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Super Salmon Don Have been eating quite abit of salmon bowls recently and Super Salmon Don ($9.80) from Sen Sushi at Plaza Singapura is one of the most affordable ones, thanks to the ongoing salmon promotion till 31 Aug✌🏻You can’t go wrong with the infallible pairing of salmon sashimi with sushi rice!
Good value salmon don. There is a salmon madness ongoing with plenty of salmoon don choices going for around 10 as well 3 pieces of salmon sashimi going at 2.70. Pretty good value. The bowl isnt very big but its still decent.
Affordable Lunch Set Tried the super salmon don, consisting of avocado salmon, salmon cubes and salmon slices. Got the set, which comes with a side and a drink. I choose the fried chicken for side, whereas my companion chose gyoza. For drinks, we chose cold green tea. If you are willing to spend a little more, can top a few dollars for more salmon, or for juices and soft drinks. They were quite generous with the avocado salmon and salmon cubes, but there were only 2 salmon slices. So was a little disappointed by the quantity. But overall still filling and I couldn’t finish the rice. Would be better if there’s miso soup to pair it off! The gyoza and fried chicken was really juicy and tasty as well! I personally felt that the chicken outshone the don itself haha. The staff were friendly as well, refilling our drinks whenever they saw it ran out. Overall, a pretty decent meal! We paid around $33 for 2 pax and for a full meal with drinks. Would like to try their ramen next time! 😋
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Japanese Pancakes at Changi Airport? The new 116-seater SORA at Terminal 1 features classic favourites and exclusive dishes from three renowned Japanese restaurants: Ikkousha (ramen), Yoshimi (tonkatsu and curry) and Megumi Maru (maze don). If you value the convenience of getting some Yatai-style ramen, katsu curry and maze don, all in one place, then you’ll love the concept of SORA. Plus, you have easy access to wonderful desserts like Hokkaido soft-serve ice cream and pancakes to mellow those sweet cravings. bit.ly/sorat1 #DFDSP
@ana.japan just opened another outlet at Changi Airport Terminal 1 which features the best Japanese dishes from Fukuoka, Hokkaido and Kanagawa. We’re very impressed with the execution of the mille feuille that boasts 16 layers of pork which retained its juiciness after being deep fried to give the crunchy breaded exterior. Also, try their Kaisen Maze Don, an assorted poke bowl with akami, salmon, prawn, unagi and tamago over sushi rice 🤤 ~ Thank you @brandcellar @japangourmethallsora @thehungryfeet for the invite! • Mille feuille Katsu Set SGD26.80 Pork Loin Katsu Set SGD23.80 Kaisen Maze Don in Uni Sauce SGD18.80
Maki Roll Congrats to ANA Airlines for the opening of another Japan Gourmet Hall SORA outlet at Terminal 1, this time featuring three popular Japanese brands such as Ikkousha (well-known ramen brand from Fukuoka), Yoshimi which specializes in Katsu & Japanese Curry and Megumi Maru which specializes in quality maguro and sashimi in Kanagawa prefecture. Personally, I am a huge fan of mentai dishes and the Maguro Mentai Roll ($15.90) is a dish which I had really enjoyed. Megumi Maru was generous with the mentai sauce and the maki roll is topped with fresh & quality tuna sashimi which melts in the mouth.
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[Invited Tasting] Menya Samui Boat Quay Hi friends! If you are looking for affordable dining in the heart of the CBD, Menya Sanji might be the solution. The price point of the ramen here is very reasonable I feel, especially with its portion size. We tried the Sanji Ramen ($11.50), Black Sesame Ramen ($10.50), Mazesoba ($10.80) & Spicy Ramen ($11). The ramen here is of the Kagoshima style where it’s soup base is derived from hours of simmering pork bones and vegetables. Friends who are looking for a heavier lunch can top up $2 for more ramen and feast away on the free-flow eggs! We also had the Gyoza (5 for $6) and Deep Fried Chicken ($3.50). I find the sides very reasonably priced and would urge you to complete your meal with a side. Thanks to @qingxiangsqx for the invite and @menyasanjiboatquay for the hospitality.
Hello friends working in CBD! Head down to Menya SANJI if you're looking to fill your stomach with ramen at affordable price. It's located conveniently at Circular Road just opposite Ocbc Centre. A kagoshima style 🍜 house, their pork bone is simmered with vegetables for several hours to create its rich flavour. You can choose between thick or thin noodles, and you can also upsize your noodles at just $2. 🍜 SANJI Ramen - $11.50 🍜 Black Sesame - $10.50 🍜 Mazesoba - $10.80 🍜 Spicy Ramen - $11.00 Complete your meal with the free flow 🥚 on the table, or order sides such as Gyoza (5 for $6) or Deep Fried Chicken ($3.50). I highly recommend you to order the deep fried chicken! The chicken cutlet is tasty and juicy. Thanks @julin_ho for the invitation and Shawn @menyasanjiboatquay for having us.
