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Chilli Crab Potato Skin ($18) Chilli crab potato skin with a great sunset view 😋☺️ imagine eating huge soft potato wedges with generous servings of chilli crab. food here was great with great vibes
Arbora! @sgfooduncle Hilltop dining on top of Mount Faber with awesome views overlooking sentosa! Ambience was so good that the food doesn't matter anymore, jk! Slow cooked Braised Beef cheek is a must try, never would you find another restaurant that do it better. For people who doesn't take beef, their seafood mixed for 2 is really nice too, with a mix varieties of lobster, cod fish, squid, salmon, scallops, prawns and swordfish. Cooked and served in lobster bisque, MUST TRY! Diner get to enjoy a romantic return ride on top of Singapore highest cable car to sentosa for use $5. Enjoy the view of Singapore CBD and Sentosa with your love ones after dinner. 😘 Verdict: Food 9/10 Ambience 10/10 Location 4/10 Price 5/10 Service 10/10 OVERALL 7.5/10
Good Food, Good Service Recovery Had a delicious meal at Arbora perched on top of Mount Faber; they had a Mothers' Day promotion of a complimentary main course for mum with every 3 main courses ordered - perfect for our family of 4. They have both an outdoor (al fresco) & indoor (air-conditioned) area for dining; we opted for indoors because we are a sweaty family 😂 Our lunch was delicious & served fairly quickly; I was impressed. We had the Herb Roasted Half Chicken ($21++), Barramundi ($29++), Creamy Carbonara ($21++), Lobster Napoli ($28++), & Chempedak Bread & Butter ($13++). My favourites were the pastas; I felt they were delicious & of a good portion. Also pleased with the dessert as it is fairly unique & also tasty. Unfortunately there was a bit of a miscommunication at the end of our meal when we called for the bill (which took a while to settle) - nothing too dramatic, no tables were flipped. It was solved amicably after I gave my honest feedback. I was going to write this positive review anyway because this place deserves it; good food, sweet view, nice ambience & friendly service. But I must say that I am also impressed with their service recovery & sincerity. Special thanks to William who took the effort to call me even after I left with an explanation. I really appreciate it. If you intend to dine here in the month of May, make your reservation on Chope & use the code CD5AB to get 300 extra Chope$. Don't say bojio 😎 If you drive, they have complimentary valet service if you spend $60 on food, which is an added bonus. 💳 Accepts credit cards 🌬 Air-conditioned seats available ☀ Al fresco seats available 🖥 Accepts reservations - I used Chope
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Fridays call for all to let our hair down at the newly opened @hansimglueck_singapore at Vivocity. Especially with the Singapore-only Die Die Must Try menu starting from the Krabbe burger ($16) featuring softshell crab and Rendang Burger ($16) that pairs the juicy beef patty with caramelised onion and rendang sauce. Just add $5.40 to complete the meal with Singapore Rose Mocktail, otherwise priced at $8. Available now till 31 July. . For a party of 4, enjoy 4x Krabbe/Rendang Burgers and 1 Pfund Fritten for just $54 as the 54th National Day Special Set. . #hansimglück #vivocity #burger
Hans im Glück $17 parmesan cheese, parma ham, rocket leaves & balsamic glaze, served with steak fries, apple-passionfruit thirst quencher and cappuccino
Zehnt Multigrain Burger ($15). German burger grill HANS IM GLÜCK proves itself well of serving delicious, hearty burgers that are nutritious and healthy. With an extensive menu of beef, chicken, vegetarian or even vegan burgers and salads, there’s definitely something for everyone. Each burger is served with fresh lettuce, red onions, sun-ripened tomatoes and the in-house HANS IM GLÜCK sauce, that’s comprised of vegan mayonnaise, wasabi and fresh tomato paste. You can also choose from sourdough, multigrain bun or even naked meaning without any bun for those who are carbs conscious. I had the Zehnt burger with multigrain bun. The grilled chicken breast was massive, even longer than the bun could contain, and it was nowhere near a dry piece of grilled meat. In fact, the chicken meat retained its juiciness and tenderness, which was easily savoured. Complementing the chicken breast was mushrooms cooked in a slightly creamy 3-pepper sauce and herby garden salad. Pretty much enjoyed the burger especially with its firm buns, overall tasting healthy like a balanced diet of protein and a mountainous heap of vegetables, only exception was the red onion slices were too picky and pungent.
Miss Ha
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Stir Fried Noodles With Prawns This is like the Vietnamese version of char kway tiao or pad thai. It’s the first time we’ve ordered this out of our numerous visits because I’m a creature of habit. Hahaha. Anyway, this dish didn’t disappoint. The noodles were slick and nicely cooked, not too soft, hard or oily. They even have a slight hint of wok hei that we were not expecting. There’s quite a bit of ingredients tossed in, so you have a mix of prawns, crabstick, mushrooms, tau pok and eggs. While none of these are particularly unique, they work together to make this dish delicious. We also enjoyed the chilli served together with these noodles, which were actually spicier than I expected. They’re really good when eaten together with the noodles! While I have other favourites on the menu that I always turn to, this is one dish that I might consider from time to time! *The Orange Lantern (AND Harbourfront Centre) is FavePay-friendly! Remember to use FavePay, especially after 6pm, to get upsized 10% cashback!
Sweet & Sour Fish Soup Sweet and tangy Vietnamese soup with sliced fish and lots of veggies! I love this soup, and there’s a decent amount of tender sliced fish in there. Note that there’s some chillies thrown in too, so some spoonfuls can cause choking especially if you inhale the chilli seeds. There’s ladies fingers, cherry tomatoes, bean sprouts and even pineapple cubes in the soup which I find unique. The pineapple cubes retain some crunchiness, and release a spurt of sweet juice when bitten into which goes so well with the soup. If you’re not a fan of ladies fingers, you might find their addition here a little offputting as they are really quite slimey. I personally don’t mind, as the slime is diluted by the soup anyway. This dish is always one of my go-tos :)
Summer Vegetable Roll ($6.40) We were figuring out the difference between this Roll and the Shrimp Rice Paper Wrap on the menu. Both come with Chef Recommendation symbols, but we decided to go with this out of curiosity as there was no accompanying description on the fillings. Turns out that unlike the Shrimp Rice Paper Wrap that was given a full page spread on the menu, the Summer Vegetable Roll comes loaded with not only vegetables, but with two proteins - shrimp and grilled chicken. I really love The Orange Lantern’s Vietnamese grilled chicken as it’s super tender and flavourful, so now that I know that this rice paper roll comes with it, it’s going to be a no-brainer ordering this. The vegetables and herbs in the wrap are all fresh and crisp. I love the refreshing basil and mint in the wrap. The prawn wasn’t really seasoned, but it was fresh and crunchy. The grilled chicken added another layer of flavour with its lemongrass seasoning, and I think that’s really what pulled this whole wrap together. My only complaint about these rice paper rolls is that the rice paper was super sticky which made it hard to separate the rolls from each other and the chopsticks without tearing the rice paper. Although this is an appetiser, it can also serve as a light meal for someone trying to eat healthy! The Orange Lantern is slightly pricey, but the food is good, so we keep coming back :)
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