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[📍Wholesome savour, Singapore] Having a light and healthy vegan meal for lunch because i wanted to indulge a little on dessert later. Ordered: 1) Portobello mushroom burger ($20) -Portobello mushrooms, beetroot patty, mycoprotein, dairy-free cheese, lettuce and tomatoes - Dehydrated chips as the sides ▪️This item was under the chef's recommendation and was highly reviewed online. However, we found the dehydrated chips too dry for our liking. Although the concept of replacing burger buns with mushrooms and having beetroot patty with mycoprotein was interesting, we found that the burger was a little too dry too (the patty and mycoprotein were not moist or juicy but rather dry and crumbly). The addition of tomatoes and lettuce didnt really help to improve the moistness and we kept reaching out for our water. Nonetheless, we find this variation of burger really healthy and light unlike the usual burger which might feel jelat. Rating: 5.5/10 2) Burrito bowl ($16) -Black beans -Bell pepper -Coleslaw -Avocado -Quinoa (hidden beneath) -Mango -Mycoprotein -Dehydrated chips ▪️We found their grain bowl more suitable for our palate. The combination of ingredients was really good. Natural sweetness from the mangoes. Slightly savoury black beans with fragrance from spices. This felt really homey and hearty Rating: 7.5/10 We really love the service. The waitress was really friendly. And i personally love the concept of healthy food. Thanks to burpple beyond, we paid $23.54 for the meal. This is really worth it with burrple. However, i would probably not return without the 1-for-1 as the portion is quite small so for the full price i rather eat something else😅 Worth it: 2.5/5 (without burpple 1for1) Taste: 3.5/5 Ratings: 6/10 I would return with the 1for1😅 shall try their Neggs Benedict the next time (another highly review chef recommended dish) No go Can go 😊 Must go #burpple #wholesomesavoursg
Jie Yin
Beautifully Thought Out And Delicious This was the burrito bowl which was a rather unorthodox version. Everything is vegan, so sans the cheese and usual protein, but every other ingredient held its own and came together beautifully. We also ordered the Portabello Burger which substituted the buns for the mushrooms themselves! It was good but not as outstanding as the burrito bowl. The ambience is quiet and cozy and the prices reasonable for this level of quality, wholesome food.
For 1-for-1 Ancient Grains/Burgers & Sandwiches (save ~$15) Save this vibrant vegan, gluten-free and plant-based eatery in Palais Renaissance for post-gym clean eating days. The feel AND taste-good mains here include the inovative Negg's Benedict ($15), featuring creamy avocado atop moist, almond-zucchini muffins topped with creamy cashew hollandaise. The tasty millet-based Kao Pad Pineapple ($15) is a must-try as well. Photo by Burppler Seanna Lim
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