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Smoked Duck Hoisin Pizza ($22.90+) Perfect for sharing, this is one of my two go-to pizzas here at Marche! They do their pizzas surprisingly well - oven baked with just the right thickness and crispness of dough, generous toppings of smoked duck and assorted greens and topped with some good ol hoisin sauce; it was heaven with every bite! 🤤🤤 Their pizzas are ridiculously value with eatigo 50% (usually available at 330/4 in the afternoon or 9/930/10 at night)
🎶Wake me up when SeptemBER ends~🎶 Cuz im gonna have some BEER in OKtoBER! 🍻 From now till 13 Oct, join in the OKTOBERFEST festivities at @marchesingapore! 🎉🎉🎉 I certainly had a great time feasting & catching up with my friends here! 💕 . Here are some of the menu highlights! 🔹️Beer $9.90+ per pint (500ml) 🍺 🔹️Beer $29.90+ per jug 🔹️Pretzel $4.90+ 🥨 🔹️Pork knuckle $25.90+ (half) 🐖 🔹️Pork knuckle $48.90+ (whole) 🔹️Sausage platter $26.90+ 🔹️German platter $49.90+ 🍖🍗 . It's a MEATilicious affair with their German platter which features half pork knuckle 🐖, half roasted spring chicken 🐓, coarse pork & garlic pork sausages, mashed potato 🥔 & sauerkraut! Definitely makes a perfect pairing with a cup of beer! 🍺 . Of course we couldn't leave Marché without having their signature Rösti ❤ with chicken cheese sausage & sauteed mushrooms 🍄 (promo at $17.40+ ✌🏻), as well as their Black Forest Ham Crepe ($17.90+)! 😋😋😋 . Want to win some free bears? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ Participate in their games happening every Fri-Sun evening & stand to win! ✔ Beer guzzling, Arm wrestling, or Empty keg lifting - are you up for the challenge?! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 . Be entertained by the live bands 🎸 at [email protected], VivoCity & Suntec City outlets! Do check out @marchesingapore for the schedule! 👌🏻 Time to drop by for a good time!! 😉
Rösti With Cheddar | $12.80 Potatoes are freshly grated and pan fried. This was my second time having it and I remembered I didn’t really liked it the first time. However this time it was really different which might be due to the cheddar on top! Highly recommend to add cheddar! 7.0/10
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Firebake Wagyu Cheese Burger ($18++, add $2++ for bacon) . 🥣 Ingredients: Wagyu, sourdough buns, Swiss raclette cheese 💬 Wagyu beef patty was medium-done, hence still juicy, and sandwiched between smoky house-baked wood-fired sourdough potato buns. 💬 Sauce was unique - it came in a form of traditional pastitsada stew (a Greek meat sauce). ________________________________ 📍 Firebake - Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant 237 East Coast Road, Level 1 Singapore 428930 ⏱ Tuesday to Friday - 11.30am to 10 pm; Saturday to Sunday - 9am – 10pm (last order); Closed on Mondays 📞 6440 1228 ________________________________ [Tasting] #burger #firebake #americanfood #foodphotography #fujixh1 #fujifilm #burpple #lovefood #sgfoodies #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #f52grams #hungrygowhere #cafesg #sgfoodblogger #sgig #cafehoppingsg #thedailybite #makan #burpplesg #foodie #stfoodtrending #handsinframe #cafehoppingsg #cafehopping #sgbrunch
Yummy Argentinian Striploin Love the food quality here, it’s decent with their freshly baked bread, spring water & special oven. You can see the Chef / owner pottering around - total dedication. I had the striploin medium rare that came beautifully done, with a generous heap of salsa verde. Not my first time here and the food has always been great!
Blue mussels w/ white wine x seafood risotto 🥘 We decided on these two yummies for sharing and got them at a 1 for 1 deal thanks to #entertainersg ! The mussels were small, but the really generous portion made up for it. The sauce was on the saltier side but it made a great dipping sauce for their charcoal grilled bread. The seafood risotto had so much goodness packed into it - scallops, mussels, prawns and sea bass - cooked in a rich seafood & white wine broth. Very value for money! Can't wait to head back and try the prawn capellini.
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🎶PERK me PERK me PERK me up~🎶 Need a morning perk-me-up? ✔ @paulbakerysg is my go-to breakfast place! ✌🏻 Offering a wide range of pastries, bread & desserts, I'm always spoilt for choice! 😍😍😍 . I like that they now have a takeaway breakfast set, reasonably priced at $5.90 for a cup of hot drink ☕ & 1 of their Top 6 pastries! 💯 Perfect for the busy bees like me - I can now munch on the delectable pastry & sip on my cuppa at the comfort of my office table! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 . I paired my Café Latte ☕ (U.P. $5.90) with a Croissant Amandes (U.P. $4.20)! Featuring a croissant 🥐 topped with almond slices, this made such an aromatic & sweet brekkie! 💕 The nutty flavour of the almond slices & sweet icing sugar complement the buttery & flaky pastry so so well! 😋
Breakfast On The Go Getting my breakfast set with @yuna_sootan from @paulbakerysg at on the way to work. The Croissant Amandes which I got was not too sweet and packed with delicious almond flakes, paired well with the cappuccino to perk me up for the day! #PAULsg The #PAULsgBreakfast at $5.90 per set includes your choice of pastry from their TOP 6 picks with a hot drink and is available daily till 11.30am! Breakfast is now quick and fuss free, packed in an easy to hold carrier. Best of all.... no GST or service charge for the Breakfast takeaway set! #sp
Breakfast Set Treated myself this morning to @PAULbakerysg breakfast set - the Chausson Aux Pommes (golden brown apple turnover) paired with the perfect latte - to perk up my morning. Definitely makes starting work easier! 😊 . At $5.90 per set - you get to choose from their TOP 6 pastries together with your choice of hot drink.
