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For 1-for-1 Main Dish (save ~$20) Easties, jot down this cafe-by-day, resto music bar-by-night in SAFRA Tampines for your next group chillout sesh. Book a private KTV room to sing to your heart's content while dining on hearty western fare, like the tender and melt-in-your-mouth Pulled Pork Burger ($17.90) and Laksa Pasta ($17.90) with a tangy homemade sauce. Photo by Burppler Eatsnapsg Foodie
Looking for somewhere to makan, chill and sing k? Recently I have found a gem around Tampines area which allows us to makan, chill and sing k at the same time. The 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe is a cafe during the daytime and restaurant music bar at night. They have live band performance on Friday nights from 7.30pm to 10pm for us to enjoy TGIF. Moreover, they have 15 private karaoke rooms available for us to book and sing 🎤(refer to their website for details). During our recent visit, we were there to chill and makan and have ordered the following mains/ sides: 1️⃣ Pulled Pork Burger ($17.90) 2️⃣ Laksa Pasta ($17.90) 3️⃣ Garlicky Honey Paprika Wings ($11.90) Personally, one of my favourite would be the pulled pork burger. Tbh, I am definitely not a fan of burgers, but I find that the bun used for the burger at 7th Heaven Cafe is soft for my liking. Also, the pulled pork which is slow cooked tender smoked pork, has a tender and moist texture, which almost melts in our mouth 😊. The wings were crispy and well marinated. 📍 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe 📍 Safra Tampines #03-02 🚇 Tampines West MRT ⏰Operating Hours: Refer to my last picture for more information
Bar @ 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe. . A wide lounge surrounds a stage; which is equipped to host bands performing live music, or screen sporting matches and movies via a large projector. . The bar's well stocked shelves serve as a visually appealing backdrop. Yes, you can karaoke out here too. . . . 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe More details on blog
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Sweet Potato Fries I liked these significantly more than the seafood platter. When they came, they were hot and crispy but slowly became soggy and limp as I sipped my wine and enjoyed the good conversation. So probably not the best choice for a bar snack. But they tasted quite good as far as sweet potato fries go, despite a niggling feeling that they were frozen, packeted and refried sweet potato fries rather than being cut fresh. Still incredibly sweet and well-flavored, with a huge portion. Like a really generous mountain of fries, and very addictive. I literally ate and drank 3000 calories in a single night. But regretted none of it :) 7.5/10
Seafood Platter Okay first things is not appetizing at all when the plate comes and the entire thing is the same color. Granted, its a delicious deep fried golden brown, but still. They ran out of slipper lobster and had to replace it by adding some other elements, which was a pity. There is calamari, battered shrimp, battered fish, and fries (am I detecting a pattern here). Also a very miserable-looking salad covered with thousand island dressing (which is also tragically an orangey brown color). The individual elements were good, don't get me wrong. The fish was piping hot and perfectly cooked. Calamari was delightfully crispy and still quite chewy. Prawns were bouncy and crunchy (such nice prawns were definitely wasted by deep frying them). And fries...its hard to screw up fries. Its just that as a whole, this $30 platter left me feeling bloated, a big lump of oil and just in general a feeling that it wasn't value for money. Also much to be desired in terms of presentation. 7/10
Lamb Chop The pictures might not really great, it looks dry and bland, but let me tell you that IT'S REALLY GOOD! Pizza queen margarita ($16): it's crispy and juicy. The cheese is just right with great sauce, the dough have it's crispy and doughy part and soooo good I come for the Sunday and Monday special menu with $25.80 for any 2 main dish, we order lamb chop and grilled pork loin Lamb chop ($25.8 for 2): I can taste the lamb and I don't really like it but the moment I mixed it with the sauce it tastes greatt Grilled pork loin ($25.8 for 2): this is the winner for me! It's tender and the spice mixed in is perfect! It tastes amazing and served with some fruit puree so I could get a bit of variations of it, I don't taste any fat in it but it's sooo soft and not too dry as oposed to meat with no fat at all (?) anywayy I RECOMMEND THIS! All the main dish served with big chuncks of brocolli and carrot and mashed potatoes, size is big so the price is worth it. The food doesn't come as fast but the service is quite great (maune because there's only 2 tables to serve) and there's a service charge in the bill. But overall deffinitely wants to comes again!
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