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For 1-for-1 3-Course Set Menu (save ~$39.90) If you're around Katong, this Joo Chiat Road joint is one worthy contender for satisfying Indian cravings. Expect quality nosh, as everything on the menu is cooked to order. For a fuss-free meal, the 3-Course Set Menu ($39.90) comes with a delicious fish tikka appetiser and two mains, including a fragrant Curry Fish and Chicken Masala in a thick and spicy sauce (best sopped up with the freshly baked naans!). Photo by Burppler Veronica Phua
Really Tasty Choices Here According to owner Souren, everything at “Butter and Spice” is cooked to order by his chef who hails from Orissa, India. We loved the aroma and flavours of all the dishes we had. And thanks to the 1-for-1 Set Meal deal I redeemed on Burpple Beyond, it saved us close to $40. After we finished our appetiser of Fish Tikka which we really liked, our two mains of Curry Fish and Chicken Masala arrived. The former was unlike the usual South Indian style and had its own unique fragrance perfumed by mustard seeds, coriander and cumin. We couldn’t help but splash a lot of that gravy on our basmati rice. If you can handle the heat, you will relish the Chicken Masala like we did. The thick, spicy sauce was so good eaten with the freshly baked naan. Dessert was the classic Indian Gulab Jamun but what made the one here stand out was the ginger I tasted in the syrup. Yums!
Fish Tikka (appetiser choice in the Burpple Beyond 3-course Set Meal) My dad and I chose this to kick off our 1-for-1 set meal, an offering on Burpple Beyond worth $39.90+. We both liked it a lot because the dory fish was cottony-soft and well-marinated. Each of us were served two large pieces of it and to accompany, a yogurt dip as well as finely-cut cucumber and raw onions.
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Ultimate Murtabak [$13.50] As the name goes, it's a 'zhng-ed up' murtabak with all the ingredients inside - mutton, chicken, mushroom, egg, cheese. It's packed with much flavours and oh so sinfully good! The portion is meant for 2 so share it with someone!
Springleaf Prata Place @ The Rail Mall 27/05/19 Complimentary curries - Fish curry was more tangy in flavour - Chicken curry tasted more aromatic and loaded with spice, sweeter than the fish curry as well Overall, both curries were equally spicy and I enjoyed the chicken curry more La Ayam Parotta ($8.90) 8.5/10 - Sweet sambal taste complemented the sauce (Tasted like honey mustard) really well; Honestly, there's no need for their curry with this prata - The sauce they added helped to keep the prata from being too dry as well - Entire prata was really crisp on the outside and I really enjoyed this dish (Best out of the 3) Ultimate Mini Murtabak ($8) 6/10 - Murtabak was comparably lacklustre in taste but there were good chunks of mea - Considerable amounts of cheese - Mushrooms could have had a more pronounced flavour to complement the entire murtabak, else I felt that you could miss out on its flavour if you were to eat random parts of the dish without looking at it - Bits at the end were really crispy; if only that texture was consistent throughout the murtabak though - This dish should be paired with the curries which definitely elevates it Chocolate prata ($3) 5/10 - Essentially, tissue prata with Hershey's chocolate sauce and chocolate rainbow sprinkles as toppings - Really crispy - Honestly, expected more from this dish; Adding chocolate filling within the layers of the prata or using homemade chocolate sauce instead but I guess, there's a reason why they are not known for their chocolate prata - Overall, enjoyed the prata for its texture and its sweetness but will not recommend unless you are specifically craving for some sweetness from chocolate Overall, - Get the La Ayam Parotta ($8.90) - Prices here are generally steeper than other prata shops but you are paying for both the brand and their unique creations - Do not get the chocolate prata - When coming to Springleaf, you should stick to their pratas and specialties Price: (No ratings as products offered are distinct from other shops) Taste: 7.5/10 Overall: 7.5/10 #burpple https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx-IWmkHFCZ/?igshid=vntpg45xq766
Best Egg Prata Must order their egg prata! It is crispy and I love the texture. Eat it with the fish curry!
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