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Penang Char Kway Teow ($5.50) Aromatic "wok-hei" permeated the oodles of noodles completely. And because it was relatively grease-free, I hardly felt the twinge of guilt that usually accompanies the act of me falling face first into a plate of "char kway teow". The only thing I would change about this is the beansprouts. They could do with some fattening up.
Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun Soup ($4.50) I have walked past here several times at night and it's always full of customers feasting on their steaming hot pots of "Malacca Satay Lok Lok". I haven't tried it for myself so I can't comment but I did have their "Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun Soup" and it was really satisfying. They're generous with the smooth rice noodles - almost too generous in fact. And although the plentiful shredded chicken breast meat was a bit on the stringy side, all was forgiven when I sipped the soup. It was clear but full of flavour, and it had crispy bits of fried pork lard in it! Ok, anything with fried pork lard gets me beaming, so I was immediately nodding my head happily as I sucked up every drop of soup from the bowl. They also have this wonderful spicy chicken rice chilli sauce which went very well with the "hor fun" and shredded chicken. Another plus point is they are open till 2am every single night so I know where to go if I feel like having a healthy supper :)
Malacca Satay Lok Lok Located at Tanjong Katong. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Overall the food is just normal... Buffet price about $26.80 per adult..
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Abacus Seeds 2.5 Quite average and doesnt quite have the usual chewy texture, this one was slightly mushy.
Went a little Ku Ku when I devoured the Kueh... was also slightly Ang-ry at myself for not having tried this sooner... . . Yesterday, I got to try some kuehs for the first time from @pohcheukitchen. It was an impromptu decision to go down for some kuehs with my friend and it was a decision that I did not regret. I managed to try the yam ang ku kueh which I really loved a lot as it was not too sweet and the filling was generous. Imagine having orh ni but enclosed in a thin and delectable layer of ku kueh skin. Splendid! I had the peanut one which was pretty normal but still delicious nonetheless. The one with the mung bean paste filling was slightly too dry for my liking and I have had better (read more about it below). The soon kueh, bamboo shoot kueh, koo chye kueh, and png kueh were also pretty good too. You could tell that they use plenty of dried shrimps when you bite down on the kueh and that is one of the reason for the fragrance it emits. Many places sell kuehs with skin that is too thick which diminishes the quality of the kuehs in my opinion. Not here though, as the skin for all the kuehs that I bought were appropriately thin. I will definitely be back to get all 12 flavours of ang ku kuehs! Too many flavours, too little room in the stomach! 😂 . . I once had a discussion with @traditionalfoodhero and @ariane.le about what I would choose to have as part of dessert for my last meal (if I had a choice). I said that my aunt's Ang Ku Kueh, which she used to make for friends and family on special occasions, would definitely top the list. I love Ang Ku Kueh ever since young mostly because of my aunt but I haven't had nice ones for a long time because my aunt is now too old to make her signature Ang Ku Kueh. I would say that I am quite particular about my ang ku kuehs and my favourite would be the mung bean paste ang ku kuehs made by my aunt. Mung bean paste ang ku kuehs were my aunt's signature and they are the best I have ever had. People often attempt to pay my aunt for her to make it in batches but she always rejects the offers. Making ang ku kueh is extremely tedious but I guess my aunt's love for the family is stronger, thus only making it for us. 😅
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A Myriad Of Flavors This place offers a large variety of flavors - from the traditional such as peanut, green bean to the less seen (pineapple, durian). I loved how soft the skin was across all the flavors I tried. Pictured here: Peanut, Coconut, Red Bean and Yam (all flavors $1.10 each).
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Craving for this Mango Snow Mountain from @wangyuancafe. It’s perfect dessert for this hot weather. Mountain of Shave ice with mango pudding jelly, mango-flavored popping bobas, Fresh Thai honey mangoes, house-made mango sauce and mango ice cream, and top with savoury milk cap mousse. I really like the light savoury mousse and bobas in this dessert. 📍Wang Yuan Dessert and Coffee. 33 Keong Saik Road⠀⠀
Once in that while, you have favourites that you are reminded of and are hit by a craving for a good one. Nasi Lemak is one of these dishes for me. 💫 忘不了this Nasi Lemak with Chicken Katsu Cutlet. Crisp outside, succulent chicken cutlet with a homemade sambal belacan chilli that is aromatic and packs a mild heat. The most alluring has to be that pandan green nasi lemak rice. Makes for a satisfying plate. 💫 Part of the lunch sets they have on weekdays, and $8 for this ala carte at this cafe that is comfortable to kick back whether alone or with a group of colleagues. The menu is an extensive mix from local-western be it the coffees or the desserts including shaved ice. #wangyuancafe #herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg thanks @foodinsing for sharing the yummy bites. #outrampark
Let's Eat Mains 😋 ✦Seafood Laksa Risott0 ($15.8O) str0ng in taste, light 0n é palate with fresh seaf00d! iateoneprawnandimfine 😝 ✦Seaf00d Deluxe Laksa ($14.8O) adding m0re seaf00d 0r ingredients t0 traditi0nal laksa i think…é br0th is sweet but can be m0re spicy 😅 ✦Y0ng Tau F00 k0s0ng with piping h0t vegetable s0up s0up n0t 0ily…i usually d0n't drink s0up but this was different, light! 0f c0s + fresh ingredients ($7) 0verall a lil' pricey esp ytf & waiting time f0r laksa is ard 2Omins fyi but no gst/svc • • • • • • • • • • #wangyuancafe #laksa #cafehopping #cafehoppingsg #cafesg #sgcafes #sgcafefood #sgfood #sgfoodie #sgfoodies #sgeats #sgeatout #sgig #igsg #foodporn #foodspotting #foodinsing #foodie #instafoodsg #8dayseat #jiaklocal #burpple #burpplesg #swweats #hungrygowhere #whati8today #eatbooksg #hangrysg #shiokfoodfind #izumi生日
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