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Fish & Chips Gathered here for team lunch! Gotta agree that the ambience is chill and relaxing. The fish was fried crispy yet juicy, not dry unlike some. The fries were fried just nice. Overall I liked how it tasted. Will definitely be back for more of their interesting menu!
🎶Oh my TOSH!~ Baby let me~ Did it again, so Imma let the beat rock~🎶 Serving up American food with a Malay twist, @tash_tish_TOSH is a hidden gem nestled along Kandahar Street! 💕 Opens Tue-Sun 11am-2am, let this halal-certified restaurant delight you with their specialties! 😊 . Here's what we tried: 🔹️Buffalo Wings (6pcs $11.90) - their signature dish! 😉 Spice level is very manageable! 🌶 . 🔹️Smoked Salmon Bruschetta ($8.90) - a nice starter! ✌🏻 Can't go wrong with savoury salmon 🐟 with smoky notes on buttery toasted bread 🥖 with garlicky aroma! . 🔹️Mothership ($27.50) - HIGHLIGHT! ⚡ A combination of Tashookah, 3 red bone Toolangs (mutton & beef) & chunks of meat all on a pizza dough, this was certainly an eye-catcher! 😍😍😍 Loved the gravy so much! ✔ Being my virgin Toolang experience, i sucked up those jelly-like marrow with a straw - slightly gamey but v unique. 👌🏻 . 🔹️PMS Belachan Arrabiata ($16.90) - MY FAVE! ❤❤❤ The belachan chilli sauce renders a SHIOK fiery kick 🔥, which imparts so much flavours to the linguine & accompanying seafood - Prawns, Mussels & Squid! 💯 . 🔹️Cream Basil Soft Shell Crab ($18.90) - very rich cream sauce lusciously coats the linguine, with the taste of basil cutting the heaviness a bit. 👍🏻 Liked the crispy soft-shell crab! 🦀 . 🔹️Briyani Burger ($18.90) - only available on Tue Wed & Thu, the patty could be more moist & juicy imo. 🍔 . Found this to be a really nice place to chill with friends over some food (their pastas are good! 🍝). Thank you @tash_tish_tosh for the invite & yummy spread! 😘
@tashtishtosh ,halal restaurant that located at Kandahar street, serves American food with Malay touch. @tashtishtosh famous for their buffalo wings and battleship. But beside that, this PMS Belachan Arrabiata is another dish that I enjoyed a lot. Al dente pasta cooked with sambal belachan and served with prawns, mussels and garlic bread. .💰$16.9 📍Tash Tish Tosh. 50 Kandahar Street.
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Western Delight After hearing rumor that it was going to close for good during the Taman Jurong Market renovation, I thought I have missed to ever trying again. However, when I learned that it was going to be reopened on November, I'm glad that it is still there and decided to try it on my off day. I first ordered their Butternut Chicken Pizza ($6.90). Like what they say, it is the thinnest pizza crust ever. The sauce they use although I don't know what it is (probably their secret recipe), but it was delicious. The pizza crust is so thin that it is like eating a biscuit. I prefer my pizza crust to be those average thick one so it will be good if they offer thick pizza crust as an option. Do give their pizza a try and you will not regret it. Still wanting to try more of their dishes, I ordered the Chicken Spaghetti Alfredo Sauce ($6.90). The grilled chicken is tender and flavourful and the skin is crispy. It is so delicious. The Alfredo sauce is not bad but can be jialek. Maybe I will order either a different sauce or buy their wedges & coleslaw set next time. Overall, it is a unique and delicious meal in a hawker centre.
This Hawker Stall Serves Unique Fusion Western Food! The ButterNut Chicken Pizza. The thin-crust pizza is topped with Greek marinated chicken slices, roasted butternut chunks, and rosemary. Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/butternut-western-food/
Mushroom Truffle Pizza and Sweet Potato Fries @ ButterNut, Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre. Discovered a hawker stall, ButterNut at Taman Jurong that serves an impressive handmade thin crust pizza topped with abundant of white button mushrooms and a faint hint of truffle aroma! The sweet potato fries were pretty mediocre though. #burpple #stfoodtrending #wheretoeatsg
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