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All Day Set Not the best mian jian Guo I have eaten but good enough . The kueh would have been better if it was softer and less dense but the peanut filling was commendable - not too sweet and it was luxuriously flowy and gooey - not hard and dry although it was left out sitting in the cold 🥶 The eggs were not hot too .... But for 3 dollars with a drink included - this was indeed pretty value for money for a quick bite.
Hakka Karni Bowl Returned back to Ah Lock & Co. to get my hands on their Hakka Karni Bowl. Created for the meat lovers, the Hakka Karni Bowl features all the different types of meats available at Ah Lock & Co., from Hakka Pork, to Hakka Meatballs and their all-time favourite Hakka Tofu less the greens served atop the same short-grained rice as all the other rice bowls that they have to offer. Having enjoyed the meats in the Hakka Tofu Bowl and Hakka Pork Bowl, the Hakka Karni Bowl was certainly satiating with fried silken tofu that is stuffed with pork for a meaty bite, juicy Hakka Meatballs which were crisp on the exterior and easy to chew within, and the Hakka Pork that comes with a bite without being too porky or tough to bite, whilst also being crisp on the exterior. Still prefer the Hakka Tofu Bowl overall; the Manicai and the other greens provide a good break amidst all the meatiness that gives a better contrast of flavours (aside from being that signature dish of theirs since Day One at Yishun Park Hawker Centre as Ah Lock Tofu), but the Hakka Karni Bowl would certainly do well for those who just simply wants to go for the meat and can't really be bothered about their vegetables; a meat lover's dream!
Xing Wei
Hakka Tofu Bowl from Ah Lock & Co (@ahlocknco). The juicy meatballs were a cross between luncheon meat and ngoh hiang, while elsewhere the titular tofu possessed a savoury, meaty quality and the slitheringly luscious greens played it all sorts of eloquent economic rice joy. 4/5
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Chendol Bingsu ($11.90+ Sharing Portion) The starkly green pandan jelly was too much to be completely natural but I did toast hints of pandan in them. That aside everything else in the bowl made this a good rendition- tribute to the chendol we are familiar with as Singaporeans; unadulterated ingredient include red beans, Gula Melaka sauce and coconut milk.
Penang Bagus! Really interesting concept of Korean and Penang food fusion. We tried their penang char kway teow (this is the upsized version) and it was full of wok hei and flavour despite missing the dark sauce! We also tried the Assam laksa which had a tangy and flavourful broth, really delicious! Highly recommend trying both these dishes and since it’s on Burpple Beyond you can get both for the price of one which is an absolute steal!! We also tried the chendol bingsu which is traditional flavours with a modern fusion twist and this was pretty delicious too 😛 #burpplesg #burpple #burpplebeyond
Penang, Tze Char, Korean Goodness 😋 Seeing the snaking queue of their neighbor Punggol Nasi Lemak, Penang Bagus’ business paled in comparison. Besides a middle-aged couple, we were the only customers on a Saturday evening. They serve a mixture of Penang, Tze Char and Korean food...doesn’t that make you want to try it already??? hehe. Prices are quite ok too – penang specials are around $6, $7 while tze chars are like $8.90, $11.90 ish. Here’s what we had: 🥓Lor Bak Pork in beancurd skin served with tau gua, century egg and fishball. 🍤Penang Prawn Mee (Upsized) Nice!!! Prawns were big and fresh. A nice mix of yellow noodles and beehoon. 🥦3 Egg Spinach This was a pleasant surprise - it doubled as a light soup as well hehe. 🍖Mongolian Pork Ribs $11.90 Really good and generous (~10 pieces 😯)!! Sauce was rich and flavorful (and perhaps a bit too much) and the meat was cooked perfectly. Used beyond (penang special w drink set and Tze char) and added up to $27 only 😱 Felt so bad bc it was so cheap haha but will definitely come back!!! Totally wont mind paying the original price. And would try the Korean dishes such as bingsu and toast 👀 service is good too the aunty introduced their homemade chili and recommended the curry fish head for our next visit.
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The best way to learn about durians is to eat more. Thanks to @bing_leow who included us in her durian masterclass by @pricklysensations! We had 13 different types of durian this afternoon. Never have I eaten so many durians in my life! What’s your favorite type of durian?
