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Meaty Mondays Best Mondays While their 8 Colors Set is a little dear at $98++, you can rest assured that the pork being served is serious top shelf quality, as the pork is from the highly prized Hungarian Mangalitsa pigs. Those piggies are basically Hungary’s version of the famous Spanish Iberico pigs, and they are every bit as delicious. The eight marinades slathered on the pork bellies are (from lightest flavored to heaviest), original, wine, honey ginger, curry, herb, miso, red pepper paste and kalbi. While the first three marinades were effectively there only in spirit, it allowed the superb natural flavors of the pork belly to really steal the show. The pork is fatty but utterly unctuous, and so so tremendously tender. All the flavors taste exactly as expected, but the miso & kalbi marinated ones daintily danced away with my heart thanks their stellar flavors. There’s always a waitstaff who’ll patrol your general area and cook your meats for you. They’re pretty on the ball too, so all you gotta do is kick back and turn those Monday blues into a Monday boom.
Enjoyable Samgyeopsal Had the 4 flavor set pork belly and we chose garlic, herb, miso and kalbi. I like the miso and kalbi the most. We also had the tender and yummy wagyu ribeye ($88 for 200g), plus the flavorful seafood tofu stew. The only disappointment was the kimchi pancake which did not taste much of kimchi.
8 Favours Pork Belly It comes with complimentary kimchi chigae. However, it is quote disappointing that the pork belly is not tender and not very fresh (got very strong frozen meat taste).
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Boiled Or Barbecued? Very mediocre dining bbq buffet experience at this place. The side dishes were decent, while the soup was pretty good. However, given that the bbq meats were really off the mark, I’m forced to give this place a subpar rating, despite the reasonable price. The meats were either strange in flavour or really bland, probably contributed by the unusual bbq cooking method - steel plate lined with baking paper with very weak fire. The meat tasted as though they were boiled in plain water and not barbecued like they are supposed to. Will not recommend this place to anyone for their bbq, if you’re forced to eat here maybe you’ll have more luck with their ala cart stews.
Ala-carte Buffet Dinner Picked MARU as a spot for our yearly Chinese New Year gathering with a couple of friends — pretty satisfied with the spread here. No doubt this isn’t the free-flow style buffet that one can help themselves to the counter, but the ala-carte buffet here certainly still feeds us pretty well. For $21 (before service charge), they were pretty generous with the banchan while also comes with soup on the side, Kimchi Pancakes and Gimbap altogether. The meats were also pretty decent without being excessively heavy on flavour — didn’t find ourselves getting too jelak over the meats nor dousing water constantly throughout the meal. Was also pretty impressed that the servers were also getting round the tables helping out with the cooking of the meats (which included different cuts of chicken, pork and beef marinated in various styles); a good deal considering the price. No doubt it lacks the fun that other places have considering the variety is pretty limited (no seafood nor much vegetables to go with on the grill) and for the fact that it isn’t a self-service buffet concept, but the quality and service did certainly made up for it at the price. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable Chinese New Year gathering spots that we have had over the past few years.
Xing Wei
Korean BBQ Looking for buffet under $25? 🍴Come down to Maru BBQ. 2 hours of eating time, $21++ per pax for Adult Dinner and $14++ for Adult Lunch. The staff here are really nice as they cook for you while you are busy peeling off prawn shells or chewing the meat. The place is well air conditioned and ventilated as well.💯 What's there to think?🤔 ✔Service || ✔Value || ✔Quantity Nearest MRT station is Beauty World. It's a walking distance to the famous prata, Al-Azhar as well!!! 😍
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The Seafood Pancake Is A Must Try ($20 + 10% Service Charge) Easily one of the best, if not the best Korean Seafood Pancake I have ever eaten. Finished with a light crisp, it has a layer of fluffy egg on top of the starchy one that holds all the pieces of fresh tasting prawns, squid and juicy chives. The accompanying dip, complete with sweetish pickled onions, is the perfect condiment for the superbly executed pancake. I can’t wait to return for another meal at this little Korean eatery.
Favourite Korean Restaurant Kimchi Soup $12 BBQ Pork Belly $30 ($15 per serving) Hands down my favourite Korean restaurant in Singapore. Everything is comparable or even nicer than those I ate in korea. Our favourite will always be the BBQ pork belly, it’s so juicy and tender. The meat will be cooked by the staffs. Nothing to complain about this place, will be back over and over again.
For authentic Korean food As if beauty world centre is not ulu enough, this restaurant challenges our level of determination by being at a corner of the 4th floor (along the stretch with Oishii Bakery). The place is small, but cosy as we were greeted by the friendly native Koreans upon entering. Food offerings are not frivolous, but the menu is extensive considering the size of the restaurant. The seafood pancake ($20), sweet & spicy fried chicken ($25 for half, $35 for whole), BBQ meats and military stew are excellent choices for big group sharing. I personally love the seafood pancake because it's thicker than usual, with a chewy center loaded with ingredients and crispy exterior that was perfectly browned. Do dip it in the accompanying sauce for a complete gastronomic experience 👍 Oh wait but no Korean cuisine is complete without their fried chicken so remember to grab one and sink your teeth into that sticky, gooey mess of arteries-clogging indulgence.
Wan Ling
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Hyang Yeon Lunch Set ($12) Ssul Lung Tang is a milky beef soup made from broth that has been simmered for hours with beef legs bones. The soup however turned out to be rather light and unflavourful as compared to the thick-richness I was hoping to get. Other than some brisket pieces and sweet potato noodles in the soup, it was too "qing" but comforting at the very least.
Fantastic Korean!! Deeeelicious, Value For Money & Pretty authentic korean Food In Chinatown!! I Think this has to be My New Favourite Korean Restaurant! My Seafood Stew Came Bubbling Hot With Lots Of Seafood! Sides Were good As Well And we could get free flow salad from the salad bar too! What I really liked was the smaller portions of seafood pancake - just right for 2 persons for ($8 ish). Usually at other korean restaurants we have to order a large pancake for around $20 and try to stuff down the extras! Will defo defo come again!
Special DIY Lunch Set - Take Your Pick! Customize everything! Choose your main(s), select your preferred type of kimchi, pick which rice you’d like, and even get to choose the combination of side dishes you like! For $12-13, this is pretty fantastic. It comes with free flow salad from the salad bar. Got myself the kimchi and tofu soup which wasn’t too spicy for me. There was waaaay too much kimchi in there 😂 I didn’t quite like the taste of their side dish kimchi though. Spicy and slightly bitter. And this restaurant is run by Koreans 😆 I will 100% come back again to try the other mains or even dinner!! 🤤🤤🤤
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