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For Hand-crafted Egglet Waffles and Ice Cream Sweet tooths, head on down to Bali Lane for a beautiful new Osakan import. Exclusive to Singapore are two yummy flavours that look great but even taste better. The fragrant Peranakan Road ($12.50) features coconut ice cream in a buttermilk bubble waffle slathered in kaya, then topped with sweet potato fresh cream, mango, dragonfruit and mint leaves. Alternatively, their Little SouQ ($13) sees Thai milk tea ice cream wrapped in a chocolate bubble waffle and topped with cream cheese, dried figs, coconut flakes, dates, pumpkin seeds and pretzel. Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua
Peranakan Road Coconut Ice-Cream, Original Waffle, Purple Sweet Potato Fresh Cream, Mango, Dragonfruit, Mint Leaves. From the new Asian Rad Afters by the Asian Rad Tea Company, a brand which hails from Osaka, Japan which had recently opened their first shop in Singapore, replacing now-defunct Goatee Bar along Bali Lane. An item that is exclusive to the outlet in Singapore, the Peranakan Road comes with a lot of local elements; the coconut ice-cream and kaya that is spread on the bubble waffle being light, sweet, and refreshing, while the purple sweet potato adds a light, earthy sweetness to the egg waffle with the fruity loops gives it a sweet crunch. The fruits help to add a refreshing, juicy bite to it, while the bubble waffle was pretty well-executed; aromatic with its buttermilk fragrance, whilst being light and cakey — very delicious. No doubt an item that may strike off as "just a pretty face" for the 'gram especially on first sight, but certainly proves itself to be a pretty quality and balanced dessert after all which we certainly do not mind having again!
Xing Wei
Newly opened at bugis next to stateland cafe, @asianradafters.singapore , a tiffany blue-themed cafe hailing from Japan selling a variety of aesthetically pleasing egglets. Went for one of their Singapore Exclusives, the Little Souq ($13), consisting of thai milk tea ice cream, cheese cream and garnished with a variety of toppings such as dried figs, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds and pretzels . . . Wasn't impressed by the egglet..couldn't really taste the chocolate and they lacked the crisp exterior that i like, being rather soft and fluffy. Honestly, the egglets at Hong Kong Egglet at the nearby bugis junction sits better with me (and is cheaper too😅) . . . Overall, it was still an enjoyable (and instagrammable) dessert, with a nice sweet-savoury balance (i don't usually fancy cream cheese that much but it was awesome) but I'd probably not be returning anytime soon with the prices being so exorbitant 😅😶 . . . #burpple #burpplesg #asianradafters #egglets #puffle #icecream #thaimilktea #dessert #whati8todaysg #whati8today #sgeats #eatmoresg #instafood_sg #singaporefoodlisting #sgfoodblogger #sgfoodies #sgfood #sgfoodhunt #sgfoodhunter #sgfoodtrend #myfooddiary #sgfooddiary #sgcafe #sgcafefood #sgcafehopping #foodforfoodie #foodforfoodies #foodexplorer #singaporeeats #hungryalreadyeats
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Featured In 1 Guide
Cocoa Milk Might have been a little overrated, as I felt that there was nothing much to shout about for their drink. This Valrhona 100% Cocoa Milk was essentially just chocolate milk that’s more fragrant and less sweet 🤷🏼‍♀️⁣⁣
Taro Milk & Matcha Azuki ($5.60 Each) Was a little daunted by the amount of milk in both but they turned out pretty good! No option to select your sugar level for Taro as it’s fixed at 50% but it was thankfully not too sweet. We liked how fragrant it was and had bits of real taro for a little texture. I thought it would have been a little jelak but the buddy proved me wrong and finished it all by herself. Having said that, I do think it might be one of the best around - usually it’s disappointingly artificial, but please let me know if you have a good recommendation! While Taro is nice, my pick would be the Matcha Azuki. Recommended sugar level of 30% and less ice, but I went ahead for 0% (yes I’m the kind of person who drinks 0% sugar level bbt with no pearls most of the time 😂). I loved that it was mildly bittersweet, complemented with a little sweetness from the plump Azuki! (Edit: brought the mother to try and she enjoyed the matcha azuki! For someone who stays away from sweet stuff, 0% was just right for her😊)
For Fresh Taro Milk Between the unbearably hot weather and the dreaded mid-year lull, the opening of this much anticipated bubble tea chain couldn't have come at a better time. Grab your colleagues and come by for a midday pick-me-up — available at both Suntec and Funan! Standouts include their Brown Sugar Milk with Honey Pearls ($5.60), earthy Azuki Matcha Milk ($5.60) with red bean and Fresh Taro Milk (S$5.60) with mashed yam puree. Pro-tip: Keep the ice portion to 30 per cent to ensure a perfectly chilled drink with minimal dilution! Photo by Burppler Foodie Goh
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Sleepy Nonna [$9] Aptly named ‘Sleepy Nonna’, this sandwich sees a mishmash of sweet, decadent fillings. What you get is a sweet, mushy banana, Nutella, crushed Oreos and a slather of melted Swiss cheese, all compactly stuffed between two golden slices of buttery French toast. Balancing sweet, salty, creamy, cheesy and chocolaty all in one, this has everything my inner glutton could ever desire, and you best believe this induced one hell of a coma too—hence the name.
Fluff Monster $10.9, first time having "fancy" pancake. Pancakes are so soft and light. Easy to eat even after a sandwich
The Makcik From Stack, a new concept from the folks behind The Black Hole Group, operating from Camelia & Co.; the group’s co-working space concept at Jalan Klapa. Offering takeaway sandwiches, patrons can choose to dine-in at the open-air dining area outside the co-working space. The Makcik comes with elements such as Rye, Tri-Tip Beef Rendang, Garlic Aioli, Bruised Tomatoes, Garden Greens, Pickled Onions and Fresh Jalapeño. A interesting sandwich with a local infusion, the Makcik shines where the Beef Rendang carries a slight gamey flavour with a familiar note of spices that is signature to rendang — the beef being served pulled and carried a tender yet fibrous texture. The other elements created a mix of textures for the dish, but the jalapeños help add that bite with a burst of spiciness that tingles the tastebuds; essentially enhancing the level of spiciness for the dish — all that in between Rye that was sufficiently dense and crusty that provides a substantial bite. Pretty decent, with a generous portion too!
Xing Wei
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