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Nice Crab Pasta Nice Crab Pasta with quite a lot of crab meat & tossed with tomato base. Wine list was kept really affordable. Pizza however was a disappointment, cheese didnt really taste good.
Tiramisu Delight Authentic Tiramisu that goes light on the alcohol so that everyone (especially cocoa lovers) can enjoy this large slice of heaven! This place can be pricey so be prepared to fork out a little more for the Italian ambiance and friendly waitstaff. If you're looking to celebrate an occasion with good food and wine here's a good place to stop by!
Love the crab pasta, but not a fan of most of their other stuffs. Siglap branch: My fav food is actually pasta, coz i'm boring like that 😁 I really love Italian cuisine and have been returning to @pastafrescadasalvatore for a good many years! Honestly, i've tried many dishes which have disappointed, so i only go back when there's a craving for that one pasta - polpa di granchio (crab meat tomato) Rating: 7.5/10 Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes (Siglap) Pros: Pasta's are handmade! Quality is pretty consistent (but for the 1st time in 7yrs, my pasta kindda failed me). Love the casual relaxing vibe, and i always choose to sit al fresco. Closes late at 11pm, and can continue sitting after they lock up & leave, no stress to finish your food. Friendly service staffs. Crab meat pasta is awesome as it not only tastes good, there are generous amounts of crab meat. Fav dishes: Mozzarella w tomato, Polpa di Granchio w linguine, Mascarpone pizza w tomato base (on request), Tiramisu (to share) Cons: Dishes are hits & miss. Honestly, i don't have high confidence for this place anymore as i keep getting disappointed👎 Strictly sticking to only the usuals as those are worth returning for! Don't like Boat Quay's branch. Dislikes: Seafood soup, Cannelloni ricotta e spinachi, Alla bolognese, Gnocchi pasta, Chocolate mousse. Price: S$23.80 - polpa di granchio pasta (avg spending for two with starters or dessert $60-80)
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Alla Carbonara ($22.90) Fresh pasta was slightly springy, which I really liked. It was not overly creamy so that was great too! Also got the cheese platter and tiramisu. Would recommend the tiramisu
Yan Xuan
Al Funghi E Asparagi [$19.20] For this cream base pasta, the choice of pasta is - ravioli verdi (ravioli with spinach filling. On the more delicate side on the scale of earthiness, I was won over by the pasta! Loved the little pockets of spinach ricotta filling in every tasty, pillowy parcels which blends perfectly well with the non cloying cream sauce enriched by the Parmesan and lemon zest. There is a panzerotti with mushroom filling. I wonder if that would have been a better choice. Ah, amazing how pasta can really change the dish. Shall come back more for further “experiments” 😛
Polpa Di Granchio [$20.20] Choice of pasta was fettuccine. And they have many fresh pastas to choose from to cater to individual preferences. So, according to their pasta order guide (yes they do have one😅), the recommended choice of pasta for this base is fusilli. And this is because shaped pasta like fusilli can trap the chunky sauce in the crevice of its shape, making every mouthful rich with flavor. Hahahahaha Pasta came al denté, tossed in the well balanced signature sauce of soft crabmeat sautéed with garlic, crushed black pepper, cherry tomatoes and white wine in tomato sauce with generous portion of sweet crab meat. Wish there was something additional like pine nuts for the added texture to complete the dish 😋
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It’s So Fluffy! Fresh tomato rice topped with fluffy egg and cheese, sooo fluffy!! Varieties of mushrooms and meat can be found inside too, this means it contains pork and beef. Creamy and cheesy, perfect for cheese lover like me, not forgetting the fluffy soft clouds of eggs! Oooh so yummy!
🎶I love it when you call me SEÑDorita~🎶 SENDing some good news to the busy bees out there - here’s yet another option for affordable delivery food & drinks! 😊 Available for delivery 🚗🛵🚲🛴 via @foodpandasg, @grabfoodsg & @deliveroo_sg, @PekoPekoSG brings you pastas, dons, small bites & drinks to curb your hunger pangs! ✌🏻 . Gotta admit that they really do their small bites pretty well! 💯 Loved their Spicy Teriyaki Wings as well as Shoyu Mirin Wings (4 pcs for $10.90), both fried to the perfect crisp on the exterior while remaining succulent & juicy inside. 🤤🤤🤤 The coat of flavours on the wings were on point too! ✔ . Don’t need to wait for McDonald’s limited edition seaweed shaker fries 🍟 - you can enjoy @pekopekosg’s Seaweed Fries ($6.90) that are loaded with real seaweed flakes! 😋😋😋 . For pastas, I particularly enjoyed their Go Yasai Pasta ($8.90), a healthy rendition that exudes oriental flavours of soy sauce accompanied by zucchini 🥒, eggplant 🍆, red capsicum, baby spinach 🍃 & Shiitake mushrooms! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Truffle fans can go for their Truffle San Mushroom Pasta ($9.90)🍄, while fans of cream-based pastas can try their Smoked Salmon Cream Sauce Pasta ($10.90).🐟 . Are you a fan of rice? Go for their All Meat Don with Omu Egg 🍳 ($11.50), which features Yakitori grilled chicken 🐓, Teriyaki chicken meatball & salmon cubes on a bed of seaweed rice 🍙. You can also customise your Don with add-ons such as Breaded Ebi Prawn 🍤. Other don choices include Teriyaki Chicken Meatball Don ($8.90), Yakitori Chicken Don ($7.90) & Teriyaki Salmon Cube Don ($10.90). 👌🏻 . Complete your meal with some Karafuru Iced Fruit Tea ($4.90) 🍓🍊🍑 or Earl Grey Boba Milk Tea ($4.90) , bottled for your convenience & ensures no spillage! 👏🏻 . Thank you @pekopekosg @kenpgl @singaporefoodlisting for the treat! ❤
Famous French Toast 10.8++ Buttery and quite crispy French toast. Cream really brings out the taste of the French toast and the maple syrup lends some much needed sweetness. My friend's eyes widened with his first bite and I guess that's how I looked the first time I had this haha. Though everyone says that ice cream would probably be better
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