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Tahu Telur [$11.50] Great crunch of egg and beancurd with a generous pour of sweet sauce, but was a little oily and pricey.
Wei Zhi
Indonesian Home Style Cuisine This was a lunch menu catered for some students we were hosting. The tahu telur (bottom right corner) was definitely a major highlight. Cubes of egg tofu were deep fried to a crispy golden brown and topped with a halo of deep fried egg white. It was doused with some a thick, sweet and spicy dark sauce. The combination of silky tofu and deep fried batter was heavenly. The egg white halo soaked up the sauce and turned it into dripping strings of deliciousness which I ate like noodles. And that delightfully savory sauce coated everything with its perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess. Another highlight was their signature fried chicken (top right corner). Served piping hot, the strong whiff of Indonesian spices shone through with every bite. The breast meat was not dry but instead tore apart easily, and the meat inside glistened with chicken juice. I was so impressed because it wasn't the least bit oily despite its delightful crispiness. Finally, their chendol which (not pictured here) finished off our delicious meal with a bang. Served with coconut milk and gula melaka with bits of sago spooned into the bottom, it was sweet, rich and the perfect respite from Singapore's heat. All in all, really delicious, authentic, well-executed Indonesian food with familiar, time-tested flavors. I loved the food here. 9.5/10
Beef Rendang One of the best beef rendang dishes you can find in Singapore. They also have a good dessert menu. Around 20-30 SGD per person.
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Buffet聽Feasts 聽 Wok-Fried Spicy Prawns with Wild Petai. The perfectly-cooked stink beans were coated in a robust sambal made with yellow ginger, lime leaves, fresh chilli and garlic. Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/furama-hotel-singapore-restaurants/
[Buffet] Kintamani Indonesian Buffet With Burpple Beyond, each diner pays about $30++ at Kintamani. There鈥檚 apparently other credit card promotions where it鈥檚 1 for 1 as well for $65, and the staff are kind enough to split the bill so you can use both the Burpple Beyond redemptions (above 8 pax) and the credit card offer. There was overall a good spread of food at Kintamani, and it was really worth it at the Burpple Beyond price. From the gado gado station, to the main dishes, noodles station, and desserts area, I found the food was actually pretty good! I especially enjoyed the prawn keropok, and used the chilli sauces liberally. The sambal chilli sauces were spicy and oh so shiok 馃槏 food items I found notable at this buffet were: chicken with green chilli (so tender and packed with flavour from the ground chillies!), curry tofu and egg, curry beef tendon, achar, green mango salad, udang kicap manis, satay and mini red bean pau (this really surprised me as I don鈥檛 really like red bean paus, but this was bite sized, plus the filling was awesome since you could feel the texture of the mashed beans inside rather than a paste). As for the desserts, there鈥檚 quite a few fruits and Indonesian kueh/cakes/sweets to choose from. I really liked the cake lapis, as well as the chilled durian pengat, and warm green bean with sago soup. Overall a good buffet, and especially worth it given the 1 for 1 offer! Place does get a little cold so bring a jacket/scarf if needed. The seating is a little cramped too, but it鈥檚 not so bad that it鈥檚 unbearable, just need to get your friends to shift in their chairs so you can get to the inner seats. :)
For Indonesian Favourites Something that sets Kintamani apart from other buffets is its focus on quality over quantity. At $45 for lunch and $48 for dinner, this would be a great place to bring Dad on Father's Day if he enjoys comforting flavors. Serving up a concise range of Indonesian favourites like Tahu Telor and Ayam Mesak Merah, you're up for a satisfying meal with 10 hot stations and a delectable kueh and ice cream selection. Live The Good Life庐 with your Standard Chartered Card: 1-for-1 buffet. Valid till 31 December 2014. Maximum 8 persons per card.
