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Burpple 1 for 1 Burpple beyond 1 for 1 with total bill of $94.16 (with GST). Set menu comes with Soup, Pasta, Dessert and drink. I think the staff missed out the drinks, NO drinks are served. Don’t think its consider 1 for 1 as the pasta has to be lower than $27, soup cost about $11 and dessert cost less than $15. Total cost for a person shouldn’t be more than $50. Highly recommended for their Prawns and scallops homemade pasta, and the Beef Ravioli. Would rather go for ala clarte than Burpple beyond set menu 1 for 1.
Squid Ink Pasta I have had rly high expectations of this place, especially after walking past its wall of accolades. Sadly I was kinda disappointed (at my dish at least) - the spaghetti was only thinly coated with the squid ink and I thought the sauce was actually pretty salty. The spaghetti was however indeed al dente but I just expected a little more. Nice place though! Rating: 3.5/5
🎶You drive me CRAYzy, I just can’t sleep~ I’m so excited, I’m in too deep~🎶 . When this plate of Spaghetti Al Cartoccio Del Barcarolo Alla Marinara ($27.50++) was served, it really did almost drive me CRAYzy! 🤩🤩🤩 Just look at the 3 halves of huge crayfish that lay atop the pile of spaghetti! As a carbs lover, this looked like heaven to me. 💯 . Featuring spaghetti with crayfish, garlic, herbs & tomato sauce served in parchment paper, this was quite a crowd-pleaser. 💕 I like tomato-based pasta & this rendition certainly is a good one. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 . The sauce was the real deal - lots of tomato puree was used instead of watery tomato sauce, which explains the natural sweetness with a tinge of sour that made the starchy dish a refreshing one. 😋😋😋 The addition of garlic slices made the mix an irresistibly aromatic one. ✔ . The spaghetti was done al-dente, springy with a firm bite - so yummy on its own when coated with the tomato sauce! ⭐ Somehow, the accompanying ingredients did not match up. Albeit looking pretty big in size, the crayfish meat was meagre & while having a firm texture, I could not taste any natural seafood sweetness at all. 😢 . To me, it was the sauce & spaghetti that really carried the dish. 🤤 You can choose to add $8 to switch to truffle cream sauce but I personally felt that this tomato base works very well. 1-for-1 3-course meal using #BurppleBeyond makes this a worthwhile deal! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
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Found this Italian gem tucked in the private estate of Seletar Hills. Surprisingly, their Ali di Pollo Fritte ($19) was a winner. It's their rendition of the American buffalo wings, and the lemon juice was well balanced with the BBQ sauce and herbs - neither overpowered the other. . Their pizzas were made in house and I liked that they were made in a traditional wood fired oven. The crust was just nice, crispy with a slight chew. It was one of those rare times that two of us could really finish one whole pizza without feeling bloated. Our Pizza Carnivora ($26) also saw generous servings of the toppings, making it absolutely delightful. The Ravioli al Granchio e Aragosta ($26) was disappointing nevertheless. There was a strong fishy smell the the filling of crabmeat and lobster and it didn't really taste fresh . It's a humble Italian restaurant that does serve us traditional Italian food and I'll definitely be back again, but I'll be sure to give the ravioli a miss. . [Promotions] Check out their weekday lunch promotions where they serve up their delicious food with a super worth it 1-for-1 promo. . . . 📍12 Jalan Kelutut Seletar Hills
Capellini Al Granchio Ordered the capellini with crabmeat in pink sauce which was real worth it after using the 1 for 1 on burpple beyond. The pasta was slightly over cooked unfortunately but the flavor made up for it. The crabmeat was quite sweet and there were nice kicks of spiciness from the sauce that coated the pasta really well. The sauce was garlicky as well and I love garlic. Portions here are very generous and could easily be a sharing portion but service here can be improved, our food seemed to take quite awhile to arrive at most tables.
Crabmeat Linguine in Pink Sauce from Pietro! One of my favourite dishes here. It's so well executed. There are strands of crabmeat covering every al dente pasta noodle, all held together by a delicious tomato cream sauce. Price: $25 #halfeatenblog #pietro #pasta #crabmeat #burpple
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Best pasta ever I love this place. I chose the smoked duck pasta and it was so good I came back the next day because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It is unpretentious, chill and has tasty food. It gets a bit crowded on friday night with the after work drinking crowd but it adds to the ambience.
Buffalo Sandwich ($12, No Svc Charge) Have waited till post Christmas to share my abysmal experience here- so in order that the festive mood is not dampen. On our half day Christmas Eve lunch with my colleagues; I was excited to redeem my burpplebeyond offer but failed terribly when I mistaken that pizzas here were available for lunch.My forgiving colleagues were cool with paying U.P. here since we were out the whole morning and many were famished. Some then also ordered draft pints of Italian beer, and this was where disaster loomed. With my own eyes, and the second witness of my colleague, we saw the pints filled with half draft from the tap and the other half from a bottle. The result was definitely bad beer but really a fairly ruined team lunch. Food was not out of the world good and it will be difficult to find any of us dining here again.
For those around the Corner, they certainly offered some authentic and tasty pasta. We were happy with our cream-based and tomato-based pasta. 2 different flavours, both tasty in its ways. Particularly enjoyed this al dente pasta Salsa Tatufata e Porcini, delicious creamy truffle sauce with minced meat, porcini mushroom and parmesan. Their meatballs were big, juicy and tasty too, great to go with the pasta. A good place to chill over pasta and maybe a beer.
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Ravioli & Buffalina Pizza We ordered the Buffalina pizza and Ravioli! Loved the bread cover of the ravioli, which was a good match w the creamy base of the ravioli. However, you can get sick of the cream base if you have too much of it, as we usually do with all creamy food. The bread was served warm, and not to mention its complimentary. The portion was huge and we couldn’t finish with just 2 of us, so we kindly got the staff to pack the remaining pizza for us. It was a quiet restaurant with few diners, the ambience’s pretty nice. As we came by public transport, we had to walk a bit before we reached the yacht club. Will probably take the car/cab the next time I visit this place! Damage done was only $25 before GST with Burpple Beyond! Yum!!
1 For 1 On Burpple Beyond We oredered the Primavera and Ravioli. The pizza curst was fluffy and chewy (yet not overly dough-y), exactly how I like my pizzas. The ravioli had a strong truffle aroma and taste but got overly cloying towards the end because it was too creamy for my liking. The ravioli dough was also abit too thick for my liking. Nonetheless, it was a good meal and way too much even for two very hungry people. Maybe cus we ate too much of the complimentary bread which was just soooo good!! Nice ambience as well but it was too hot to sit outside in the afternoon. Will be back to order the pizza and try a different pasta!
Goood Gnocchi 😍 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕 Cheesy chewy tasty! As a big fan of gnocchi, I am pleased to find a nice gnocchi in Singapore - where you can hardly find a Italian restaurant with gnocchi on its menu. Want to try pizza in my next visit!
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