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Super Salmon Don Have been eating quite abit of salmon bowls recently and Super Salmon Don ($9.80) from Sen Sushi at Plaza Singapura is one of the most affordable ones, thanks to the ongoing salmon promotion till 31 Aug✌🏻You can’t go wrong with the infallible pairing of salmon sashimi with sushi rice!
Good value salmon don. There is a salmon madness ongoing with plenty of salmoon don choices going for around 10 as well 3 pieces of salmon sashimi going at 2.70. Pretty good value. The bowl isnt very big but its still decent.
Affordable Lunch Set Tried the super salmon don, consisting of avocado salmon, salmon cubes and salmon slices. Got the set, which comes with a side and a drink. I choose the fried chicken for side, whereas my companion chose gyoza. For drinks, we chose cold green tea. If you are willing to spend a little more, can top a few dollars for more salmon, or for juices and soft drinks. They were quite generous with the avocado salmon and salmon cubes, but there were only 2 salmon slices. So was a little disappointed by the quantity. But overall still filling and I couldn’t finish the rice. Would be better if there’s miso soup to pair it off! The gyoza and fried chicken was really juicy and tasty as well! I personally felt that the chicken outshone the don itself haha. The staff were friendly as well, refilling our drinks whenever they saw it ran out. Overall, a pretty decent meal! We paid around $33 for 2 pax and for a full meal with drinks. Would like to try their ramen next time! 😋
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Chashu Ramen The place itself was a little hard to find, and sad to say central mall seemed deserted with only a few restaurants around the vicinity. The interior of Manpei, however, has a nice Japanese set up and it makes you feel relaxed while dining there. Moving on to food, the best part about this dish was the chashu as it had a nicely charred flavour to it. The noodles and soup are just average. The total bill amounted to about $18. Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for an affordable bowl of noodles 🙂
Satisfying Meal In A Quiet Corner We had Tonkotsu Charsiew Ramen (~$14, spicy and normal), very flavourful. The Salmon and Egg Roe Donburi rice bowl (~$14) that we got was a little small and the miso soup that came with it was a tad salty. But the Pork Katsu Donburi rice bowl was not bad.
Slow Service But Yummy Call me auntie or a penny-pincher, but I was looking for a convenient place in the area to have an optimized dinner. Somewhere where I can use the Chope-Dollars Promo code that I got from Chope's birthday wheel roulette, & that also is a Burpple Beyond partner. Manpei fit the bill perfectly 😂 This wasn't an easy place to find; I actually walked by the first time without realizing! Service was slow because the place was understaffed, but not really something to complain about. Especially when you're sitting in air-conditioned comfort on a chill night. I was surprised by this bowl of Tonkotsu Chasyu Ramen ($14++); it looks simple but is very much delicious & also at a good price point even without Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 deal. Think bouncy ramen in a creamy broth, with the crunchy, thinly sliced black fungus adding good contrast to the springy noodles. Also, the all-important pork slices didn't have a crazy amount of fat, yet still remained tender & delicious. Would love to return another time for some comforting ramen... If I'm not rushing anywhere after that. 💳 Accepts credit cards 🌬 Air-conditioned seats only 🖥 Accepts reservations - I used Chope 🍽 Burpple Beyond partner
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For Japanese Dashi Ramen Good for lunch around the CBD is this hidden ramen spot in International Plaza. Get ready for a culinary adventure in a bowl — mix the delicious Dan-Dan Noodle ($17.90) together with Kelp Vinegar, Orange Vinegar and Spicy Vinegar served alonsgide the noodles. As you work your way through the meal, add Dashi Broth in bit by bit for extra umami flavour. Each bowl comes with chasyu, Japanese onions, minced pork and Japanese pickles. Also good is the Japanese Dashi Noodle with Ajitama ($17.90). Photo by Burppler K T
Gotta love hidden shops, they always surprise you! Enishi Ramen hails from Kobe with a Michelin Bib Gourmand listing. 9 seater, Japanese crowd and Japanese chef you know it's gonna be good... Famous for their Dan Dan ramen, that comes with a flat meepok like noodle that had a really good chew to it, topped with pickles, charsiu, duck, mizuna and poached egg. The goma sauce with chilli paste was good on its own but adding that dashi stock with 3 different types of vinegars just made it feel like having multiple ramen in one seating...So good. Went back 3 times so far within 2 months, gave the dashi ramen a shot and it was amazing as well! The dashi was packed with flavour without the usual heaviness of tonkotsu soups. Loved the addition of yuzu which kept every mouthful refreshing. . . . . . #sgfoodies #sgfood #ramen #japanfood #burpple
Dan-Dan Noodles From the new Enishi, a pretty hidden spot tucked at Level 2 of International Plaza; a brand which hails from Kobe, Japan, and is listed as a a Michelin Bin Gourmand restaurant back at its hometown. Specialising in their Japanese Dashi broth ramen, Enishi also serves up a Dan-Dan Noodle for those who would prefer a dry ramen option. Coming with an instruction card, patrons are encourage to first have a go at the noodles by tossing it and mixing it up with the condiments provided, the item also comes with Ontama, three kinds of vinegar (Kelp Vinegar, Orange Vinegar and Spicy Vinegar) and Dashi Broth to be added at different stages to give the Dan-Dan Noodles a different flavour at the various stages. Coming withe condiments such as Chasyu (Pork and Duck), Japanese Onions, Minced Pork, Fried Onions and Japanese Pickles, patrons can also choose their preferred level of spiciness and if they want their order to be served without spiciness, Medium Hot or Very Hot. Opting for Medium Hot and Level 2 spiciness, we felt that the Dan-Dan Noodles barely carried much of a spicy kick; pretty much undetectable. That being said, the Dan-Dan Noodles was on-point with the various condiments carrying meaty bite and a crunch for a variety of textures, whilst the noodles were almost akin to a thicker and broader version of our meepok with more chew. Adding the condiments into the noodles, the Ontama provides a silkier touch to bind the various elements of the bowl together, while the vinegars help to provide some zing; the Dashi broth helping to add a final touch of umami to the whole bowl that's oh-so-good. Patrons can also order a small bowl of rice to mop up all that sauce beneath once they reach the bottom of the bowl. A very authentic experience considering the intimacy with the chef sitting around an open concept kitchen with only counter seating available — a place that carries much attention to detail from the food quality to even the placement of some items on the table; a spot that ramen enthusiasts should definitely check out!
