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Josper Grilled Octopus (SGD $42) @ Grissini. This features tender roasted baby potatoes, juicy heirloom tomatoes, chewy Kalamata purple olives, and large chunks of bouncy chewy josper-grilled Mediterranean octopus tentacles. . Served with a classic pinzimonio dressing (lemon juice, black pepper, salt, olive oil), this has lovely vegetal earthy sweet savoury smoky flavours. . While the octopus is clean-tasting and fresh, we wish it had a deeper smoky sweet flavour. . . . Grissini More details in profile & blog
Beer M Brew (SGD $10) @ Grissini. This is a flavoured pale ale, brewed by the Archipelago Brewery in Singapore. . It has a hazy amber copper colour, with aromas and tastes of caramel malt, vanilla, pandan / screwpine leaf, and coconut. . The body is thin, lively, and complex, with bold earthy sweet bitter metallic flavours. . This is a speciality craft beer, brewed especially for the Millennium Group of hotels. . . . Grissini More details in profile & blog
Sea Salt & Coffee Cake (SGD $15) @ Grissini. This has fresh juicy sweet seasonal fruits (blueberries, strawberries, blackcurrant, lingonberries) plated with crunchy nutty sweet caramelised hazelnuts, soft spongy pistachio fanancier crumble with good earthy nutty flavour, and a rich chocolate sauce. . But the stars are the creamy pistachio gelato with nutty sweet flavour, and the rich coffee infused chocolate lava cake dressed with sea salt crystals. . The cake has a soft grainy texture with deep chocolatey sweet salty flavour, and a thick molten chocolate center that oozes out when cut. Utterly delicious and addictive. . . . Grissini More details in profile & blog
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Grand Marnier Et Oranges Confites Before we ordered, we were greeted a glass of rosé each. The setup was beautiful and I particularly loved their chevron napkins against the marble table. Soufflé is known for their unique take on savoury soufflés - laksa ($26) and lobster ($28) are two that I’m keen to try. We came from lunch so we opted for a sweet version instead. Grand Marnier soufflé, $28 for large ($20 for individual). The large was a good portion for 3 of us, and it came with a bottle of Grand Marnier for extra drizzles, topped with some candied orange. Soufflé was light and done well, though an eggy flavour became more prominent as the dish cooled down. Was overall a good experience, perfect vibes for girlfriend chitchat, but the soufflé isn’t something I’d specially make a trip for.
Beef Bourguignon souffle Tucked away near the carpark in Duxton, this place has an array of sweet and savoury soufflés for anyone who loves the light, puffy baked dish. Served piping hot, this beef stew (filled with chopped carrots, bits of bacon, and tender slow cooked beef) paired nicely with the soft, crisp texture of the soufflé.
The Rise of Savoury Soufflés Parmentier de Canard with Mini Truffled Mushroom Soufflé Blanquette de Veau with Mini Comté Soufflé ($32/each) Like lofty golden puffs, the souffles were airy like foam, light and flavourful. Served hot, the truffled mushroom souffle was rich that accompanied really well with the duck confit and mashed potato. The meat itself was tender and the butter parsley breadcrumbs covering the dish gave the dish an added texture. The mini comte souffle was a cheese souffle with a crispy cheese "gratin" on top. Paired with the slowed-cooked veal stew, it was a hearty and comforting meal. The chunks of veal were tender and not gamey; and the carrots and onions added sweetness to the stew. The gravy though was much lighter than expected.
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