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8 Type of Marinated Pork BBQ Delicious pork, their signatures 8 type of marinated pork allow us to experience the different taste of pork. Free flow of kimchi & beansprout. Highly recommended for pork bbq
Meaty Mondays Best Mondays While their 8 Colors Set is a little dear at $98++, you can rest assured that the pork being served is serious top shelf quality, as the pork is from the highly prized Hungarian Mangalitsa pigs. Those piggies are basically Hungary’s version of the famous Spanish Iberico pigs, and they are every bit as delicious. The eight marinades slathered on the pork bellies are (from lightest flavored to heaviest), original, wine, honey ginger, curry, herb, miso, red pepper paste and kalbi. While the first three marinades were effectively there only in spirit, it allowed the superb natural flavors of the pork belly to really steal the show. The pork is fatty but utterly unctuous, and so so tremendously tender. All the flavors taste exactly as expected, but the miso & kalbi marinated ones daintily danced away with my heart thanks their stellar flavors. There’s always a waitstaff who’ll patrol your general area and cook your meats for you. They’re pretty on the ball too, so all you gotta do is kick back and turn those Monday blues into a Monday boom.
#팔색삼겹살 8 Colours (Mangalica Pork Belly) Set. This $98++ set meal for 4 pax comes with a large chigae hotpot, fresh green lettuce, heaps of dangkong (soy sprouts) and kimchi on the hotplate placed strategically downstream of the pork (so that the veg gets cooked in blistering hot oil which oozes out naturally as the pork crisps). Drinks are extra charge, at $2 per large glass of iced poricha. Mangalica Pigs are small, cute and furry. This could have worked well in their favour had they not been so amazingly tasty and generously marbled as well. It is related to the European wild boar you see being roasted in Uderzo's comic strips, which I have wanted to eat when I was still Asterix's height. Mangalica samgyeopsal is amazingly well-suited for K BBQ's, as the founder of 8 Korea must have realised in a foodie eureka moment... I really learnt only five years ago on a family holiday that: pork bellies are tastier eaten only after they really really crisp, from a patient elder couple who ran a little samgyeopsal shop in Daehangno. This is somewhat surprising to me, because I have put many earlier meals of samgyeopsal with soju literally under my belt. Yet perhaps, it is not so surprising considering how soju can make one forget! Now that I think of it, this tallies well with a great aunt's recipe for loh bak, which also calls for sauteeing the pork belly till it blisters. I went to this restaurant at The Central on a weekend when it would be less crowded. #koreanfoodie
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BEST KBBQ EVER 🥺 This place is known for their premium meat bbq. Loved the prawn beef (bcos shaped n marinated into a prawn shape lmao, second plate from bottom left) so much we ordered 2 extra servings after this pic even tho it’s like $40 per 100g.... but wow it’s marbled so perfectly it’s so juicy and literally meltsss in your mouth 👅👅 the hugeass bibimbap was rly good too!! The brown rice they used added a sweetness n chewiness to an otherwise very standard dish. Would come here again if I’m craving korean bbq foshure
Korean Fare at Amoy Street Prawn - premium ribeye cap at $46/100g is tad expensive but tasted sooooo good. Ordered other items Ribeye @ $43/100g - skip this and go for prawn Pork Jowl @ $15/100g - prefer this to collar Pork collar @ $20/100g Beef short rib @ $23/100g Seafood pancake @$38 is so big that is good for at least 4 to share. It comes with a lot of spring onion and leek and not enough batter imo. Good place to go for premium meat Korean bbq
200g Pork Belly ($13 Per 100g) Ordered 300g pork belly, 100g signature marinated beef brisket, 100g short ribs & a cold noodle. Unlimited supply of lectures and side dishes including kimchi too. Meat are definitely in good quality so as the lectures (very crunchy and fresh!) Staffs are very helpful and help to barbecue. The cold noodle is good too. For the meat that is cooked, they were put on a piece of bread so they won’t be burnt while to keep it warm still. $45 per person. Overall a satisfying experience! Worth paying a visit during lunch and try the rest of the dishes!