Recently opened @menyasanjiboatquay serves Kagoshima style ramen prepared in delicious Tonkotsu broth. • We tried 3 of their popular ramen; Sanji Ramen ($11.50), Spicy Ramen ($11) & Black Sesame Ramen ($10.50). If I had to pick a favourite, it would probably be the Black Sesame Ramen with the rich aromatic sesame flavour in the broth making it very appetising. We also tried a couple of side dishes; Gyoza ($5 for 6) & Deep Fried Chicken ($3.50). • If you’re looking for tasty ramen in the CBD area that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, you can certainly add @menyasanjiboatquay to your choice. Thanks @melmeleats for inviting and @menyasanjiboatquay for feeding us. . . . #foodporn #sgfoodporn #foodgasm #foodphotography #sgfoodphotography #foodstagram #sgfoodstagram #instafood_sg #sgigfood #sgfood #sgfoodie #sgfoodies #foodie #foodiegram #eatingfortheinsta #sgmakan #sgmakandiary #foodinsing #eatmoresg #exploresingaporeeats #singaporeeats #sgjapanesefood #asianfood #burpple #burpplesg #menyasanji #ramen #kagoshimaramen #noodle #noodles
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Sakura Ebi Mazesoba This was a disappointment. It’s way too peppery and salty. Friends and I all preferred mazesoba at Kajiken instead. We were there during the second bowl 50% off promo which made it a bit better. But I’m certain that we will not return again. This is also slightly spicy.
This bowl is absolutely CURRYing my favour!! 💯 . I've always been eating the Maze-sobas at @menyakokorosg since that is their signature! 👍🏻 Little did I know that I have been missing out on their Maze-dons 🍛 that are equally tasty!! 🤤 . Tried their new Curry Beef Maze-Don ($15.80) & it comes close to being my personal favourite! ❤❤❤ The sweet curry sauce doused on the fluffy Japanese white rice 🍚 really carried the bowl very well. Topped with thinly-sliced beef that are not too tough or chewy, this certainly made a delicious bowl! 👏🏻 . It may look ordinary but trust me, it tastes so good that I couldn’t resist having a few more mouthfuls of rice! 😋😋😋 Definitely recommended! ✔
Having an authentic Maze-Soba at this popluar restaurant chain all the way from Japan. 😍😍😍 . @menyakokorosg introduces their 5 brand new items namely: Spicy Sakura Ebi, Tokyo Beef Maze Soba, Curry Beef Maze Don, Mentai Tamagoyaki and Oden. 🙌🙌🙌 . There is an ongoing promotion where diners can get 50% off their 2nd bowl of Maze-soba or Maze-don during dinner from 5:30pm to 9:00pm on Mondays to Thursdays! Pick any of the 3 new Maze-soba or Maze-Don (Spicy Sakura Ebi, Tokyo Beef Maze Soba or Curry Beef Maze Don) and the 2nd bowl will be at half price!
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Zenbu Nose Ramen - Original (The Full Marutama Experience), S$19++ My favourite ramen! I love it because unlike most ramen shops, they use chicken broth and use pork as topping, which I feel is a very well balanced combo cos then the taste doesn't get too "porky", oily and overwhelming. The highlight (in my humble opinion lol) is the fresh seaweed they use as topping, instead of the usual dried crunchy seaweed most ramen shops use. The seaweed is super tasty and the texture is so delicate, and it goes really well with the noodles. I find the usual kind of dried seaweed hard to tear up, and honestly it doesn't add to the overall taste at all. The noodles here are nice, thin and springy. The egg is pretty good, but honestly every ramen shop does it well also... The ramen comes with 2 types of pork - the usual chashu and stewed pork belly. The pork is ok, quite special cos there are 2 types, but honestly not the star of the dish. Come here for the soup, the seaweed and the negi (spring onion) combo. Also quick note on the menu - there are only 4 (?) types of ramen choices available, and a very small selection of dishes - which is a good indication to me cos it suggests that they really focus on perfecting the few dishes they serve.
Marutama Experience ($19) I haven’t been here for a few years, the menu seems different. A little disappointed that the marutama ramen I used to know seem to have ceased to exist, although it still has yummilicious shoyu half-boiled eggs and that fatty braised pork cube still melts in your mouth perfectly. I just can’t find what’s the difference but overall didn’t give me that “oomph” I used to experience here.
Chicken Soup Ramen I feel blessed!! 😌❤️🍜 The broth is so addictive. The charsiew and lettuce were so tender and soft they fell apart in my bowl of noods I had to fish them out hahaha rly rly enjoyed every last bit of it!!!!✨
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Truffle Mazesoba ($13.90++, FREE EGGS) I can never resist truffle oil anything (yes, yes I know it's not real truffle and just chemicals, but whatever). The truffle smell is not strong in this dish but it does complement the luscious mouthfeel of this dry noodle dish. I love that the pork is fatty (basically sio bak) but it may be too fatty for healthy people. The noodle is quite thick, chewy and "q". The dressing is very tasty and despite being a chilli lover I didn't even feel the need to add chilli oil - almost shocking ! If mazesoba is not your thing, they also serve other kinds of soup ramen and rice dishes. Free hard boiled eggs is an additional bonus for egg lovers. . Located at Chinatown point mall Basement 1 (under the escalator). . 🚇 : Chinatown MRT
Large Ramen For 15.90 Ordered a large truffle mazesoba ramen 15.90. Mixing with the half boiled egg gave it a very creamy taste. Almost tasted like truffle carbonara. Was a very interesting spin on the good old ramen. Had free flow hard boiled eggs. Char siew rice portion was small. The charsiew is mostly lean mean so good for those who want to avoid too much fats. The smokey taste was strong and the sauce was great. Gyoza was average. Skin not particularly crispy but the fillings were moist and flavourful. Overall: Should try it out at least once. Not too pricey for the portion. Tips: if you are broke try sharing a large ramen + a side and take more hard boiled eggs
Truffle Maze Soba This is a treat of truffle-oil doused maze soba (think of dry ramen) with pork meat, mushrooms, and an egg.
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