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Hans im Glück $17 parmesan cheese, parma ham, rocket leaves & balsamic glaze, served with steak fries, apple-passionfruit thirst quencher and cappuccino
Zehnt Multigrain Burger ($15). German burger grill HANS IM GLÜCK proves itself well of serving delicious, hearty burgers that are nutritious and healthy. With an extensive menu of beef, chicken, vegetarian or even vegan burgers and salads, there’s definitely something for everyone. Each burger is served with fresh lettuce, red onions, sun-ripened tomatoes and the in-house HANS IM GLÜCK sauce, that’s comprised of vegan mayonnaise, wasabi and fresh tomato paste. You can also choose from sourdough, multigrain bun or even naked meaning without any bun for those who are carbs conscious. I had the Zehnt burger with multigrain bun. The grilled chicken breast was massive, even longer than the bun could contain, and it was nowhere near a dry piece of grilled meat. In fact, the chicken meat retained its juiciness and tenderness, which was easily savoured. Complementing the chicken breast was mushrooms cooked in a slightly creamy 3-pepper sauce and herby garden salad. Pretty much enjoyed the burger especially with its firm buns, overall tasting healthy like a balanced diet of protein and a mountainous heap of vegetables, only exception was the red onion slices were too picky and pungent.
Miss Ha
Snack Platter Part 2 6 pieces of fried chicken with 3 drumbstick and 3 midwings. Batter was the one that i love, crunchy with slightly spicy. Comes with pairing sour cream to soften the spiciness of the chicken.
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High Tea Set ($18.80++) The high tea platter consists of prawn and crab sliders, sweet potato with quino salad, strawberry éclair, gentlemen designed red velvet cake and assorted scones. It comes with a pot of tea of your choice. Personally, I enjoyed the scones the most. Scones was served warm and moist with chocolates bit and raisins. Nice! The rest are pretty average.
seasonal lamb chop w mint jus ~~~ the miso mash potatoes were creamy and savoury which were delightful. the lamb was a tad too fatty for my liking but it was well seasoned and prepared so it wasn’t too gamey which i appreciated. decent but not one of their best dishes
Calida Aurelia Soh
Cheese Baked Lobster And Scallop Rice Was torn between ordering this load of cheesy goodness versus a ‘healthier’ option of aglio olio. It seems pretty interesting to me that TCC has designated sections of the menu which are listed as healthier alternatives and provide caloric counts for those foods - would be great if they could expand that to the whole menu but that’s a pipe dream since they’re not a health food restaurant. This dish comes with brown rice, which I absolutely love. There’s more bite in brown rice and it holds its firmness more than white rice, but it’s usually harder to achieve a nice consistency as it takes longer to cook. Thankfully the brown rice was not undercooked, and each mouthful provided a slight nutty texture that paired well with the cheese. The curry sauce was quite watery, and a little dismal because the flavours didn’t come through much. I think they were going more for a Japanese curry taste but I couldn’t taste it at all in the midst of the cheese and the sauce just served to ‘wet’ my rice 😂 TCC didn’t stinge on the cheese, and it formed a thick layer on my baked rice. Interspersed in this cheesy layer were pieces of lobster and scallops. Not too sure if they’re really lobsters as the pieces were so tiny they looked and tasted more like hei bi but maybe they’re bits of slipper lobsters or something. The scallops were decent sized. Overall there was quite a lot of seafood within the cheese layer and I think it’s quite worth the amount paid, however, the sauce needs a bit of working on.
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You don't need an excuse to pamper Daddy. But since it’s Father's Day, what better reason to treat him to dinner at Crystal Jade~ Deep-fried grouper filled with prawn paste and tossed with crispy garlic ($26.80/4 pieces) was a particular favorite of mine. Fresh prawn paste complimenting the fresh grouper plus crispy bits of fried garlic, the dish was bursting with intense flavors and alluring aromas. The Double-boiled giant grouper with ginger and premium ‘han zao’ ($22) is another dish that bounds to warm Dad's heart. In celebration of Parents’ Day (yes there is such a day in Korea & USA on 1 Jun), Crystal Jade's group of restaurants (such as Crystal Jade Palace, Crystal Jade Jiang Nan etc) are serving a line-up of dishes made to wow your parents. Happening from now till 30 June 2019, the line-up includes: • Pan-seared foie gras with crispy bean curd & crepe ($16.80/person) • Deep-fried yellow croaker with sweet vinegar sauce and pine nuts ($29.80) • Char-grilled Iberico pork rib ($26.80/portion) • Supreme fried rice with prawn, bacon and lychee wrapped in lotus leave ($30) • Creme brûlée with ginger & bird's nest ($6.80) Crystal Jade Dining IN Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, Unit 01-112, VivoCity, Singapore 098585 #crystaljadesg
Who needs superheroes when you have a pair at home? Their love and sacrifices have far surpass any superpowers and boundaries. #loveknowsnoboundaries - Treat your superheroes to a good meal at @crystaljadesg’s portfolio of restaurants! They have launched their Parents’ Day promotion, a two-month long promotion (3 May to 30 June) with exclusive a la carte dishes and set menus. - Using fish as the primary ingredient, I’ve picked 3 notable dishes from the a la carte menu. They are: . • Deep-fried grouper fillet with prawn paste tossed with crispy garlic ($26.80/4pcs). Crispy & fragrant! Love the texture of the fillet. Available at Crystal Jade Kitchen . • Deep-fried yellow croaker with sweet vinegar sauce and pine nuts ($29.80). Crispy on the outside with moist, flaky flesh inside. The appetising hawthorn sauce goes well with rice. Be careful of bones though. Available at Crystal Jade Jiang Nan. . • Double-boiled giant grouper head with ginger and premium ‘nao zao’ ($22/pax). A comforting bowl of nutritious soup with high-collagen content. Available at Crystal Jade Golden Palace. - #crystaljade #crystaljadesg #cjorigamiwlove #chinesecuisine #chinesefood #parentsday
Good Dimsum We ordered this carrot cake, siewmai, fried beancurd skin with prawn, chicken feet, crab fried rice, three egg spinach, and mango pomelo for dessert. Really enjoyed all the dishes. Restaurant has a nice view too if you can get a table along the full length glass windows. Bill came up to about $100 for 2 of us.
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