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DIY mini pizzas! Fun experience 👅👅 This halal establishment is homely, cozy and friendly; probably fits at most 3 groups of 4 ppl. Costs $18.90 for 1.5h (Fave voucher $13.90). At first I was worried about the cooking time but apparently it only takes 4-8min to cook one. And also apparently each customer gets 2 free drumlets but we didn’t 😞 They also serve spaghetti and mushroom soup. Choices of drinks include green tea and honey&calamansi. Reservations are required so call/text 9844 0210 before going down! (read on for spoilers) They have a variety of toppings: shrimp, tuna flakes, chicken ham, chicken hotdog, minced beef, beef pepperoni, crabstick balls, pineapple, peppers, mushroom, corn, onion, olives, cheese....... You can also make sweet pizzas, with toppings such as Nutella, kaya, chocolate chips, fruity pebbles, rainbow sprinkles, oreo crumbs, desiccated coconut and Gula Melaka.
For a DIY Pizza Buffet Located up the road from Geylang Serai Market, this new Muslim-owned spot is the place to go for a DIY pizza buffet. You're provided with mini pizza bases, on which you can sprinkle your favourite toppings from their selection laid out — options run the gamut from chicken ham and hot dogs to pineapple and bell pepers, and even sweets like Nutella, marshmallows and all sorts of child-friendly cereal. Pop the pizza into the mini oven on your table to cook for about five minutes, and enjoy! While the pizzas cook, help yourself to a buffet of fillers including spaghetti and soup. Every diner gets two chicken drumlets to munch on too. Bring the family — kids especially will have a whale of a time playing chef. Diners are given 1.5 hours per seating to enjoy the buffet, so pace yourselves. Pro tip: Rhombus Pizza is currently offering an introductory price of $15 per adult and $12 for children (U.P. $18.90 and $15.90 respectively). Reservations are essential. Avg Price: $15 per person Photo by Burppler Dex Neo *Muslim-owned
Pizza Buffet Pizza Buffet ($15) . Who would have thought that a mini pizza buffet concept would actually work? Despite being newly opened, this place was filled when we visited for dinner on a Tuesday evening. Expect a no-frills 90 minutes dining experience complete with paper cups for the freeflow drinks and paper bowls for the spaghetti with homemade bolognese sauce and mushroom soup chock full of thinly sliced mushrooms. . The DIY pizza screams gimmicky but for a fun and lighthearted meal where one gets to play chef and create his very own signature mini-pizza, this was actually therapeutic in its own way after a hectic day at work. Available ingredients include shrimps, pepperoni, sausages, crabsticks, ham, corn, olives, bell peppers, onions, pineapple and mushrooms. They also serve each person 2 pieces of super shiok grilled drumlets which tasted vastly similar to Pizza Hut’s. A tip I experimented with was to use the bolognaise sauce as the pizza base spread on the plain pizza. It is way more flavourful and meaty than just relying on the tomato sauce provided. . Do note that @rhombuspizzasg is currently offering the promotional price of $15 nett till end of the month and thereafter, their usual price would be $18.90. They only take reservations due to the limited seating capacity so remember to call them (98440210) before heading down!
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Pizza Hut's Cheesy 7 Loaded Puff Extreme Pizza Hut always comes up with different types of pizza before any special occasions. I have always had a soft spot for their cheesy crust, cheesy pull generally anything involving the taste of chewy cheese in/on flour. Pizza Hut is not what I will describe as delicious pizza. It is simply carbs in a better day. Any shop that does delivery is fit for those looking to chill and they know to have various promotions to fit 2-3 px and a large group. This latest offering comes in two variations, Extreme and Original. Without finding the need to read, I went for the Extreme. A true cheese love will go the extra calories for cheese. The big cheesy box is suited for 3-4 pax but is really just 2 for this glutton queen. Curry baked pasta tasted somewhat bitter and definitely a bad choice. All other sides were acceptable. With the miserable single pack of parmesan and chili flakes topping, I was able to coat one single slice. In all honesty the pizza puff was daunting as it looked somewhat like a soup bowl with the bread on top. After tasting it, I was pleasantly surprised the crust had this bo lo bao taste. Who knew a little bit of sweet actually does wonders. The cheese was not the mozzarella cheddar mix as with their pull series, I was slightly disappointed. How do I feel about pineapples on pizzas? Prefer not to have but would not explicitly reject. Not as cheesy as expected, dislike cherry tomato on pizza. These babies are best eaten as they are, uncooked. First and last pizza hut of the year. Felt really full from all that excess carbs. Pizza should always be the one and many things in a meal forgo the rest of the useless carbs. Life is too short to not eat good food!
Double Decker Pizza Double Decker Pizza, 2 layers of delicious Christmas toppings! Savoury Turkey Pepperoni with cheesy stuffed crust and a layer of tortilla with Christmassy Turkey ham and Adam cheese. Drizzled with mango sauce to pack a sweet and savoury punch. Read more: http://www.misstamchiak.com/miss-tam-chiaks-christmas-party-at-pizza-hut/
Sausage Pops Always a happy tummy at Pizza Hut!
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