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Happy Monday & hope it will be a SOUPerb week ahead for you friends! 鉂も潳鉂 . Cuz Meatless Monday calls for a bowl of Meatless Minestrone from @TheSoupSpoonSG! 馃槈 This is easily my to-go soup at Soup Spoon (alongside their Tokyo Chicken Stew). Let me share with you why! 馃憣馃徎 . This hearty bowl ($7.30 for regular a la carte) features a tomato-based 馃崊 vegetable stock with a generous amount of ingredients such as cabbage, onions, zucchini 馃, red kidney beans, carrots 馃, celery, potatoes 馃 etc. Seasoned with some herbs & spices, the rich tomato-ey soup was certainly to my liking! 馃構馃構馃構 The inclusion of macaroni filled me up more than a bowl of Tokyo Chicken Stew would. 馃憤馃徎 . Overall, the soup was simply brimming with so much ingredients that every spoonful was bursting with flavours & a good bite! 馃槏馃槏馃槏 The accompanying multigrain bread roll 馃 that has the nutty aroma & pleasant bite from the sesame seeds embedded acted as a great sponge for dipping into the soup as well. 馃挄 . What a wholesome meatless meal! 馃挴
Happy Hump Day & I hope it has been a SOUPerb week for you all so far! 馃挄 . It鈥檚 the last day for SingTel users to enjoy 50% off a bowl of a la carte SOUP at Soup Spoon! 馃憣馃徎 Don鈥檛 say bojio ah, cuz good things must share! 馃槈 Simply flash the promo page on your SingTel Rewards app! The promo applies to 8 types of different soups (inclusive of my favourite Tokyo Chicken Stew聽& Meatless Minestrone) but this time, I opted to try my bro-in-law @loongwye鈥檚 recommendation - Beef Goulash! 馃槏馃槏馃槏 . This hearty bowl of soup ($8.90 for regular) features a tomato-base beef stock with quite a generous amount of NZ grass-fed beef! 馃ォ馃ォ馃ォ The聽 marinated beef cubes were pretty tender & not overly tough or chewy, which I really liked. 馃憦馃徎 Not too gamey as well, probably masked by the sweetness of the tomato paste flavoured with a little sour cream, & peppered with fresh herbs & spices such as sweet paprika. 馃構馃構馃構 . You鈥檒l also find a myriad of fresh vegetables including carrots, potatoes, whole peeled tomatoes, green bell peppers & celery. 馃挌馃挌馃挌 Was surprised to even find chewy shiitake mushrooms too! 馃崉 The soup was simply brimming with so much ingredients that every spoonful was bursting with flavours & a good bite! The soft bread roll acted as a nice dipping tool & filled me up further. 馃憤馃徎 . All in all, this made a wholesome meal & I鈥檓 thankful that my protein & vegetable intake were well being taken care of. 鉂 More importantly, there is no use of MSG or preservatives so it didn鈥檛 leave me feeling thirsty! Best of all, I got this at $4.45 - what a steal! 鉁岎煆烩湆馃徎鉁岎煆
Fish Soup Was really looking forward to some soup but this was disappointing. While fish was fresh, the sour plum was overpowering and the soup was barely drinkable. Probably sticking w the normal soup. The other time I had some tom yum prawn bisque which was a special. Didn鈥檛 cut it. I鈥檒l still go back to soup spoon. But sticking w mushroom/ clam/ chicken mushroom stew
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China Cuisines馃構 Ordered the mapo tofu($6), dried spicy chicken(杈e瓙楦)($8), shredded potato with green pepper($4) and a scrambled tomato egg rice($4.50)鈽猴笍 Food was really affordable in my opinion and its only a 5-10min walk from Tiong Bahru MRT! Good for groups as portions are huge馃槀 Me and my friend ate a lot but still couldnt finish all this food, id personally recommend a 9/10 and would definitely come back if im around that area again馃挴
Popular Mala 楹昏荆 Little Spicy Mala 灏忚荆鐨勯夯杈 from Tian Fu Ren Jia 澶╁簻浜哄 馃槢 Everyone knows I don't eat spicy stuff, but once in a while I get curious & nibble on other people's food just for kicks 馃尪 This was suuuuper oily, apparently more oily than usual. & it wasn't spicy at all... For me to say that, it really isn't spicy la hor? Ingredients were cooked very nicely - lotus roots still crunchy & all. This is just my first & only time trying this. Maybe the next time it'll be different? Less oil, more spicy? We shall see. Have heard some mainland Chinese folks say they love this place & come here often 馃嚚馃嚦
Good Variety, Average Tastes Seafood Sheng Mee 娴烽矞鐢熼潰 ($4.50) at Tian Fu Ren Jia 澶╁簻浜哄. Same ingredients as the Seafood Hor Fun 娴烽矞娌崇矇 (also $4.50) except for the noodles, of course) which is decent at best. Some prawns, lots of crab meat & fishcake, & vegetables. Was disappointed with the lack of squid inside - am I being too fussy? (I really like sotong 馃) The Sheng Mee was definitely better than the Hor Fun, which was soggy & clumpy - I didn't even take a picture of it because it looked meh. The menu here is quite extensive (lots of Chinese food, both noodles & rice dishes) so I will most likely try something else the next time I am here.
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Two words. Coffee spheres. ($8.20) 8 bucks for this stuff is insane, but so are the new limited edition coffee spheres. . Ps. Can ignorant food bloggers stop calling them boba pearls? They are not solid tapioca pearls found in bubble tea, but mini ikura-sized spheres that release delightful bursts of coffee when you bite into them (a la ferran adria?) . Pps. Don't judge me for this caramel monstrosity, I usually drink my coffee hot, in espresso form. But coffee spheres!
Granola Dark Mocha Frappuccino vs Acai Mixed Berry Yogurt Frappuccino For the past few months, Starbucks has been launching the "Show Your Flavor" Frappuccino series, with each drink available for a couple of weeks on a limited promotional basis. Just today, they came up with these two new flavours to entice the fans. The main difference with these two from the rest is that Starbucks introduced the light milk foam in replacement of whipped cream to complement the taste of their new drinks, so don't assume that they had purposely given less cream on top. So the Granola Dark Mocha Frappuccino is a blend of mocha with dark chocolate sauce and cereal powder, so every sip tastes as though you are having a chilled oats drink. Very filling if this is an after-meal beverage. On the other hand, the Acai Mixed Berry Yogurt Frappuccino tastes more refreshing, thanks to the bursting berry pearls at the bottom of the drink. On the whole, I prefer the latter more, but I predict that the drink will be selling fast because the pearls will probably be the limiting factor. No one can really tell if the milk foam is too fattening to be added to the drink, but since it's a limited time offer, just whack it.
Perfect way to usher in the evening with Starbucks new offering, Fizzio sparkling beverages. This is the red cranberry with grapefruit foam. I would have to say, it's interesting, but on the sour side. Try it today. @starbuckssg #sparkling #cranberry #juice #evening #starbucks #starbuckssg
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