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Taiwan Mazesoba Super worth it for beyond burpple 1-for-1 ($12.80). There is free upsize for their noodles. Taste good, love their noodle texture, however, personally I feel that their tanjong pagar branch of kajiken has a more balanced taste.
1 for 1 Nagoya Style Mazesoba Arguably their most popular dish, the noodles were blanketed by a literal mountain of spring onions, chives and spicy pork, topped with a creamy onsen egg. My dining partner and I added flavored eggs on top of that. We tossed the noodles for 20 seconds and dug right in. It tasted like an atas version of fishball noodles (really delicious). The noodles were firm and springy to the bite, and the contrasting texture of the crunchy greens gave me the true 'party in my mouth' experience. The pork and the chili oil were just spicy enough to give my taste buds a kick. Much appreciated the free flow ice water to quench the heat of this delicious dish! They also provide a small bowl of soup to pour into the puddle of sauce that remains after finishing the noodles, and then the mixture is spooned or slurped up to polish off the meal. It was such a good deal for $9.30 per pax (with additional flavored egg). The portion was hearty and just nice to leave room for dessert. Overall, would love to come back and try their other dishes, especially with the Burpple 1 for 1. :) 7.5/10
Mazesoba Soft Boiled Egg $12.30 Lunchtime in the weekend is surprisingly not crowded. We visit this Kajiken outlet at Tan Quee Luan (next to Kinmoo). Cozy space with friendly staff, we enjoy 1-for-1 burpple Beyond deal and ordering the soft boiled version with 2 hot green tea $1 each. The mazesoba is nice on its own once you dig deep as the sauce is laying at the bottom of the bowl. Thank you @Burpple for such a great deal! 馃檹馃槉
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Super Salmon Don Have been eating quite abit of salmon bowls recently and Super Salmon Don ($9.80) from Sen Sushi at Plaza Singapura is one of the most affordable ones, thanks to the ongoing salmon promotion till 31 Aug鉁岎煆籝ou can鈥檛 go wrong with the infallible pairing of salmon sashimi with sushi rice!
Good value salmon don. There is a salmon madness ongoing with plenty of salmoon don choices going for around 10 as well 3 pieces of salmon sashimi going at 2.70. Pretty good value. The bowl isnt very big but its still decent.
Affordable Lunch Set Tried the super salmon don, consisting of avocado salmon, salmon cubes and salmon slices. Got the set, which comes with a side and a drink. I choose the fried chicken for side, whereas my companion chose gyoza. For drinks, we chose cold green tea. If you are willing to spend a little more, can top a few dollars for more salmon, or for juices and soft drinks. They were quite generous with the avocado salmon and salmon cubes, but there were only 2 salmon slices. So was a little disappointed by the quantity. But overall still filling and I couldn鈥檛 finish the rice. Would be better if there鈥檚 miso soup to pair it off! The gyoza and fried chicken was really juicy and tasty as well! I personally felt that the chicken outshone the don itself haha. The staff were friendly as well, refilling our drinks whenever they saw it ran out. Overall, a pretty decent meal! We paid around $33 for 2 pax and for a full meal with drinks. Would like to try their ramen next time! 馃構
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Go for the Japan size ($17). You never get enough of good ramen, and this Maru-Toku Negi Chashu ramen was great. The noodles were well cooked, and the crunchiness of the negi and bean sprouts made for a great mixed texture. However, the chashu was cooked a tad uneven, with parts rendered too dry. - Its true charm was in the flavourful and thick tonkotsu broth though. Loaded with roasted garlic oil, it was wave after wave of umami, accompanied by a potent (but not overpowering) aroma. The sharpness of the negi also negated some of the heaviness, making it palatable till the last drop.
馃憠Maru-toku Negi Chashu-men馃憟 Hidden away at Level 7 of Orchard Central, @nantsutteii_singapore shouldn鈥檛 exactly sound foreign to you since it鈥檚 known to serve one of the best ramens in Singapore. 銆 Offering a rich, creamy tonkotsu broth, its iconic component that floats on the surface of the soup is the fragrant black ma-yu (roast garlic oil). This blend actually elevated the standard tonkotsu broth to another level! The chashu slices were also well-marinated and managed to soak up the essence of the broth. With a generous topping of fresh white shredded negi and chopped green negi, they went pretty well with the broth and added that extra crunchy texture. A satisfying bowl indeed 鈽猴笍. Rating: 猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍猸愶笍
Mr Digester
Negi ramen Ramen was cooked in聽tonkotsu soup and layered with black roasted garlic oil. Kinda special as this was my first encounter with black tonkotsu soup and it tasted awesome. Huge portions of ramen, aromatic broth which was not very salty. Price:$14
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