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Australian marble wagyu beef vs. New Zealand black pork I鈥檓 a HUGE fan of beef so I always always make sure to order a full portion of wagyu when at any hotpot restaurant 馃槀 This time around, I decided to get a black pork platter for variety, and surprisingly, it tasted MUCH BETTER than the wagyu beef. Served in extremely generous thick slices, the black pork was amazing with the mala broth.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Very Tasty Soups Loved the pumpkin based soup and the mala one was a little too spicy. With the teddy added it was super oily. Would probably avoid if I ever go again. Ingredients were fresh and overall affordable with chope discount vouchers. Would rather go HDL if I had to pay in full.
馃拑馃徎Undress for Teddy Bear Mala x Milk Tea Boba Hotpot! Celebrating its first anniversary here in Singapore, @SpiceWorldSG has officially introduced 8 menu items and this fun dessert hotpot as part of their permanent menu! Launched just two months ago as a trial, the boba hotpot is well-received by customers and you can now enjoy the fun anytime! The bubbly, chocolatey, choice of Assam or Matcha Milk Tea Hotpot is enjoyed with sweet and savoury toppings such as taro, purple sweet potatoes, pumpkin, yam, coconut and fruit jellies, mala bakwa and tender milk beef. . 鈥 Ying-Yang Mala and Boba Hotpot Combo ($39.90) 鈥 Bullish Day ($36.90) - platter of different cuts of sliced beef, tripe and tongue 鈥 Traditional Handmade Beef Balls ($15.90) 鈥 Tender Milk Beef ($15.90) 鈥 The Mermaid ($18.90) 鈥 fresh red tilapia slices wrapped around a doll 鈥 US Scallops ($19.90) 鈥 marinated in 16 herbs & spices Australian Hairy Abalone ($12.90 per piece) . * Swipe for more photos.
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Overpriced Hot Pot The beef short ribs are nice but serving is small. I was taken aback when waitress tried to serve me a plate of stale beef short ribs (the beef had turned brown) when I used the 1 for 1 deal on the beef. She did replace it after I rejected it. And the liver that we ordered is not fresh as well. Colour looks off. Taste wrong too. Shelf life of liver is very short btw 1-2days. Don't like the fact this shop continue to serve food that is way past its shelf life. The 1 for 1 deal vouchers can only be used on limited dishes and the shop only allowed us to use 2 vouchers for 4 pax (2A & 2C). vouchers are not applicable on platters and buffet which makes the use of vouchers totally not worth it. The above photo showed everything ( + a can of green tea & a pot of chrysanthemum tea) we had ordered and the total bill is $104. Soup base costs $18. Regretted visiting and will not visit again. There are better hot pot restaurants that costs lesser.
Beef Short Ribs ($11++ With #burpplebeyond) This is now our regular hotpot haunt in the East due to it's authenticity and plentiful nearby parking. We always order the sichuan base which we find spicier than the chongqing beef pot. There's also the popular collagen soup base for non 馃尪锔 eaters. Recommend dishes are the beef Short Ribs (normal price $22++ for the portion pictured), beef skewers, beef stomach, dumpling platter, half shell scallops, fried bean curd rolls and fried pork (閰ヨ倝). The red grouper isn't fresh so skip that. 馃挕: 20% or higher eatigo will make it a better deal than beyond (sorry burrple! Gotta be realistic here).
