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For Braised Duck Rice And More The Tastemakers made their way to many stalls at Seah Im, but it is at this one they found their unanimous favourite, the Braised Duck Rice ($2.80). Unlike most, Cai Ji’s rendition manages to retain moistness so that the boneless duck is always tender. Similarly well done are the optional add-ons of innards like braised tofu, gizzards and the highly recommended pig’s ears — Tastemaker Jonathan Wong likes that they’re cooked perfectly soft, yet had enough bite in them to thoroughly satisfy. Follow Tastemaker Jason Wong’s lead and swap your regular rice out for yam rice, which he describes to be “fragrant, toothsome and peppered with tiny cubes of yam”. Avg Price: $5 per person Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Jonathan Wong
There’s duck rice, and there’s awesome duck rice. I usually shy away from braised duck in Singapore as it’s usually very dry or the meat just didn’t manage to bond well with the marination, resulting in a one-dimensional flavour profile. But oh my gawd, this was so good that we actually ordered a second round (yes, an additional plate of duck meat with braised pig skin, ears and innards for $8). It was totally unexpected that this stall would be the unanimous favorite among the several of us who were there to seed out the best of Seah Im Food Centre. Huge shoutouts also to the wonderfully moist braised rice and the umami flavour of the braised pig’s ears and skin. It might be fear factor for some of us but you shouldn’t miss the ears and skins when you’re here. _________________ Cai Ji Boneless Duck Rice Porridge Address: 2, Seah Im Road, Seah Im Food Centre, Unit 01-58, Singapore 099114 • #yoursingapore #visitsingapore #singapore #burpproved #buzzfeast #buzzfeedfood #makansutra #hawkerhopping #hawkerspotlight #sghawkersrock #BurppleSeahImFoodCentre
I have a weakness for good braised duck but I am also very picky about the ones I eat. The initial plate of braised duck rice, there was silence and many unintelligible sounds of approval, and the plate was wiped clean - then there was this platter of braised duck, pig ears, pig skin and gizzard. The duck meat was very tender, fatty and flavorful, the gizzard was perfectly cooked, with a touch of pink, pig ears and skin were soft yet had some bite in them. As I write this, I am reliving eating this platter in my head. Mmmm... The fact that I went back to get a second plate of meat, after we finished the initial serving, is testament to how good this was - and we unanimously agreed that this stall served the best dish of the day. Go check out Cai Ji Boneless Duck Rice and Porridge #01-58! #burpple #burppleseahimfoodcentre
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