The Hedgehog
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Best Of All Worlds I’d say this is a really innovative waffle creation that truly speaks to people like myself who want to try everything by just ordering one dish. The Best Of All Worlds Waffle is an amalgamation of four different waffle flavours - classic, chocolate, matcha and charcoal, topped with an ice cream of your choice. Being a waffle that’s freshly made when ordered, it does take a while to be served. I wouldn’t describe this as the best waffles I’ve had, as I’m more of a fan of crispy exteriors and soft fluffy waffles. However, Brunches cafe waffles are on the soft and chewy side. They weren’t undercooked, it’s just the way the batter is. I actually enjoyed them quite a bit although I still prefer crisp waffles overall. The chocolate waffle fared the best out of all the flavoured waffles, and I could actually taste the chocolate in it. There was a very slight hint of charcoal, like a teeny bitterness, in the charcoal waffle, but otherwise the charcoal and matcha waffles were just like the regular but with different colours. You get to pick a scoop of ice cream to go with your waffle, so I went for the pistachio as always. There was almost zero pistachio flavour, which was disappointing, but I guess the main draw of this dessert was the quad-flavour waffle. In addition, the charm of Brunches Cafe lies in its vintage and retro decor (which are all for sale!). Stepping into the place was just a trip down memory lane wherever you looked. From old-school gramophones, tea sets, toys, even repurposed oil drums, scooters and a vintage car. I would recommend this for the ambience though I haven’t tried enough of the food yet.
Salmon With Hollandaise Sauce and Mashed Potato This was a large salmon fillet with crispy skin and a perfectly cooked pink juicy center sitting on top a huge dollop of creamy, garlicky mashed potatoes ($18.90). It was drizzled in bright yellow hollandaise sauce and paired alongside arugula salad and grilled tomato. Technically it ticked all the boxes and was extremely filling and hearty for me, but somehow it just lacked that "wow" factor in terms of flavor and presentation. It was simple, fuss-free but lacking that complexity I expected for paying that price. I have to praise the ambience though, full of vintagey, retro fittings and a bustling crowd. It certainly made a unique, pleasurable spontaenous dining experience for my dining partner and I. There were lots of other delicious brunch, desserts and dinner options that I wouldn't mind dropping by to try if I was in the area again. 7/10
Spanish Omelette Had heard a lot about this place and finally got a chance to visit it. I loved the decor of the place (specially the seatable cars) and it gives a sense of comfy cafe tucked away in a corner. As for the food it was just ok. I ordered the Spanish Omelette which was well cooked but it lacked the the concoction somehow. And for the pomegranate juice it felt a little blunt.
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3 Course Set Lunch This must be the best hidden secret at MBLM... 1. Appetiser -Vegetable quiche 2. Main course -Grilled barramundi with carrot purée 3. Dessert -Bread and butter pudding The barramundi was cooked to perfection with such a great crispy skin and the bread and butter pudding was so moist , buttery and flavourful . Set lunch going for 15.80 ++ and you get a 10 percent off if you use the Waitrr app to order and pay. This set lunch so worth every dollar of your money 😁
The mains and pastries are perfect. Chicken roulade stuffed with spinach and drizzle of wholemeal mustard on top was so perfectly tender and flavorful! As were the roasted potatoes. I felt like Christmas has came early 😍 The desserts were really worth it too. Had all these with the eatigo discount ho ho 😁😁
Good Pastry, Great Mains Cabillaud aux champignons ($29.90) Beneath that fancy name is a simple, yet sophisticated cod dish. Juicy, moist, and perfectly cooked filet of cod, atop a red wine sauce that sort of eases the juxtaposition between the earthy mushrooms and fresh cod. It's easy to go wrong with fish dishes, but Paul certainly nailed it here. Ordered the sirloin steak as well, and was blown away by the immense flavour and buttery texture that is reminiscent of Wagyu beef. Wasn't expecting much initially because Paul is known for their pastries and not their mains, but the quality of the steak really shone through. It was a pity that the tenderloin was sold out though. Ended off with waffles and chocolate ice cream. And while there's nothing really to shout about, the chocolate ice cream is rich, without having that bitter taste associated with dark chocolates. In fact, there was a rather subtle sweetness that really plays well with the waffles.
The Pseudo
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