Authentic Chinese Hotpot In The East About 3 months old, this newly opened hotpot is just off the main stretch of Tanjong Katong eateries (where there are also 2-3 wannabe hotpot places). Similar presentation, quality and service to the ever-popular Beauty in a Pot, without the queues (and all the weird bowing). Price range is also similar (about $50/pax) but it offers generous eatigo discounts if you are willing to eat at odd hours. Great for groups as there are comfy booth seats for 4-6 pax as well as larger round tables. As you should know, any legit sichuan hotpot always has 閰ヨ倝 (pictured) and this one is superbly well fried and tender- you can eat it as is, or dip it in the soup base. The chilli covered beef skewers are another authentic thing I seldom see in Singapore wannbe-sichuan hotpot restos (only 鍚屽績濡傛剰 has them). Plus points for another great addition to the East. 馃殫 : convenient and plentiful ERP (unsheltered) parking on the opposide side of the overhead bridge (in front of Canadian international school)
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Not the usual hotspot joints, expect really interestingly unique variety of soup bases at Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot 鍚屽績濡傛剰浼犵粺閾滅伀閿 @tongxinruyi I am talking about Golden Chicken Soup, Golden Frog Soup (!), Stewed Marinated Beef with Spicy Soup, Tomato with Oxtail Soup, Pickled Chinese Cabbage with Pork Rib Soup, and Catfish with Spicy Soup. Here you will find a wide range of different beef cuts from around the world, from New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and USA. There are also unique and specially-sourced vegetables like the Gracilaria (榫欓』鑿) and Pea Sprouts (璞岃眴灏) to be discovered. #DFDSP
Different from your typical hotpot soup bases, @tongxinruyi鈥檚 nourishing signature soup bases are filled with quality ingredients to result in these tasty & full of ingredients pots of broth. . We enjoyed our Golden Chicken Soup & Stewed Marinated Beef with Spicy Soup, which is a twist from your typical collagen or pork & mala soups. Each soup base comes jam packed with ingredients such as shimeji mushrooms, radish & beef tendon, which leaves you with not much of room to order other dishes. . However, if you have a huge appetite, enjoy the different sides & premium meats that they offer! My personal favourite would be the Eight-Seconds Beef (image 7), thinly sliced NZ beef which only takes 8 seconds to cook! Or go for the Vince Tofu, thinly sliced tofu that creates a floral effect when soup is poured over it! . From now till 14 Sep, share your images on FB & IG to get 12% off all hotpot ingredients immediately upon payment! Remember to tag them & hashtag! . Promotions are also happening after 8pm! 鈥 1 for 1 US Premium Beef and/or Jap Black Pork 鈥 1 for 1 soup bases (limited to certain soups) 鈥 buy 3 get 1 free snow beer Don鈥檛 say I bojio! . Thank you @brandcellar for the lovely invite! #aroundwithamd #tongxinruyi #tongxinruyisg
@tongxinruyi Modern Hotpot with Traditional Touch, located at Lorong Telok, the only steamboat at Singapore that serves Slow-cooked soup based with ingredients upon order. Feature 2 signature soup base :. 馃挄Golden Chicken Soup (favourite). Chicken broth cooked with golden pumpkin, black fungus, yam, Konjac, pineapple chunks, slices cucumber and shimeji mushrooms. It鈥檚 really flavoured with the consistency a bit thick but still can drink it 馃構.. 馃挄Stewed Marinated Beef with spicy soup. ($48) Braised beef meat chunks, beef tendon and beef backstraps cooked with Sichuan peppercorns, Sichuan chili, traditional herbs and spices. Apart from tasty soup, they also serves good quality beef like : . 馃挄Premium eight second beef ($24) my fav 馃挄Premium Chef-Sliced Beef Shin ($28). 馃挄Beef Tongue ($22). 馃挄Black bone chicken slice ($20) 馃挄Vince Tofu ($8). 馃挄Gracilaria ($6) must try this. Don鈥檛 miss the current stackable promotion: * Simply share photographs of your meal on Facebook and Instagram, tag @tongxinruyi and hashtag #tongxinruyi #tongxinruyisg to聽enjoy 12% off all hotpot ingredients immediately upon payment. After 鈥8pm鈥 daily, Tong Xin Hot Pot is offering聽Happy Hour Promotions: * Enjoy聽1-FOR-1聽US Premium Beef and/or Japanese Black Pork * Enjoy聽2 SOUPS FOR THE PRICE OF 1. Choose from selected soups: Herb Chicken Soup, Pork Soup, Mutton, and/or Tomato Soup. * Enjoy聽BUY 3 GET 1 FREE聽on Snow Beer. 馃搷Tong Xin Ru Yi Traditional Hotpot. 6 Lorong Telok.
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