Review on MSW Durians (Top:$16/kg & Bottom:$20/kg) Back for more MSW! Date visited: 7/7/2018 (Sat, 9:30pm) It is definitely much more crowded at 227 Katong Durian on weekends. There are a lot of people waiting in line (for takeaway). It is actually a lot faster to just dine-in. All other varieties of durians were sold out by the time we reached. There’s only MSW left. So we tried 3 MSW durians ($16/kg). Came up to 5.5kg ($80) and 1 MSW durian ($20/kg). MSW durians... good as always. For the $16/kg ones, the level of sweetness/ bittersweetness varies across the different ones we got. Some are more sweet than bitter and some are more bittersweet than sweet. The $20 prob tasted like the one where it is more a bit better that the one that is most bitter(sweet) but more fragrant and creamy. Thicker flesh definitely. So good!!!
Review on Red Prawn ($8/kg) & MSW ($16/kg) Durians Date visited: 5/7/2018 (Thu, 6:15pm) According to The Straits Times (5/7/2018), now is the best time to have durians (again) due to an abundant/ (over)supply of durians from M’sia (because of the hot weather). Cheap and good durians are definitely worth splurging one’s calories on. There is a short stretch of (parallel) parking (lots) just right outside the shop, but it would be better to park nearby and walk a short distance instead. Really love my experience at 227 Katong Durian (after an unpleasant one at Geylang). Humble, hardworking, reliable sellers who are not pushy at all. The (seating at the) shop is clean, air conditioned and comfortable. Like most other durian places, they provide (disposable) gloves, salt and tissues for your convenience (if you need). Today, there’s only 2 of us. So, we told the seller to choose a durian for us and that we didn’t want something that’s too big (definitely not 7kg 🤣). We prefer something sweet with a tinge of bittersweetness, but definitely not something too bitter. The red prawn durians they have are all slightly bigger, but at 2kg, they are perfectly acceptable. We had one of that. The red prawn durian was smooth in texture, creamy, had a honeyed taste with a very slight subtle hint of bitterness. It still leaves a sweet aftertaste. Delicious! Most of the seeds are small as well. The MSW durian chosen was slightly smaller at 1kg++. Opening up, we could smell the sweet aroma. The MSW is sweet (only slightly bitter) and the flesh is rich and mostly creamy. Most of the seeds are flat. We also ordered two coconut drinks (fresh young coconuts) and the total cost for 1Red Prawn, 1MSW and 2 coconuts came up to $40. Worth it. When I reached home at night, while searching for other reliable durian sellers online, I was pleasantly surprised to find 227 Katong durian on Makansutra’s list of (TOP) 5 reliable durian sellers. This is a place I will visit again.
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So the durian feast begins! I’ve learnt that you consume durians according to intensity, ending with the most intense flavoured cultivars. Started off with D13 which was sweet, before moving on to the Golden Phoenix with its pale yellow bittersweet softer flesh. Ended with Wang Zhong Wang which surprisingly had an almost alcoholic bitterness that lingered on.
[Invited Tasting] The Durian Story @the_durian_story _ BLACK GOLD. Dubbed as the “Truffle” of durian. Thick flesh, bittersweet, intense flavour of liquor, with aftertaste notes of coffee, chocolate and toffee. For all Durian lovers, try this once and you will never look at other durians. _ Reservations is strongly recommended as supplies are limited. _ The Durian Story Blk 151 Serangoon North Ave 2 # 01-11 S550151 Tel: 8797 6699 Opening hours: 1pm - 10pm Email: [email protected] _ Thank you @esth3r_esth3r for the invite; Jonathan of @the_durian_story for the durian treat _ #thedurianstory #sqtop_mediainvite #sqtop_mediatasting #sqtop_foodtasting #sqtop_durian #burpple #burpplesg
Black Gold Black Gold ($20/kg) . Throwback to last night’s much anticipated virgin taste of the black gold @the_durian_story . The rich smooth creamy texture with its pungent aroma and bittersweet taste gives me what I call a “close eyes, tilt head” experience! The ginormous size of this was too much for us. Thankfully, we could conveniently vacuum pack the rest home and save this for another day. Reservations are strogly recommended as there was none for sale to walk-ins yesterday.
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