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Just thinking about this Ayam Buah Keluak that I had six sampans ago from River Wok (@river_wok), a new modern IndoChina cuisine concept along Robertson Quay. The menu comprises of various Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian dishes, with this Ayam Buah Keluak playing it beginner level in terms of earthy authenticity. The titular black jewels are stuffed with minced chicken and (interestingly) vermicelli for your scrappy, denutting pleasure.
River Wok @river_wok launches 1-1 Lunch Menu _ @river_wok is a modern Indochina Cuisine & Bar serving Vietnamese, Thai, Laotian & Indonesian cuisines. The kitchen is practising Halal cooking standards, without any pork, lards nor alcohol. _ Upon showing the staff that you have followed @river_wok on their FB &/or IG, you get to redeem the new special promotion of the new 1-1 Lunch menu _ Featuring some of the 1-1 lunch menu tasted: Pho Bo (Beef) from Vietnam $18 Authentic Thai Basil Chicken $22 Udang Sambal Java from Indonesia $26 Om Gai Pak Se - Laotian Chicken Curry $22 Beef Rendang Padang from Indonesia $26. _ Adore the deep beef flavour beef broth, as it was boiled over a long time. The Pho is crunchy yet soft not soggy. The Thai minced chicken is flavourful. Adore the crunchy deep fried Thai Basil which is sweeter. The prawn is very fresh and is tangy from the sambal. The simple looking Laotian chicken curry has a tad of spiciness & sourness and very addictive. Love the Beef Rendang Padang. Served with ketupat, cucumber & onions, can be eaten like satay with the generous amount of gravy served. _ Desserts from the Ala Carte menu: Els Cendol with fruits $12 Thai Milk Tea Cr猫me Br没l茅e $12. Refreshing Cendol in the hot afternoon. Thai Milk Tea Cr猫me Br没l茅e is sweet. Prefer the Cendol more _ River Wok 80 Mohamed Sultan Road The Pier, # 01-12 S 239013 Lunch promotion is available from Monday to Sunday, 12:30pm - 3pm. Last order 2:30pm _ Thank you @riardsg for the invite; S @river_wok for having us. _ #sqtop_mediainvite #sqtop_mediatasting #sqtop_foodtasting #sqtop_indonesian #sqtop_malay_indian #sqtop_thai #FoodinSingapore #WhatMakesSG #PassionMadePossible #STFoodTrending #SGCuisine #wheretoeatsg #eatmoresg #burpple #burpplesg #burpplebeyond
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Best Old School Nasi Padang Return back here again. The food is excellent as always Their rendang gravy is damn sedap!!! 馃憤馃憤
Chicken Rendang Absolutely delicious. My favourite nasi Padang place in singapore. The rendang curry is so damn smooth. And the chicken is cooked just right. 馃憤馃憤
The Nasi Padang Place Of My Childhood My parents use to take my brothers and I to Rendezvous Indonesian Restaurant back in the day when they were located opposite Cathay cinema, where the Rendezvous Hotel presently stands. At this original spot, there was no dining in air-conditioned comfort and no picturesque views. But it didn鈥檛 matter because the Indonesian-style dishes they cooked and served in the rather light-starved, rundown coffeeshop, such as the Chicken Korma, Sayur Lodeh and Chicken Liver Lemak, were a delicious enough attraction. I recall a dish with smooth, slightly flattened fish cakes cooked in a light lemak gravy which we always had to order but today, when I visited the restaurant at its current home inside Clarke Quay Central, I didn鈥檛 spot it. Not that it mattered as I had ordered more than enough for one person. On the whole, I found the food they prepare to be still very tasty. The Sambal Goreng (a stirfry of beancurd, long beans, prawns and tempeh in a spicy rempah) and the Chilli Brinjal were shiok but the Rendang Chicken - now that is the one not to be missed. Not surprisingly, quality comes at a price and it is indeed more expensive to dine here compared to many other Nasi Padang places. For your reference, I paid $28 in total for my solo meal shown above, inclusive of a glass of hot 鈥渢eh-o鈥.
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