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Authentic KBBQ from Korean Chain The side dishes were perfectly seasoned, with the basic kimchi, spicy pickled radish and cucumber, fish cake slices etc (We had multiple refills!). The BBQ plate also comes with a ring of cheesy egg mixture. The meat was also well-seasoned, albeit quite expensive for its portion sized. The kimchi pancake is definitely worth a try for its flavourful batter and crispy exterior, as well as chunks of seafood. Overall a nice mid-range KBBQ restaurant to visit if you are in the area!
Korean bbq Ordered the meat combo. Thumbs up! the egg w cheese at the side was good too
Ala Carte Korean BBQ Meat~ Beef Combo [$130/M], Pork Combo [$115/M], Pork Belly [$19], Seafood Pancake [$20], Somac (Soju Tower) [$45]. Beef Combo includes: Thin-Slices Prime Brisket Prime Beef Boneless Short Rib Prime Beef Rib Finger Marinated Prime Short Rib Marinated Chicken Pineapple & King Oyster Mushroom Kimchi Stew & 4 pcs Beef Sushi. Pork Combo includes: Special Pork Neck Pork Belly Marinated Pork Collar Pork Skirt Meat Marinated Chicken Pineapple & King Oyster Mushroom Kimchi Stew & 4 pcs Pork Sushi. Thin-Slices Prime Brisket seriously is EXTRAORDINARY Thinnnnnnnnnnnnn 🤦🏻‍♀️ and why do we even have Chicken in our both Combo? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Combo meat portions are small although we already ordered both size Medium. We have total of 4 pax sharing the Beef Combo and we ordered 2 ala carte Pork belly. Pork Combo shared by 3 pax. Good location in CBD area but pricy meat $19 for a 1 small pieces of Pork Belly seriously expensive. Maybe due to the "Prime" words stated on every Beef meat. Egg is complimentary for the first round, subsequently will be $3 per round. Somac (Soju Tower) already mixed when they bring to your table. What I can taste is beer and a "mild" soju. :) Well, Exploring new places :) Prices stated before SC, no GST.
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@ BORNGABirthday dinner for mummy w kbbq this time at BORNGA🤓 And of course the usual must order Japchae!! Plus points for the fact that the staff would grill the meat for you hehe. Was slightly disappointed at the side dishes tho because was mostly veggie (not sure if they ran out of other stuff or if it’s on a rotational basis). Some dishes were sold out for the day too :( Recommend to head over for lunch instead for higher chances of menu variety!! Nevertheless, still a 10/10 place for Korean food😋 - 🍽 FUD FOR THE TUMMY • Kkot Sal - beef ($38/160g) • Haemul Pa Jeon ($35) • Marinated Samgyupsal - Soy Sauce ($25) • Marinated Samgyupsal - Spicy Sauce ($25) • Sundubu Jjigae ($18) • Japchae ($23) • Peach Soju ($12) • Rice ($2)
@ BORNGABack here again!! But this time w parents so we kind of managed to order more (?) 😂A definite must order is their japchae!! Even my dad approve of this place and he is not a fan of Korean food except for the maggi-ramen noodles😂 so says alot about this place!! The spicy seafood platter was so spicy but shiok! (I don’t eat spicy food but this is an exception) The portions here are HUGE and even comes w a variety of free flow sides!! - 🍽 FUD FOR THE TUMMY • Haemul Tteok-jjim ($30++) • Haemul Sundubu ($11.95) • Japchae ($19.95)
Bornga Bulgogi AKA Meat Galore!!! 🥩 Don’t be fooled by its unassuming appearance - beneath the towering mountain of veggies lies an even greater behemoth: a densely stacked pile of fatty mouthwatering bulgogi! Even after we mixed everything (an arduous and messy task) and the veggies shrunk, we had much difficulty keeping everything within the hot pot dish 😂 A touch of oyster sauce added flavor to the fresh components of greens, sprouts, and oyster, shiitake and enoki mushrooms! All in all, an unforgettable Korean hot pot, one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Make sure to bring along 2 friends or risk falling into a food coma like me! 😂
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