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Mrs Vampire Frappuccino A layer of mocha sauce and a dollop of whipped cream on the bottom with sweet vanilla added to the mix, finished with blood red strawberry purée oozing from the rim and topped with whipped cream
Otah & frittata crossaint-wich [$6.90] In replacement of the usual toast in sandwiches, this comes with a crossaint Danish pastry instead, launched exclusively as part of national day special items. A thick slab of otah topped with broccoli frittata, the crossaint comes with a slightly crisp and flaky exterior coupled with a soft, pillowy interior. Toasted and warmed up upon request, I would personally prefer if the crossaint was more crispy and crusty as this came in a rather limpy texture. Nevertheless, the thick slab of otah wedged between was surprisingly a winner here with its shiok lingering spiciness that's definitely not suited for the faint hearted! The frittata comes with chunks of broccoli embedded within, that makes a good combination to the crossaint-which (crossaint + sandwich), a lighter element to counter balance the fiery otah. Do try it before it's off the menu! ✨ . . . #burpple
Acai Mixed Berry / Banana Split Mocha Frappuccino \\ Acai Mixed Berry Yogurt Frappuccino Made up of tangy yogurt that’s been infused with Acai berries and juicy pearls that are bursting with mixed berry goodness to the mix. Topping it all off with a layer of light and creamy milk foam 》$8.70/Grande ​\\​ Banana Split Mocha Frappuccino ​A combination of sweet strawberry whipped cream, banana mocha blended and topped with fluffy vanilla whipped cream​. ​The beverage is completed with chunky & crunchy waffle pieces to bring home the ice cream experience 》$8.60/Grande
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Chicken Roulade Back at one of my favourite set lunches at Dolce Vita! They change their menu every once in a while so this is a new course. I loved their chicken roulade. The chicken was incredibly tender and the outer skin layer was surprisingly crispy even with the sauce! The mashed potatoes were amazingly buttery too. My only gripe is that the sauce was a tad bit too salty for my liking.
Set Lunch ($36/$42/$52 for 2/3/4 Dishes) Featuring the Orecchiette alla norcina (Signature Umbria’s pork sausage ragout, summer black truffle, pecorino) and Risotto (Special selection Acquerello rice, pumpkin, sautéed prawn, ginger oil). This is definitely the best pasta I've eaten in Singapore. After considering asking the server who their pasta supplier is, my mum and I realised upon walking out that their pasta is handmade by one of their chefs! It's truly the most al dente pasta I've ever eaten and it just absorbs all the flavour. If I had to describe happiness to a person, I'd just make them eat this instead. Plus! The lunch set is one of the best deals ever. You can choose any dish from 4 categories: starters, pastas, mains and desserts. This means that you could actually get a pasta and a main (a protein like fish/steak) for only $36! Also psst: if you sign up for their membership (for free!), you can get 15% off the bill! Double bonus: their servers are the most pleasant people ever and the bread is also amazing.
Tre­ating the body right (but not compromisi­ng on gratifying the palate) with Chef Marco's Steamed Cod. The naturally sweet, pristine flesh is accentuated with almond milk and sea urchin, accom­panied with watercre­ss and long beans. Divine! . . . Dolce Vita Mandarin Oriental Ho­tel 5 Raffles Ave Tel: 6885 3500
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