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Breakfast Done Right! We happened to discover Oh Deli quite by accident and what an accident it was. From the outside, it doesn't look like much. Even at a first glance, the menu isn't fancily done. But what it lack on these aesthetics was made up 100% by the food. Omelette ($10.90) Freshly made and piping hot, the omelette isn't your fold over, elegant omelette. These are more, cook-in-a-skillet, hearty, home made omelettes and it tasted like it too. Made with really fresh ingredients, it was lightly seasoned and allowed each ingredient to be nicely highlighted. Simple, fuss free, hearty and satisfying. Egg Island ($14.50 + $4.00 for additional grilled mushroom) This feels like the ultimate comfort British breakfast. Baked beans were nicely cooked, soft without being mushy. The poached egg was perfect. And I mean PERFECT! The white wrapped around the yolk beautifully and the yolk was nice, thick and runny. Sour dough was pretty good without being too sour (which I personally prefer). The mushrooms were well cooked with minimal seasoning but was packed with flavor and the sausage was so so so good. Not overly seasoned, the sausage had a great meat to fat ratio and was nicely coarse. Yummy! The food here was very well done. Slightly on the mid-price side due to most of their ingredients being organic or free ranged (which is better than paying for for "fancy" all day breakfasts) but what they did was make a good hearty breakfast... well... good and hearty without being overly fancy or hipsterish. Will definitely recommend you check out this place if you're around the area and Oh! (All pun intended), it's also a grocery store so you can grab some really great ingredients while waiting for your food to be served too!
Ham And Cheese Sandwich ($7.90 Takeaway) Premium Italian leg ham with some solid cheddar compressed together between 2 buttered slices of multigrain toast. A take on the classic sandwich really does not get better than this!
Chicken Kiev Have heard quite a couple of good things about their sandwiches online, but my love for Chicken Corden Bleu made me order the Chicken Kiev when I eyed upon it on the menu. Don't expect the oozesome, uber cheesy sort of Chicken Kiev here; they use a different sort of cheese here that it's more like the cheese, garlic and herbs are spread over atop the chicken breast before coating it in batter and then frying it instead. The result is a less jelat Chicken Kiev that it's manageable to finish alone on an empty stomach; subtly cheesy and garlicky with the fresh, tender and very juicy chicken as the juices leak out as one slices through the Chicken Kiev (they emphasize a lot on using fresh meat here, not frozen meat). Even the accompanying garden salad is fresh with onions for a little numbing sensation and raisins for a little sweetness. They also do retail of marinated/fresh meat that is ready-to-cook here, and definitely a good place for a quick stopover to do all your grocery shopping and settle your meals all under one roof.
Xing Wei
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