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Great Variety, Quality & Value! There are many Japanese buffets out there, but Shin Minori is definitely one of the better ones, especially with the burpple beyond deals! There are so many options on the menu (they even have all kinds of skewers, which is rare to find in a Japanese buffet restaurant!). Sashimi is always very fresh and comes on thick slices. I especially love their mentaiko items because the sauce is super umami! Would definitely recommend :)
Roll Up On ‘Em @shinminorisg sushi rolls, such as the Temptation Maki (tempura prawn, avocado & cream cheese) and California Maki were passable, but ultimately very forgettable. Shin Minori’s sashimi is definitely much better, thanks to the fabulously fresh fish on offer, so I’d definitely stick with that if forced to choose. But wait! With #burpplebeyond, you ain’t gotta choose! @burpple Beyond has got 1-for-1 on @shinminorisg lunch & dinner buffets, so you can savagely stuff yourself with superb sushi & sterling sashimi, plus a whole lot of other food options as well! Thank you for having me @shinminorisg, and thanks @burpple for letting me tag along!
Sashimi MORE-iwase There’s like a million other Japanese buffets out there, but Shin Minori aims to carve out a slice of the over saturated pie by offering a very affordable Omizu lunch/dinner buffet. Better yet, it’s on Burpple Beyond, so a buffet for two is well worth the money invested! Of course, when you’re at a Japanese restaurant that does sushi or sashimi, you get both without a second of hesitation. Shin Minori’s sashimi moriwase (yes, the whole dang platter is part of the buffet!) sees six different cast members of The Little Mermaid sharing space on a really yuge and kinda heavy bowl. The slices are generously thick and every last slice is fantastically fresh too! With Burpple Beyond, you get one 1-for-1 dinner buffet, and two lunch buffets at Shin Minori’s Marine Parade outpost. Hey, that’s pretty good! Thanks for hosting us Shin Minori, and thanks for the invite Burpple!
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Plan your year end gatherings @tenkaichi.sg and make good use of their 1 for 1 promotion for their Ultimate Buffet! (That’s $139.80++ for two person)! I really think it’s a good deal - Think free flow wagyu beef(!!), pork belly and Asahi Beer! Definitely jio all your buddies for an indulgence night 🤫 No voucher or code required, all you have to do is present yourself and mention “1-for-1 The Ultimate Buffet” and you and a friend can start indulging! Available now till 31 Dec! Psst.. they are on #burpplebeyond as well for their Duluxe/Premium Buffet ($59.90++/$109.80++).
Fantastic Meat They've got a promotion going on their website itself so I didn't use beyond for this. Skip the Deluxe buffet and go straight for Premium. For 75 per person (inclusive of gst and all), I thought the meal was really worth it. The meats were beautifully marbled and melted in your mouth. We couldn't help but get more orders of both the kurobuta karubi and wagyu karubi. Highly recommend getting their tonkotsu soup for your hotpot too, it's lovely and sweet.
