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Pistachio ($5.20) & Strawberry Marshmallow ($4.70) Omg! Pistachio is a must try! While the Strawberry Marshmallow evokes a sense of nostalgia.
Double Scoop Gelato Waffle Time to get creamed with Everton Creamery’s Pistachio and Dark Chocolate gelato. Some pretty decent and solid scoops with maple syrup on the side make for some serious waffle lovin’. I mean, pistachio ice cream with pistachio nut bits? I’m sold, and you should be too. Now, who’s that whispering about dark chocolate fantasies...
Surprisingly Good Affogato! My family ate less for our main lunch to save space for desserts 😂😂 We had waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream (Pistachio and Apple Sourcream)- SGD13 and Affogato with Vanilla Cookies and Cream- SGD7. Though the ice cream is of good quality, I found the ice cream flavours to be pretty average. My siblings and I had a hard time deciding on what flavours to choose for our waffles because we didn't particularly like any that much. Lo and behold, the waffles with maple syrup turned out to be really great though! Too bad it was a pretty small piece of waffles with way too much ice cream actually. The Affogato definitely deserves a mention and credits though! Normally cafes serve Affogato with just espresso and one scoop of store bought vanilla ice cream. For this, you can choose any one scoop of ice cream and it comes with whipped cream as well as some salty nibbles. The bitter coffee and sweet ice cream complemented each other really well and tasted heavenly together 😋😋 Though the coffee could have been stronger and more bitter.
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Customizable TGB Bowl This cost $11.50 and I had a base of soba noodles, a protein of smoked salmon and topped with edamame, onsen egg, carrot, cherry tomato and wakame seaweed. I also had a creamy dressing of honey mustard. It's served in the cutest heart shaped salad bowl. It tastes really clean and delicious. The soba noodles are served warm which is really interesting. The smoked salmon is really good. The edamame is well-seasoned and crunchy. I just am not sure about the onsen egg which is really watery. Their ordering system means you can either conveniently order online or through a computer they have in-store. It is a really cosy, homely restaurant and in the center of it all is the lovely owner, who served me and all other customers with such incredible enthusiasm and cheerfulness. 7/10
[📍The Good Boys cafe] Headed down to @thegoodboys_sg because i was craving for smoothie bowls! This cafe sells not only healthy fruit/acai smoothie bowls, but also juices with superfood as well as hearty grain bowls that you can fully self-customise. We tried their super bowls $12 each (smoothie bowls): 1. Crimson Lush 3.75/5 -Base contains beetroot, raspberries and banana -Topped with toasted granola, seed mix, toasted coconut shavings, cranberries, kiwi, banana (which i swapped for strawberries) & blueberries. -I prefer this base over the acai as it was less sweet and more sour-ish😋 2. Acai Bowl 3/5 -Base contains acai, banana and mixed berries. -Topped with toasted granola, seed mix, toasted coconut shavings, goji berries, blueberries, strawberries and banana -This base was much sweeter. Overall: -We appreciated that the smoothie bowl bases were very smooth and finely blended but we would have preferred it to be more icy🤣. We loved how the crunchy nuts and granola gave the smoothie bowls a nice texture and dimension. We also loved that the fruits were tangy and hence its acidity really balanced out the sweetness of the smoothie bases. -Glad that the portions were big and filling. -I really love their innovations on the various unconventional bases such as fruity matcha, acai, going nuts (with peanut butter) etc ▪️Taste: 3.5/5 ▪️Ambience: 3/5 (a little cramp for a cafe and it doesnt really have those instagramable ambience) ▪️Service: 4/5 (Friendly staff who patiently answered my inquiries about the sweetness of the smoothie bowls THANK YOU) ▪️Worth it: 3.25/5 Big portion but i would think twice before buying if i do not have the 1for1 burpplebeyond. Especially since i prefer tangy and icy smoothie bases but TGB's bases are a little too sweet for my tastebuds. Overall 6.75/10 No go Can go😋 MUST GO #burpple #burpplebeyond
Jie Yin
TBG Açaí Bowls [$12] Ordered 2 TGB Acai Bowls for $12 with Burpple Beyond 1 for 1. Acai was very refreshing and the texture was just nice, not too icy. The crunch from the nuts and acidity from the fruits gave this bowl a well balanced taste!
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Claypot Mee Tai Mak Came here with great anticipation, having tried it before and really liked it when it was at Clementi! Feels like the standard has dropped though - a little too watery this time.
My family popped by this coffeeshop in Macpherson and when I saw that 136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat is situated here, I knew that I had to get their famed Claypot Braised Mee Tai mak ($8) 😍 . This bubbling wok hei goodness truly lives up to its name. Smooth and bouncy, the mee tai mak blended well with the umami-laden gravy. We were surprised to find bits of fried egg and chai poh inside which added am interesting texture to the dish. Mixing the raw egg yolk into the gravy, it definitely brought the whole dish to a whole new level. This makes for an ultimate comfort food as it wasn't too salty and starchy. Added some chilli in for a fiery kick and it was indeed a good choice 😋 . We also added on the Seafood Spinach Soup ($3.80) from another stall. It came loaded with spinach, minced meat, egg, wolf berries, and a large prawn. The soup was was sweet from the spinach and wolfberries, and seemed to be infused with a corn flavour. It was slightly underwhelming as compared to other spinach soup stalls which I have tried. Nevertheless, it still makes for a healthy and wholesome meal! . The ANTicipated scale ⚖ 👅Flavour: 8 ants 💰Value: 8.5 ants 📍Convenience: 7 ants
Red Grouper Fish Head Steamboat Served to your table with a small wood plank below it. It has charcoal that's burning from within. The soup's boiling and there's lots of wongbok (looking like they've been cooked for some time, soft and have absorbed all the goodness of the broth), chunks of red grouper, seaweed. Dive deeper and you'll find big pieces of yam (OMG MY FAV IN THIS POT)! The soup is addictive, exuding the light ginger taste. It tastes almost as thou some carnation milk has been added, but no. It's pure goodness boiled for a long time i guess! I also found some small bits of preserved vege in the soup (those added to congee). They're totally not stingy with the ingredients. This costs $25 and soup is refillable! But, i find that the refilled broth tastes much lighter, probably as the fish and vege werent boiled continuously in it. Again, the chilli dip in light orangey red lits up the taste of the fish. ANOTHER MUST ORDER HERE. If you're in a group of 3 or 4, just go for the medium one at $30! I enjoyed sipping on the soup even under the hot weather. Try it &i hope you'll like it as much as i do!
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