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Tong Luo Wan 铜锣湾 Dishing out limited portions of roast meats to the neighbourhood of Potong Pasir, Tong Luo Wan is a new charcoal roasts stall that operates from 7am till sell out. Think the classic offerings of Roast Duck, Soy Sauce Chicken, Roast Pork, and Char Siew which the chef had learnt to prepare from someone who honed his craft in Hong Kong. My favourite of the lot, the Soy Sauce Chicken 油鸡 ($8/lower quarter & $7/upper quarter) was succulent, savoury and saucey - perfect with a steaming bowl of rice. The Char Siew 叉烧 ($10 portion) was also well-executed though they were sliced much thinner than I preferred in order to cater to the more elderly customers that they get at the coffeeshop. Similarly, the Roast Duck 当归烤鸭 ($12/lower quarter & $11/upper quarter), which was initially done with a more pungent hit of dang gui was toned down with the feedback of the diners. Yet as one who loves a stronger herbal flavour, I am still able to appreciate the subtleness and the pairing with the natural sweetness of the meat. The mee kia too, was cooked to a springy perfection. Thank you @alhsx for the kind invitation and @jthejon for the hospitality! . 📌Tong Luo Wan 铜锣湾 Jin Biao Coffee Shop 锦标咖啡店 Block 136 Potong Pasir Ave 3
Roast Meats Roast Meats . For affordable roast meats, Tong Luo Wan charcoal roasts serves up an array of roast duck ($12/lower quarter), char siew ($40/kg), roast pork ($40/kg) and soy sauce chicken ($7/lower quarter). TLW specializes in herbal roast duck prepared with dang gui. Amongst the meats we sampled, all the roast were above average though I prefer my roast duck with a stronger herbal flavour. The char siew was nicely charred but could be sliced thicker for a stronger flavour. The stall sells out after lunch and is quite a popular spot for the folks in the neighbourhood. . Thank you @alhsx for the invitation and @jthejon for the hospitality.
Open Daily From 7AM Til Sold Out Speaking of the elderly, I can't wait to bring my grandpa here! Glad that it's logistically feasible & elderly-friendly; I can drop him at the road right outside the coffeeshop, park my car & walk a short distance to sit down with him. It'll have to be for breakfast or lunch though, as they open at 7AM daily until sold out, which is usually mid-afternoon. Thanks Amanda for the invite & Jon for the hospitality! 💕 📍 Tong Luo Wan 铜锣湾 @ Jin Biao Coffee Shop 锦标咖啡店, Block 136 Potong Pasir Ave 3
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