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Pork Ribs BKT Returned here for their awesome tender Pork Ribs and Kidney BKT! The kidney pieces are thick and juicy, unlike some others which are thin and small. The kidney is served with it being cooked just right - cooked, yet have a bite to it. The meat on the pork ribs is has a generous thick amount of meat (as seen in the pic). The meat is tender and has a good thin layer of fat all around accompanying the lean meat! 馃憤馃憤 The liver, though was ok; nothing to rave about. I like that the soup base here has some herbal aroma, and it鈥檚 not too peppery. I ordered 鈥淟鈥 portions for each of the 3 items. A must to visit BKT store!
Premium Loin Ribs BKT, Kidney & Liver Soup This is still my favourite BKT, and in my opinion one value-for-money vs other BKT. I have here the Premium Loin Ribs (regular), Kidney (large) and Liver (large) soup. Definitely satisfied my craving for good BKT, especially after last evening鈥檚 less satisfying BKT from another BKT chain.
Premium Loin Ribs BKT Returned to my favourite BKT stall since I had the first half of the day off. Ordered the Premium Loin Ribs, the regular Pork Ribs (large bowl), and Kidney (regular bowl). The meat is so tender, it just peels off the bones! The kidney was just right - soft and yet with a bit to it. Definitely good quality meats used and excellent cooking method! Although, I noted that there was just one additional pork rib in today鈥檚 鈥橪arge鈥 vs the 鈥楻egular鈥 that I ordered previously.
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