Xing Wei
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Lobster Broth Ramen Special (All Toppings) ($20.90++) The hiatus was long, marked by an unquestionable languor and accompanied by the likes of Zendaya in Euphoria and the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high-school football. The venerable kid draws out his phone for the umpteenth time, harbouring intentions to channel his literary prowess into praising more meals he’s had over his lifetime. Alas, the motivation to do so settles like dust on a piano, marking the continuation of an endless cycle of inaction. - On this day however, the kid faced an epiphany ever so bright, gleaming with inspiration that one could only dream of. He realised that the pretentiousness and dubiousness that came with praising cuisine was unfounded, unlike criticising it. He whips out his phone, continuing to ignore conventions and writing in a format that was analogous to that of a 16-year old’s One Direction smut fanfic on Wattpad. Words were coming together, letters falling into place. - Something was missing, this text was slowly morphing into a babble of the highest degree. In an abrupt turnaround, he realises that he wasn’t here for praise. He was ready to speak ill of a dining experience that had watered down what could’ve been a remarkable evening. He opened up every resource he required to serve his judgement in front of him, ready to further the prattle that was already beginning to get tedious to type. “Ah Keisuke, you’re getting old”, he thought, recalling the hour-long queue into Ramen Keisuke Lobster King that delivered their hallmark Lobster Broth Ramen Special (All Toppings) ($20.90++) with an anti-climatic potpourri of ingredients and an indescribable flaw with the noodles that did not play well with the broth it swam in. Racking his brain for words and adjectives that could further emphasise on his mild disappointment with the ramen that he had, a flicker of light came on. He knew just what to write, three simple words to consolidate judgement, information and showmanship in his final paragraph. - This place sucks.
Rich Broth Ramen Broth was rich and tasty. Chose normal doneness of ramen, but personally finds it abit hard, not a big deal. Overall an enjoyable meal, with free flow boiled eggs and bean sprouts. 😆
Ramen broth that tastes like lobster bisque? I'm sold. The rich broth can be a tad too heavy for some though. And don’t expect any lobster chunks. #burpple #alwayshungryinSG #alwayshungryinClarkeQuay
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Original King ($13.90 + $2 Tamago + $3 Kakuni > $22.25 after GST & Service Charge) 15/08/19 The first thing that hit me was the rich porky scent of the Tonkotsu broth. Taking my first slurp of the Tonkotsu broth, it was a bit too thin for me and I would have preferred it to have been richer as well. Overall, the flavour from the pork was evident though and I would definitely request for a richer broth in future.. Kakuni (Wikipedia: A Japanese braised pork dish which literally means 'square simmered') had a strong sweet teriyaki glaze over it. Both the char siew and the kakuni were not the most tender and were in fact, quite tough. However, both did have a hearty distribution of fat, making the meat more flavourful. I particularly enjoyed the kakuni as it was soaked in a rich, slightly sweet, very umami and thick sauce. The noodles were exactly as I had ordered, thin and firm but felt that the broth did not coat the noodles all that well. Spicy paste was only mildly spicy but very umami and savoury. Ordering double the spice, the broth was initially very pleasant to drink but after awhile, I was starting to sweat; will still order twice the spice in future though. The Ajitsuke Tamago while well-cooked with a partially gooey yolk was one of the less flavourful ones I had. Overall, I was slightly disappointed partly because I went in with high expectations from the rave reviews online and partly because this bowl failed to deliver. The components of the ramen were above average at best and I definitely would not pay $22.25 for this. If I do come back though, I will definitely opt for the kakuni over the char siew. Price: 6/10 Taste: 6/10 Overall: 6/10 (Above average bowl of ramen but may be overrated) More pictures at 1) 2)
Original Butao King ($13.90++) The Original Butao King is Ramen Nagi’s award-winning tonkotsu pork broth. I can eat this everyday. For a starter, I’m one who gets sick of ramen broth easily if it’s too jelak or rich. And this bowl is nothing like that. But this doesn’t mean the taste is being compromised. The broth is thick and smooth - and was amazingly packed with umami, porky flavor. Can easily tell that the broth was simmered with pork and all the other goodness for a long time. YUMZ. Further, this ramen broth is the closest to Ichiran Ramen in my opinion. It’s so good that I always find myself slurping up till the last drop. Every slurp is as good as the last one. (It’s the only stall that I do that! Usually I get so surfeited from ramen broths that after a while the broth taste too jelak but not this) The noodles are the straight type. I usually get hard noodles as I like mine chewy and springy. The noodles were soaked with all that umami goodness broth. Don’t get me started on the pork belly. Tender, and well-braised piece of meat. Have to admit that there are some chunks of fats which I would remove. But the lean meat is love.
Order the Black and Red Ramen It was great. Was impressed by the food and the service. Would come back. Went at 5:30pm on a Friday, there was no queue (office crowd probably comes later).
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