Rong Liang Ge Cantonese Roast- A place where Roast Meat Unites! You Name it, Most Probably they have it!. • Jumped in the queue together earlier this afternoon was really crazy idea! Queue starts as early as 11am! Be it Office Crowd, Tourist or Our Daily Pioneer Generations whom love Roasted Delights are all starting to join in the madness queue!. • After a good 15 Mins Wait, Which was considered fast compared to the others, Our plate of Char Siew Roast Meat Rice was served! Not aesthetically plated but you'll find a handful Worth of Meat Placed above the Rice with Dark Sweet Sauce slathered around it!. • Was it Nice? I guess Meat was unevenly Charred but some of the texture was really good and together with the sweet sauce and their chilli, It was Ultimate Shiok-Ness!. With Only 3 Bucks! I'm Sold!.
Shio Ba, Char Siew, Shio Arh! This is my favourite roasted meat stall in Singapore! The meats are all roasted to perfection and well-marinated. This is definitely my go to place for roasted meats! 😋 What's also worth highlighting is how they've managed to keep the prices so affordable after all these years and at such a prime coffee shop location. Despite the long queues, the owners have not taken advantage to increase prices (unlike some other roasted meat stall @ old airport road). IMHO, this is truly admirable as they've definitely thought about their customers & the residents (mainly old folks) living in the vicinity. Kudos to them for their thoughtfulness! 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 Rating: 5/5
Char Siew & Roasted Pork Rice [$3] I always go for my fav Jalan Tua Kong Lau Lim Mee Pok whenever here, but since I’ve had that for breakfast earlier the day, it gave me a reason to finally try this never ending long queue stall! Couldn’t decide on what meat so the duo mix was the best option. They’re very popular for their plates of rice drenched in their dark sweet sauce which was a little too sweet for me, but still shiok. Thought the crispy and tender roasted pork did better than their slightly chewy char siew, but it’s still super value for money! Saw the glistening chunks of roasted duck on other diners’ plates and I’ll surely get that next visit. They also have a whole range of double boiled soup that starts at an affordable $2.50.
Wei Zhi
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No milk Bistro Craving for some comforting fish soup to warm yourself up, Look no further as No Milk provides just that. They're a bit similar to Ka Soh Restaurant with their ways of cooking the fish bones for hours to turn the soup into this milky broth but I find that the soup was lighter in terms of flavor. While you're there, you may want to pop by the second floor for the bistro to get some bar bites along with drinks. Here are some of the recommended items: Homemade Black Charsiu ($12.80) Grilled Pork Belly ($12.80) Deep Fried Chicken Wings ($14.80) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Thanks, @esth3r_esth3r for the invite and @nomilksg @whitelabelpr for hosting us.
Mala Noodles @ 8 Nett I thought the mala noodles was the out one out given how this eatery specialises in fish soup. I ordered it out of novelty and did have much expectations for it. But I changed my mind when I tried the well marinated pork belly slices as it was so tender and soft. The noodles too went so well with the mala sauce that I was so tempted to get another bowl!
Sliced Fish Soup @ 6 Nett Okay here is the thing: I really rarely rave about fish soup because most taste rather similar and it's rather hard to come up with a distinct differentiator. No milk's version might taste simple but it gets more addictive with each month. I thought long about why their formula was a winning one and it occurred to me that it was actually the perfect combination of the all the ingredients put together. Their homemade chilli sauce deserves a honorable mention as it packs some zest and flavour into the soft fish slices. I added the tofu floss for an additional $1 for an added texture and it was really soft but you could taste the crisp in the broth. The staff are also a super friendly bunch who offered more soup when they saw how much I was enjoying it; totally made my night. I foresee myself popping by more often for a comforting bowl of fish soup!
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[jelly星期三] It’s a yummi-licious Saturday last weekend as I participated in @DurianBB.sg very first Durian Party in Singapore held at Agrobazaar, along Sultan gate. We had the luscious, King of fruit, over 2 hours and total durian weight of 80 tonnes!! • • Cultivars including D158, D101, D13, D24 XO and Musang King. After the sampler plate of 5, I concluded that my votes were to D24 XO and Musang King. D24 XO was priority for me. Bitter, wet and slurppily good. For the local favorite Musang king, no introduction needed as you guys already jolly know the yummy characteristics! We were given so much Musang king!! Pampered! • • Although the party was over for now, but you could still head down to Cold Storage supermarkets to purchase DurianBB Musang King ice cream popsicles/cups. • • Thank you DurianBB for hosting us and @blancheeze for the invite 😍
Ikan 3 Rasa "Ikan 3 Rasa" - 3 Flavor Fish I just love the sweet, sour and spicy taste from this crispy fried fish. Although i do not fancy eating fish but this meal just blow my mind off. I can just keep on eating this with a plate of hot plain rice. Is definitely a must when i visit here again. ❤️ it!!
Durian Chendol $4 Interesting produce shop selling organic fruit and vegetables along with snacks, pastes and sauces from Malaysia. There's an attached cafe that serves nasi lemak and chendol amongst other things. We opted for the durian chendol which came with a heapful of ingredients and pretty pungent durian. On first scoop the coconut milk tasted watery and bland, then I realized all the gula melaka was sitting at the bottom. It was difficult to mix everything up as well since the glass was full to the brim. It was alright, but not the best chendol I've had.
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