1 For 1 Burpple Beyond This set was $22.90 but with 1 for 1 it was quite reasonable. Honestly, was expecting more quality for the food but it was average at best. The rice did not look like Japanese rice, I think they used jasmine rice instead. However, the unagi was quite good but I’ve tasted better before. I liked the sashimi! However, portions were quite small and the chicken in the chawanmushi was pink and I did not dare to eat it. Overall, it was quite okay, would not go back there again if I were craving Japanese, could probably get cheaper and better quality food elsewhere. Food: 6.5/10
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White Pepper Sri Lankan Crab We kicked off our long weekend with a buffet! 😍 In celebration of our nation's birthday 🇸🇬, Food Exchange specially curated a wide variety of Chinese, Indian and Malay dishes such as Bak Kut Teh, Black Pepper Slipper Lobster, Laksa, Prawn Mee, Kueh Pie Tee, Beef Rendang and Indian Rojak. . Our favourites included the White Pepper Sri Lankan Crab (wok-fried in rich stock and aromatic white pepper gravy) and Durian Pengat (highly popular!). You must give them a try! . The Asian Buffet Dinner is available at $54 nett throughout August 2019. Swipe ⬅️ for more pics or view my "National Day" highlights for IG Story videos. 😉 . . . . . . . _______________________________ . . . #thehedgehogknows #novotelonstevens #laksa #sgbuffet #ndp2019
The Hedgehog
Lobsters & Oysters Brunch $88++ I was so looking forward to all the lobsters' dishes but unfortunately, they all taste meh~ 😕 The lobster tails are so-so, the claws are tough and tasteless. Lobster bisque is not bad but it’s cold.😐 The turnip in the lobster popiah is quite bland, you can easily get nicer popiah outside. Ok, so what’s nice? The prawns are sweet & fresh, taste much better than the lobsters, oysters, mussels were gd. As for the sashimi, salmon/maguro/ika was stated in the menu but only salmon is available, the rest are sushi.🤨 My favorites will be the foie gras and egg benedict. The foie gras is pan-fried until crispy on the outside while still soft on the inside and it just melts in your mouth. The egg ben muffin is soft and fluffy when paired with the oozy yolk, it’s the best combo ever! The Sio Bak is very crispy and tasty! The tarts and cakes are yummy too! When food coma attacks, just go to the poolside and chill and have a pretty power nap. 😴😂
Impressive NEW International Buffet And Sunday Brunch At Food Exchange @novotelstevens Novotel Singapore on Stevens50% OFF 2nd Diner. Also look out for attractive deals for L'Apéritif Tapas Bar, where you get 50% OFF 2nd drink daily or 50% OFF for 2nd diner for high tea. Find Out More In This Post http://danielfooddiary.com/2017/12/13/foodexchange/ #DFDSP #HSBCDining #HSBCSG
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For a Halal Buffet with a Wide Variety Gather the colleagues for a feast at this restaurant on Orchard Road. Fitted with Halal-certified kitchens and an eclectic range of cusines including Mediterranean, Indian, local Chinese and Japanese, there'll be something for everyone. Seafood lovers will adore their salmon and steamed clams. Sweet tooths, check out their ice cream parlour with 13 flavours on rotation — the community recommends the rich salted egg yolk and chendol flavours. If you've got extra space, plop your ice cream on their freshly made waffles. Pro tip: Make reservations to avoid disappointment! Buffet Prices: Lunch (from $56), Dinner (from $76). Photo by Burppler Doreen Tan *Halal-certified
Haha recently I went to quite a few buffets! Food party time! Buffet is always great for celebrations especially for big groups of family and friends. It is also good for office team lunch. Everyone get to choose what they want to eat. Great variety and unlimited serving is definitely a big plus for gatherings. . Featuring the lunch buffet at Carousel in @royalplazaonscotts Carousel buffet serves international gastronomy! From Mediterranean, Asian, Korean, Japanese fare, a lavish seafood spread, French Rotisserie, and delightful dessert stations! We were all spoilt for choice and so impressed with the amazing spread! There were hits and misses! Love the Teppanyaki, Pasta and Kebab! Of course the desserts were amazing too. They even have Salted Egg Yolk ice cream. I didn't try it though haha. . Carousel was also Voted the Best Buffet Restaurant in Singapore at AsiaOne People's Choice Awards for 7th consecutive year! Well done! 👍 . All the food at Carousel is prepared in Halal-certified kitchens. Great for our Muslims friends! . Weekdays: Lunch - S$68.27, Dinner - S$94.16 Weekends: Lunch - S$80.04, Dinner - S$103.58 ============================ Carousel 📍25 Scotts Rd Royal Plaza 📍Singapore 228220 ============================ Blog: http://www.eatdreamlove.com ============================ #singapore #burpple
🎶You can be a SWEET dream, or a beautiful nightmare~🎶 . It sure was a nightmare for almost half of my dept who suffered from diarrhoea after dining at Carousel. . Probably not because of these pretty alluring sweet treats (look at all the choux puffs, macarons, cakes & choc fondue 🤤🤤🤤) but still, i wont be returning. . ⛔[BLAKLISTED]⛔
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