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One Of The Better Ones Went for the Sunday Dinner Buffet. First of all, Super classy and gorgeous setting. Staffs were extremely friendly and helpful and attentive too! Double thumbs up👍👍 Onto the food, fresh seafood available such as King Crab legs and mussels and loved the oysters!! Local cuisines were done well (Laksa and Char Siew) the Chili Crab sauce was too starchy and sort of sour but still loved it with the mantou and the crab was 👍Special shoutout to the popiah which is unique as there was a good prawn taste to it and crunchy bits. Definitely love it!! Except the satay which the meat were too tough and sauce were too thick. My favourite of the night was the Wagyu Beef with the Truffle Mashed Potato, so so good especially with the mushroom sauce. If only I wasn’t already full, would have more of it. 👌 The dessert however, mostly was a let down😕... with the coconut sorbet I suspect they used coconut milk?! 😰 It was really bad. Two of the good ones was the Pandan pie cake and highly recommend the peanut wrap which comes with taro ice cream inside. Heavenly 🤤 Ended of with a complimentary chocolate cake for a birthday celebration which was pretty good. Overall a pretty good experience and might return but the desserts have more room for improvement
Delightful Cheese Room Brunch at the Colony is a very, special treat. The champagne, the oysters, the seafood are all grand. But the grandest part of all is the cheese buffet ... imagine a room just full of French cheeses! Have been a couple of times and will be back again. http://bossyflossie.com/colony-restaurant-champagne-brunch/
amazing variety and quality super fresh seafood!!! really enjoyed the lobsters and oysters. they had food from all types of cuisines: from japanese to indian, italian to chinese. the dessert bar and cheese bar were unforgettable too
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🎶Wow, FANtastic baby~🎶 . Fancy some piping hot Sha Bo / Bao Zai FAN (claypot rice)? 😍😍😍 It’s been a while since I last had a good pot of claypot rice (not counting the lousy one I had at Malaysia Boleh at AMK Hub) so it was indeed delightful to savour this Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice ($11) at Malaysian Food Street at RWS! 👍🏻 . Cooked over charcoal fire, the rice was incredibly loose & flavourful when mixed with the generous amount of sauce which has a good mix of sweet & savoury (leaning towards the latter which I really like!) 😋😋😋 The best part – THOSE BURNT RICE that are super fragrant & crispy!! ❤ Who cares about carcinogens - I just gotta scrap these gems off & polish them clean. ✔ Accompanied with some lup cheong (Chinese wax sausages) & huge chicken chunks which were well-marinated & quite tender, this made both a filling & fulfilling meal! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 . Ended my meal on a sweet note with Taiwanese Tau Suan ($5)! 🤤🤤🤤 Featuring fine shaved ice slathered with tau suan (mung beans), chewy black tapioca pearls, sweet attap chee, slippery grass jelly & huge red beans, flavoured with evaporated/coconut milk & palm sugar syrup, just mix everything up & indulge in this sweet treat! 💕 Tasted just like chendol especially when the ice melts as the aromatic palm sugar syrup dominated the bowl, which I totally didn’t mind. 😋 . In the background is my handy @gastonluga backpack that I’m bringing everywhere cuz it’s super versatile & chic. 😎😎😎 Quote <serenetomato> to enjoy 15% off all Gaston Luga products, with free shipping & free tote bag till 3 Jun 2019! Don’t say bojio~ 👌🏻
🎶I just haven’t met you YET~🎶 . Would you love some Ayam PenYET? 😍😍😍 Here at RSW Street Eats, you’ll be scooting over to Waroeng Kita from Jakarta, which brings you their East Javanese style Ayam Penyet Belado (smashed fried chicken with spicy sambal) at $8.50! 👏🏻 . Just who can resist some perfectly crispy chicken fried to golden brown – I sure couldn’t! 🤤🤤🤤 The well-marinated and meaty chicken thigh was tender and moist, making it a satisfying experience chomping down the meats! 💕 . Don’t be deceived by that spam of chilli 🌶 – it is not spicy at all! Perfect for those who can’t handle spice well but it sure was a miss for me. ❌ It would definitely be more shiok if the chilli carried a fiery kick! 👌🏻 . Find this at RWS Street Eats at RWS Malaysian Food Street - LAST DAY today! 😊
🎶Tell me when will you be mine~ Tell me CHENDOL CHENDOL CHENDOL~🎶 . No meal is complete without some desserts right? Here at RWS Street Eats, you’ll be utterly spilt for choice! 😍😍😍 . Tuck into a bowl of Durian CHENDOL which comes with a generous serving of durian puree atop the aromatic pandan jelly & soft adzuki beans covering the fine shaved ice drizzled with coconut milk! 💚💚💚 It will be equally enjoyable to have some Ice Kacang with grass jelly, sweet corn, kidney beans & attap chee drenched over cooling shaved ice. 💕 Perfect to combat the sweltering heat! For those going for the traditional taste, go for the coconut tarts in flaky pastry base, or the wide array of nyonya kuehs from Molly’s Kueh. 😋 . If you’re looking for a lighter treat, Mango Passionfruit Soft Serve ($6) or Durian Soft Serve ($8) by @TheWickedCream.sg would be your thing! 🍦🍦🍦 Alternatively, indulge in a Melon Bowl ($15) 🍈 that gives you the natural sweetness of melons with roasted ice cream s’mores, popping juice pearls & an ice cream cone for décor. 🤤🤤🤤 . Up your IG-game by laying your hands on the artisanal handmade floral jelly cakes from @WishingUponACake (heart-shaped at $15, mini flower domes at $16/$28/$40 for box of 2/4/6). 🤩🤩🤩 Coming in flavours such as Apple, Lychee, Mango & Passionfruit etc., I’m super impressed by how intricate & exquisite they are! 👏🏻 You can also customize your agar agar cakes, just like this Unicorn one! Certainly a great gift option! 💯 . Enjoy these desserts at RWS Street Eats at RWS Malaysian Food Street, happening now till 12 May only! 😊
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