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Authentic Nasi Lemak from Damansara Uptown! One of their specialties is Nasi Lemak w/ Rendang Beef - The rendang beef is cooked overnight till tender but it also tasted gamier than expected. Read more:
Nasi lemak - drumsticks paid $5.50 for drumstick nasi lemak. small drumstick. sambal chilli is good for spicy lovers. achar not bad. if you want cheaper option, can just pop by another nasi lemak stall @ Market street temporary food centre (2mins walk).
Nasi Lemak with Ayam Berempah (Thigh) Got the opportunity to check out the new Uptown Nasi Lemak which has sprouted up at the coffeeshop situated at 121 Telok Ayer Street recently (the same one where the $1 Peanut Pancake is located). Serving up Nasi Lemak with a variety of seafood and meat options, patrons going for the Nasi Lemak with Ayam Berempah can go with either the Drumstick or Thigh option at $5.50, or the entire Leg at $6.50. Thought that the rice here is fluffy, and while the rice did carry a slight lemak note, it would have been even better if it could carry a heavier hint of coconut for more punch. Otherwise, the meat was pretty good; crisp on the exterior and juicy and succulent within, the chicken comes with hints of spice such as turmeric and lemongrass for a more complex, yet fragrant note, while it also comes with crispy Ikan Bilis for a crunch, half-boiled egg, cucumbers, sambal and achar. The sambal here is not quite the sweet variant we would usually associate with local renditions of Nasi Lemak, but is the savoury-sweet sort that is more reminiscent to Malaysia-style versions with caramelised onions and soft Ikan Bilis for a bite – carried quite a decent intensity of heat that should be manageable to most with a low to moderate level of tolerance to spiciness, while the achar gives a tangy and refreshing crunch to reset the taste buds from all the carbs and meat. Pretty decent, though more of an option I would consider only if in the area.
Xing Wei
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Awesome Fried Chicken The fried chicken is the highlight. The sambal chilli is also good. But kinda pricey for nasi lemak.
For Fast Food-Style Nasi Lemak Jot this spot down for a quick and easy way to sort out your nasi lemak cravings — served on wax paper for easy disposal. The Ponggol Nasi Lemak (from $4) comes with crispy wings, aromatic Thai Hom Mali grain-rice, fried egg as well as homemade sambal sauce. Choose from their selection of delicious sides to add on like the spicy Eggplant ($1.20 per portion), crispy Chicken Skin with Curry Leaves ($1.50 per portion) and Ngoh Hiang ($1.50 per piece). Photo by Burppler Adeleine Tan
The Best Deal You Can Have For A Dish Of Nasi Lemak - I ordered 2 sets of nasi lemak, one is 5.5 SDG and the other one is 4.7 SDG and one lemon juice with the price of 1.2 SDG. And how do I feel after leaving the restaurant?—>fulfilled Long story short, I was starving and having a crave for Nasi Lemak. The 1st time I tried Nasi Lemak was in Malaysia in 2014 and to tell the truth I didn’t like the dish very much. The 2nd time was at Universial Studio in Singapore in 2019 and I loved it. May be because when I was in grade 11, I hadnt been abroad much and I was kinda struggling to digest the food. But we are talking about 21 years old me who adore the dish so much. The 3rd time (today on Sep 15, 2019) is at this place. It was a simple dish got done right with all the flavor comes to life (no exaggeration people). The chicken was fried beautifully keeping all the moist inside and it is crispy on the outside. And I think I really need to steal the coating powder recipe because that piece of chicken was so delightful to bite. Another star of the dish was the rice cooked with coconut, the smell of coconut fat just spices up everything else and melts in my mouth. Speaking of the fried fish with crunchy peanuts, god heaven, I love how joyful it is when you hear yourself chewing the thing. With a touch of some slices of cucumber, they bring out all the freshness like we’ve been hiking under the scorching sun and stop for a sip of water, like, how refreshing is it, right? Another ingredient that helps neutralize the dish is the basted egg, soft, creamy and rich. One more thing we can’t overlook is the sauce called “sambal”, truly is the cherry on the cake. Overall, this is a good start for me in Singapore and you should check this place out if you are happened to be nearby.
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So far many people only famous seng kee herbal kidney mee sua & the Tian Nam Xing Bak Chor Mee. Another Stall not to be missed is a muslim nasi lemak stall. Always long queue average time is 15 mins. I love their chicken wing because it is crispy & juicy. Their famous dish is handmade potatoes begal. I will order this when i have my nasi lemak but most of the time i go there for meal the stall owner say to me it always sold out very fast. If u want come to have their nasi lemak pls come early. Stall Name:Aliff Nasi Lemak Address:Blk 511 Bedok North St 3 #01-19 Singapore 460511. Operating Hours:1000hrs to 2300hrs Closed on Hari Raya & Hari Haji. Check with the stall ower when their is rest day cos they have indefinite day of closing normally they will closed on Hari Raya & Hari Raya Haji. For fri check with the stall owner sometime he might need to go for prayer on fri.
Roger Sim
Nasi Lemak This is one of the few places that serves Nasi Lemak which taste wholesome and have a 'homecook' feel to it. The rice athough tasted towards the moist side did had its advantages too as the rice moisture helps to infuse the coconut and accompanying flavors.. Think a rice meal that is eaten on site VS da pau. This meal certainly taste like the latter! 🔹 🔹 🔹 🔹 #aliffnasilemak#nasilemak#coconutrice#aliffnasilemakbedok#bedoknorth#cafesg#localdelights#foodie#eatsg#delicious#singapore#singaporefood#sgfoodporn#sgfoodie#sgfood#foodsg#foodporn#whatissingapore#instasg#foodpics#foodgasm#instasg#sgfoodies#openrice#hungrygowhere#burpple#burpplesg#sgmakandiary#uncagestreetfood#stfoodtrending
Nasi Lemak... but standard drop a bit.. #burpple
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